File Name: Aengoth Elmlock

Morphology: Standard Human

Race: Breton

Sex: Male

Current Age: 20

Occupation: Adventurer

Current Residence: Squatting in an abandoned royal tomb in Arrin’ak

Background: Aengoth is a warrior who specializes in melee combat with various types of swords. Currently he lives in the small kingdom of Arrin’ak ruled by a benevolent necromancer.

He is also a master with the whip and the scourge for an esoteric reason. He engages in self-harming behavior by using a whip and a scourge on his own back. This has resulted in him gaining a negative reputation across online. He is relentlessly trolled on FaceTome and other social media profiles about this behavior as people are unable to understand his reasons for this self-flagellation.

This whip which is made of braided leather taken from a demon he slew is 6 feet in length. The scourge is made of the same material but also has a set of demonsteel barbs woven into its 6 leather strands. He can be seen carrying these with him at all times as well as some kind of sword for combat.

A joint investigation with the Guild of Biomancers and Technomancers was conducted to determine if this was one of these so-called neurological sicknesses that are speculated to exist by Biomancer Ashamanu Assunbahanammu. After multiple interviews with Aengoth himself and other people who know him, it was determined to not be.

The most reliable person was a healer known as Melvuli Llandu who frequently visits his dwelling place in a royal tomb which, thanks to the king’s necromancy, has been abandoned.

Based on the information gathered from these interviews, he was the victim of an attempted human sacrifice conducted by his own parents at the age of 10. But thanks to the ritual being performed incorrectly, he was able to escape and flee his home town. This failed ritual was meant to earn the favor of a demon lord and involved a flagellation that was meant put him a nearly half dead state. The demon was then supposed to take him.

Aengoth claimed that before the ritual went wrong, he was able to see a different realm. He was able to ask the demon lord what was happening and why. But before it could answer, the portal to its realm became unstable causing it to close unexpectedly. He was able to escape after that.

He remembers nothing about the ritual except the fact that he needs to be flagellated till he is almost half dead. Nor can he even remember the name of the demon lord or provide a description. There are currently no known methods of detecting or recovering lost memories. It is suspected those memories are gone for good.

Aengoth joined the Fighters Guild at age 16 and got his swordsmanship skills from there. During a contracted mission he slew a low-level demon and used it’s hide to craft his whip and scourge. He proceeded to flagellate himself in private to see if he could summon the demon lord again.

The guild tolerated this at first but after awhile the guild healer was getting disturbed by his actions and had him kicked out. Shortly afterwards he was doxed on FaceTome and everything about him was sent across the outernet including pictures of his back and the whips. A video of his self-flagellation that was secretly taken got posted to 5 different shock video sites and eventually made it onto YouVid.

Aengoth’s life was basically ruined from there as no one in his home kingdom wanted him around. He got a reputation as worshiping an evil torturing deity despite that being not true. Shortly after, he made his way to the kingdom of Arrin’ak and settled inside an abandoned tomb. At the time he was unaware it was the royal crypts but no one cared he was living in them.

Despite his reputation online, no one in Arrin’ak cared about what he did as their necromancer king would deal with him if he caused any kind of trouble.

Current Status: As of now, he does various quests for rewards and loots abandoned locations for things he can use and trade. He knows a basic healing spell that was taught to him by his healer friend and will use it while out adventuring. He can be identified by the whips he carries and the mess of scars on his back. He is still flagellating himself to see if he can summon that demon lord. Unless he can remember the rest of the ritual though, this is not likely going to happen.

End of line.

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