Deliverance Banjo

1-This banjo grants even the most novice banjo player the skills of a master of the art, but care should be taken in the playing of it if in out of the way spots, as it is likely to attract bandits, Undead, sex criminals, and other nasty people or creatures to it's sound. After it was stolen from the musical mage who made it, he cursed it so that whoever played it apart from him would sooner or later come to a very bad end. (I got the idea from the film Deliverance.)


2-This snare drum, if played next to the dead, wakes them up. Those who have only just died still have their mind and personality fully intact and have a chance if brought to a place of healing to be healed and in effect brought back to life, but if the drummer stops drumming even for a second before the dead person can be healed, then the dead person will die permanently. And this is a problem if the route to the place of healing goes past a morgue, plague pit, graveyard, cemetery or open-air cremation ground with unburnt or only partly burnt bodies, which causes the Undead to arise and attack everyone in sight until they are either defeated or the drummer stops drumming.

Hamilin Pipe

3-This pipe, if played, will summon creatures such as rats, or, alternately, humans, and all within earshot will have to follow the piper as long as he or she keeps playing. An unpleasant piper could force those affected to jump into a deep river or similar hazard or just dance for hours until they are exhausted.


4-These bagpipes are magical bagpipes of war. If played, the player can either give his friends a berserk strength in combat, or make a crowd of people fight each other until they inflict severe injuries to each other, when they break free of the war spell.


5-This fiddle, when played, can summon demons who will then challenge the fiddler to a fiddling contest. If the fiddler wins, the prize is a fiddle of gold which can be sold for a lot of money, but if the fiddler loses, he or she loses his or her life and soul to the demon. Fiddler beware!

The Cavalry are coming!

6-This trumpet gives it's owner the ability to play all military bugle calls perfectly, and can be used if in ambush to fool people into thinking the cavalry are on the way and very close by, causing them to often run away from an imaginary foe.

Selena Microphone

7-This microphone gives whoever sings or speaks through it (of whatever gender) the voice of a beautiful female singer, which can be useful if a male ever needs to disguise themselves as a woman. It also increases the person's singing skills and is useful for busking.

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