On the tall side of average, slender, and quite pale of skin, Audrey looks like he should be either a vampire or a very pretentious Goth. He does his best to suggest the latter option, as he has enough trouble as it is with his life-after-death without drawing lunatics with wooden stakes after him; he is always dressed in expensive black turtleneck shirts and black designer jeans, and lightly adorned with various silver jewelry in the form of a necklace, an earring, and two rings. Only his shock of pale blond hair and the lack of makeup on his face distract from the image; a fastidious soul in life, his disgust with chemicals has only amplified in undeath.


Audrey was born about thirty years ago to a family that was remarkably well off. As a child, he wanted for nothing - well-made and stylish clothing, the healthiest and most tasteless of foods, and an education that began before he was old enough to walk. He was fluent in English, French, German, and Greek by the time he was six, and grew up under the expectation that he would, in time, attend a high-end Ivy League university and take over his family's business.

He made it as far as the Ivy League; his entire youth little more than a colorless and joyless haze of strict propriety, he was ill-prepared for the wildly colorful life on the university grounds, and within a week wanted nothing more than to go home to his familiar and bland existence - until a night, after months of quiet suffering, when his roommate forcibly hauled him out to a party in an attempt to loosen him up. He spent most of the night as a wallflower, until an attractive young woman managed to get him to come with her into a back room for what she called 'some fun'.

It turned out that the fun was the girl's Sire, a vampire who had taken to frequenting the local area looking for attractive individuals to turn into his Children, in hopes that a flock of forever-young and attractive-looking servants would help him gather a greater degree of influence. Audrey, trained from his youth to quietly obey his elders, became one of the living dead without a fuss.

Since then, his relationship with his Sire has been strained at best, as has his relationship with his family. Clueless about social interaction, and unable to stomach any kind of pollutant thanks to his childhood diet, he has had little success in achieving his Sire's goals. He has taken over the family business, quietly suffering the endless nagging of his mother about finding a nice young lady to settle down with in the process. It has only been since his first and only attempt to jump someone for a meal that he's begun to finally develop into something more than a pale and spineless 'good boy'; this is largely due to the erstwhile victim having been a rather drunk and thus unpalatable Joseph Random, who now serves as the vampire's retainer.

The only major event in the vampire's unlife since then (barring his occasional unwilling involvement in the sheer weirdness that is Joe's life) was his narrow escape from being Unmade by his Sire, largely due to the intervention of Joseph and his other peculiar friends, the werepoodle Marcus and the punk elven princess Penelope.

Special Equipment

Audrey has little in the way of special equipment, but between his usually-strained connections to his Sire and Kindred and his family wealth, he can usually acquire any relatively legal equipment that happens to be needed, given a few days.

He has five people on retainer for the purpose of providing his meals; three moderately attractive young women, who pose as his girlfriends, and two young men who ostensibly serve as bodyguards.

Roleplaying Notes

Audrey is nothing if not fastidious; he loathes getting dirty, and literally cannot stomach the blood of anyone whose blood isn't clean. He also has a highly developed sense of propriety, is easily offended by crass things, and lacks the courage to stand up for himself in most situations, unless being prompted and backed up by one of the few people who are willing to call him friends. He also tends to forget the strengths of his vampiric heritage, often surprisingly himself with his own strength, speed, and resilience when the situation forces him to use them.

He is, however, astonishingly loyal to his friends, and more than willing to risk his own permanent death in order to help them.

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