Looking much like an emaciated and smug goblin, Aurangzeb is most often decked is a copious amount of regalia. His lumpy head is covered with a mitre bedecked with large jewels, flashing gold nuggets, and the like. He wears a bedraggled robe with gold filigree. It was intended for a man of some six feet, and being only two feet tall himself, most of the robe has slowly been worn away by constant dragging. His eyes are small and squinty, and his nose is small to the point of non-existance. Comically he is always distracted and never quite gets around to saying important things, or gives orders. Instead he wanders around, looking alternately lost and contemplative

Born to a small tribe of gremils, a race distantly related to Chthulu and goblins, Aurangzeb was considered to be lazy even by their lax standards. Some pointed out that Aurangzeb was even too lazy to be properly lazy in good gremil fashion. Instead of lounging about in a hiding place instead of working, the gremil would simply just sit down whenever the mood struck him and take long and ponderous naps from which no one could ever quite find time to wake him from.

The next years were filled with the normal routines of gremils, eating messenger pigeons, fouling magic missives, and waylaying couriers as they passed through their area. These acts were done in holy offerings to Mathom, blessed be his name. Yet Aurangzeb was the last to show, but for some reason was always in the right place at the right time. When the pigeon escaped the gremil arrows, his snoring would wake the hawk in the tree he was sleeping in. The hawk would then eat the pigeon out of simply anger at the lumpy and fetid smelling thing sleeping in it's tree. In the case of the messenger's wagon, the driver swerved to miss Aurangzeb when he later fell out of the tree. Three broken wagon wheels and spilled vial of ink later, the message was gone.

It isn't known when but the gremils were soon left in awe of Aurangzeb's holy powers, bestowed from Mathom. None of them were as lazy, nor were they as disruptive as the stinky little gremil was. As such they made him a holy gremil, or they did about a year or so after deciding that it should be done, and things just kept coming up.

Since that day, Aurangzeb has continued to serve as the Mughal of the Gremils, their spiritual and secular leader. Being devoted of Mathom the gremils planned to never get around to anything that he told them to do, but to their chargin, Aurangzeb never got around to telling them anything to do. Thus he remains as the most influential and powerful of the long line of Mughals to rule the Gremils.

Special Equipment
All of Aurangzeb's finery has come from thievery, chicanery, and postal legerdemains. All of his official regalia as Mughal has magical powers, from the offset mitre atop his lumped head to the gold staff that was displaced some time ago. Unfortunately, or perhaps very fortunately, he has never gotten around to seeing the awesome powers of these items and has no idea what they really do.

Roleplaying Notes
Inspired after observing Ria Hawk and her protracted battles with the legions of gremildom in the flashchat. Obviously more than just a simple gremil or even gremil swarm, she has since attracted the dire attention of He that Lurks...the Mughal of gremils, the Shah of Lag...

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