1 - Malrassie the Midnight Muse

In the Theatre of the Grotesque, deep under the streets of Jantir, strange plays see the stage, pieces of alternative and alien beauty and horror alike, some of them bloody or obscene, some subtly insane or hauntingly catharsic. Malrassie is the headmistress of the assembly of misfits that brings these disturbed pieces to life, seeking to explore less-travelled avenues of art. Gifted with enchanted silver hair that she uses to string the instruments of her orchestra, she accompanies those eerie tunes with her own ghostly voice that strikes an inner chord in the listener.

When acting, she does so with the passion of her demon ancestors; indeed, when in a role, people have learnt to treat her as if she indeed was that theatrical figure.


*A violin: strung with her sorcerous hair, this instrument possesses a lost soul's voice

*A private performance: with a distant smile on her face, Malrassie will perform, for your eyes only, the most beautiful aria she knows; it happens to include cutting and burning herself 'to make it authentic'. The final words sung, she will be carried off to a healer.

2 - Helcharod the Healer

Four arms with razor-sharp claws, a stinger tail with sleeping poison and blood that is acid predispose this tiefling to a lot of vocations - one of them happens to be the medic's trade. Practising in the slums, he is a consummate healer capable of stitiching together the worst cases. Sadly, his lack of social skills and passionate anatomical studies make the superstitious perceive him in the worst light - a necromancer or worse!

Cheerfully, he will show his scars and urn marks from when he narrowly escaped angry mobs; yet, he is unbothered, for all that matters is the healer's art!


*Something extra: after your encounter with a foe far out of your league, Helcharod scraped you off the pavement and put you together - with an extra arm, tail, or half a lizardman's torso. 'I had one spare, and there was not enough left of you to rebuild you anyway.'

*Ighor: is it a diminutive flesh golem? An augmented cripple? The misshapen henchman will serve you loyally to please his creator/rescuer.

3 - Baloera 'the Blank'

A charming fiendling, if you like pert horns, bat wings, lacquered hooves, and a tail tip dyed pink that is, this girl is trouble. A freelance thief, the daring Baloera is renowned for stripping the mansions and treasuries of the upper class bare, and then wasting the wealth on anything that strikes her fancy.

Plying her trade where the thieves' guilds dare not tread, she has enemies in high places; yet, she couldn't care less. 'Live fast, die young.'


*A treasure map: a detailed map of the catacombs of the dwarven bank, with guard rosters and passwords to the most difficult wards? Sounds like easy money. Of course, once the cash is secure, she will try to rip you off.

*A precious jewel: being handed precious stones and gold worth a hundred grand is grand, being chased by assorted knights, detectives and secret orders less so.

4 - Harren the Haunted

Many fiends spread their seed amongst the mortals, so that when it sprouts, they have readily corrupted minions. Yet, this one refused to give in.

The muscular tiefling sprouts mighty curved horns, his eyes blaze with fire and his skin bears unholy runes that grow spontaneously, then vanish likewise over the course of days; despite his menacing appearance, his behaviour is painfully controlled. Seeing him tending orchards in a remote location, few would guess the turmoil within Harren - but his dark ancestor calls out to him, day and night, urging him to do... things. Were his control to ever falter, his mighty magicks would prove a match for most wizards. To that end, he keeps to himself, avoiding anything that could make him angry.


*Fruit: his dark essence and barely contained sorcery lace the fruit he grows with strange properties. You might be able to see in the dark for a day or gain a succubus' pheromones for an hour. Choose your treat wisely.

*Calm: having mastered the arts of inner calm and meditation, Harren can share his insights.

5 - Verasta the Valorous

Few are the hellspawn that hunt their kin, but this one is a consummate fiend-slayer. Dark, bewitching and driven, this raven-haired goth princess will stalk infernals ceaselessly, and deal with them in ingenious ways; to that end, she has acquired potent relics and tomes of dark lore.

Few know that the unlikely avenger is actually after the dark ones' power, draining them of every drop of essence to become a true fiend herself one day.


*A fancy cloak: made from the wings of her grandmother.

*A dark blade: forged of black iron, with gnashing teeth along its edge, and vile eyes and maws on the blade, this sword's original owner no longer needs it, and Verasta has a better one anyway.

6 - Zardoz Zavrag

Masquerading as a private eye, it is actually this shifty tiefling who is out committing the crimes. Armed with a sardonic grin, devilish goatee, piercing eyes and a dozen razor-sharp daggers, Zardoz will dispose of anyone if the price is right - having come into the possession of an umbral cloak, he's able to step between shadows. What he knows not is that the cloak's previous owner is dead - and trapped in its velvet fabric, very eager to regain a body of his own.


*Mercy: the killer will promise you not to accept any comission on your head, and keep his promise.

*Vengeance: you may call upon him once, free of charge.

7 - Helia the Heretic

When she was ordained a priest, half her church thought it preposterous, but now that the charismatic fiendling is leading a reformation movement, she is considered outright heretical. With nothing but her vestments and the faith of her flock to shield her, she uses charm, debate and a cutting tongue to address the flaws that gnaw at her church. Indeed, it may not be too long before the powers-that-be have her dragged to a stake.


