The Binding Oath ring was created by the second Hermit-King of Erma. The Ring was created after Morway, the steward, atempted to userp the kingdom when the king was out, and civil war occured until the king returned. The king thought that the best way to keep the steward loyal.It was a silver ring set with a diamond. Three Elf generations later, before the ring was placed on the steward's finger, it was snached by a trained magpie owned by Morway's gandson Hierumor. Hierumor's plan was to follow in his grandfathers footsteps. the problem was, the ring would prevent that, so he had to use the trained magpie that he used to steal jewlery to make a livin, as the decendants of Morway were unliked. even after the theft of the ring, the plan was dificult asthey needed to turn the steward evil. this was not possible, as the steward was very firm in his beleifs and loyalties. when the line of Morway was finnaly ended, the ring was left in the tomb of Morway, as all stewards are given proper tombs, even evil ones. it was found five-hundred years latter by the to-be steward. after that, it returned to the original custom of keeping loyalty by the steward. it is currently owned by Selvarn, in order to keep him faithfull to Ardos, The Hermit-King.

Magical Properties:

when an oath is sworn by the ring and set on the finger, it cannot be removed by any means until the oathee releses him, or the oath is furfilled. while in use, the wearer cannot break his oath. If he thinks about violating the oath, his thoughts are redirected. If the oath is about to be violated by accident, the wearer becomes aware of the oath. While the ring is used, the wearer has strong compulsions to follow the oath.

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