This is a Black Christmas submission. Review it before reading this.

The opening of the Wreaths has changed the very nature of our reality. Dreams and Ideals have become manifest in our mundane reality. The most commonly known of these are Elfs and Angels. They believe they have always been 'real'. They were simply 'the spirits of Christmas and such'. The incursion of the Grinches just allows us to see them and gives them a reason to mingle with us.

Other, perhaps with a more cynical bent, that they are all Figments of our Imagination made material. The term Figments has stuck in various communities and we will use it to discuss the category of beings in general.

Elfs and Angels both have their own submission. They are the two most common and numerous of The Figments. There are three other general categories of Figments.

Seasonals - Other Holidays

If the Dark Christmas campaign continues, other holidays will be impacted. These holidays have their own avatars.

Valentine's Day: Cherubs, Prince Charmings, and Lady Beautiful.

Chinese New Years: The Grinches came forth in force over this holiday. They poured into the streets of Hong Kong, San Francisco, Beijing, and others. They then discovered Kung Fu and WuShu practioners. They also discovered that the Chinese Mythologies were still strong. The Dragons finally stired and defended their people. It is a good thing these powerful creatures like to rest most of the time.

Halloween in North America: Various Monsters came into existance and stomped all over the Grinches. In many cases, they were normal people who were transformed into what their costumes were. A few seem to have stay transformed, leading to other issues.

The Day of the Dead: This was perhaps the most violent Grinch Incursion ever. The survivors of Halloween joined with the fresh troops for the biggest non Christmas build up. The various semi-dead figments were indiscriminent with their violence.

Duvali related spirits of light and Ramadan Angels and a few others came into existance.

Other Holidays get their due. Leprechauns, Easter Bunnies, Patriotic Beings, and so on. Some are lucky that they have a 'holiday hideaway' somewhere to return to. Others are not

Some say they existed since Christmas, that they were just laying low. Others seem to come to the material world on their holiday. Now that they exist, they continue to exist. They are striving to find a place in this odd world.


These are creatures, beings, and Gods from the various mythologies and folklores around the world. (Some say Angels and Demons fit into this category.) The various types are found in the 'home regions' of their stories. This has made the British Isles, with its strong Fey traditions, an interesting place.

People have been revisiting those old traditions, just to make sure that if any malevolent mythics are active again, they will not be able to give mischief.

One interesting thing of note: It seems the Greek/Roman Gods have moved to America and have been living in New York for a century or two. Many of the Greek/ Roman mythic creatures (Centaurs, Satyrs, Tritons, certain monsters etc) have lived among us for centuries using amulets to hide themselves as Humans.

Mythics tend to avoid Grinch related attacks as a general. It seems not to be 'their affair'. However some of them will lend a hand when they are around.

The Mythics seem to be the most 'intergrated'. If it wasn't for a few with paranormal memory, the belief that they were 'always here' would be a fact.


These are the most 'figmental' of The Figments. (In fact, a GM might decide to trivialize or minimalize their existance). These are characters from Long Beloved Pieces of Fiction. Thus it is unlikely they are from 'modern' pieces of fiction, but from 'classics'. Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, Robin Hood (with Merry men), Holmes (and Moriarty), The Cratchetts, and others have been encountered. Most are hiding, trying to adapt to this strange new world. The few that are successful, tend to adapt in unique ways.

*Grimms: Hybrids between the Mythics and the Fictionals are the creatures and beings of the Fairy Tales. They are hiding themselves in plain sight with talismans of magic to disguise themselves. If they are human enough, they simply find new jobs and lives away from their world. Snow White is a very successful photographer for example.

Oz-ites and Narnians could be on the world as well, though in tiny numbers.

*Star Wars and Star Trek: These are mostly from books, but there might be a movie figment or two. If there are two sources that would generate them, these are the two. There are actually Jedi and officers that came into existance on Halloween. They are keeping themselves generally quiet. There is a Jedi Temple set up in Seattle. There is a buidling in the Precidio that is being refurbished to be The Star Fleet Academy.

*Mystermen and SuperHeroes: It seems the criteria for manifestation is a threshold amount of belief. That is why the older and beloved books/ stories seem to be the ones that manifest. (It also determines why Jedis and Star Fleet might occur as well). A modifying factor is a Grinch attack. The opening of a Wreath against a different ideal seems to trigger the belief.

Innocents are in Danger from Monsters. 'Superman where are you now?!' is the thought that would of crossed the mind of many poeple when The Grinches attacked. So if a Figment was going to manifest, it would be a Hero.

In fact, the first Grinch Kaiju attack in Japan generated an Ultrabeing, a Giant Robot, and Godzilla.

This would have good and bad. These Figments, while strong in belief, have not been going as long. They don't have the body of energy that others have.

Super Heroes will be weaker than they are in the current comics. In fact, they start as a Strong Character like an Angel in the Dark Christmas setting. That is to say they are just a touch stronger, relatively speaking, to an average Dark Christmas character. They also do not appear with all their 'supporting cast' and 'supporting materials', thus there is no Cave, Satellite, Fortress, and probably no Car or Plane either.

Mystery Men from the Pulp Era (and a few Pulp and Serial heroes of other stripes) could manifest. These might intergrate better than the SuperHeroes, needing less raw power.

The only thing is that if a Hero exists, their villian often does as well.

Intergration is a magical effect that occurs around The Figments. These are the small changes in belief and reality that makes the Figment seem like 'they have always been there'. Those people who are part of or near the Figment's world are more likely to remember past event and think any minor changes in reality as 'the way things are'. Those farther away have 'perspective' and might still realize that these changes are not the way things are.

So far only Mythics, Mystery Men, and some Grimms have intergrated. Angels and Elfs technically are intergrated, yet there are issues surrounding that.

Feel Free to add Seasonals, Mythics, Fictionals, or any ideas you have about The Figments.

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