*An angelfeather: this is the very feather that Helia found on her pillow the day she first started to question. It has the strange power to help people in a wide radius (miles) process their thoughts and come to conclusions with greater alacrity.

*Her heart: having died a martyr's death, her followers bring the PCs her heart in a crystal box, eternally beating with indignity at the injustice and ugring them to carry on her fight.

8 - Marcius the Mountaineer

After trying to play the 'fitting in' game and failing miserably, Marcius sought solace in the untamed mountains. The rugged weather-beated tiefling serves as a mountain guide and leads travellers safely through the treacherous passes - except for once a year, when he slaughters an unfortunate soul for his mountain witch wife, so that she can bathe in his blood and be young again.


*A boon: blessed by the witch and her dark consort, you can look forever young - all it takes is a little blood.

*A secret place: Marcius' knowledge of the rugged peaks is second to none, of their aspects both in the world of light and shadow. A prayer mat inscribed with fell signs will allow you to enter the lost temple of P'thok when the light of the moon is right.

9 - Nelenia Nightbrand

A courier of the highest class, unbribeable, uncatchable, this statuesque tiefling has an amazon's body, her skin is ebon, likewise are her tresses and the tail-hair, elaborately braided.

Few know that her fiendish ancestor was a nightmare, and she can take the beast's form to run swifter than the wind, across the skies.

Nelenia loves a challenge, and will often tease someone impressive to tame her. So far, none succeeded.


*The ride of your life: for one month, Nelenia will serve you as a steed.

*Secrets of the dark mare: Nelenia can bewitch, bless or curse any horse; she will do so for you, once.

10 - Demerion the Dark

Stylish, smooth and socialite, this is one well-adjusted tiefling, fittingly working in law and finance. Nonchalantly, he displays his heritage, but plays it down as a joke of fate, even makes fun of it to defuse tension. Publicly visible and prominent, he is a willing high-level minion for his dark ancestor, distanced from the effects of his agenda by several layers of proxies.


*Eternal wealth: in detail, Demerion explains how this pouch never really runs dry - every midnight, all your spent coin returns to it. How this constitutes stealing and stains your soul he will omit - no sense in spoiling your joy of all the pocket money!

*Social climb: for your aid, you will receive a permanent members' ring to an elite lodge, golf club, theater, a ritzy restaurant. Demerion will be more than happy to meet you, chat, and cunningly steer you towards being an unwitting pawn.

11 - Celeste the Courtesan

Visually a perfect testament to her succubus heritage, Celeste is also a perfect hermaphrodite and one of the most expensive escorts in the capitol. Not one to kiss and tell, she uses a cloak of invisibility for maximum discretion; schooled in the arts of passion by the priesthood of Axani, the Moaning Goddess, she is also worth every coin, and due to her welcoming nature, also a balm upon the soul.

Not a fool by any stretch of the word, Celeste avoids any breach of confidentiality with her clients, and hoards money for retirement.

*A night of love: depending how prude it is, the character may either walk away from this one wide-eyed and traumatized, or dreamy-eyed in bliss, and enlightened in the ways of love.

*A red tress: much like the braid woven into her carmine hair, this heartfelt gift will subtly wrap your thread of fate together with those of potential loves; they may not be obvious and can be unusual indeed, but they will be there. Just be sure to pass it on once you find the right one.

12 - Syiris the Scorcher

With raging flame obedient to his every whim, Syiris is a battle-mage of great skill and renown. Dressing ostensibly in crimson, gold and rubies and hovering in a nimbus of fire, he's difficult to overlook as well; an inferno burns in his eyes, and liquid fire drips from his wounds.

Syiris has an unhealthy obsession with the queen, and serves as her loyal hound, general and terror weapon in one; were he not certain the queen loved the king, he'd incinerate him at moment's notice and take his place, heedless of who might object.

*It burns!: Syiris grants you a small portion of his flame - small for him, that is. While you may be able to hurl flame with your hand, remember it is hellfire, and desires to be used.

*Say the word: Syiris will solve a problem for you, though probably with lots of arson, screams and charred bodies as collateral. While he's at it, he might solve some other problems of yours unasked, too.

13 - Ravenna the Robber Queen

The Terror of Helmshire, the Red Raider, the Sardonic Slayer, Ravenna holds many names, most of them related to her pillaging of several provinces adjacent to Brimstone Heights, a dangerous volcanic range where her bandits lair, in an obsidian fort stuffed with gold and skulls of her victims, if the rumors are to be believed.

Once a naïve village girl, she was abused horribly by several noblemen, and swore vengeance upon the whole corrupt kingdom. With her gift, she knows who deserves vengeance the most: for, you see, by looking deep into your eyes, she learns of your sin. While she might have tried to aid people to overcome their flaws by pointing them out, nowadays, she is just vengeance and punishment, her once-beautiful scar-marked body an incarnation of mercilessness.


*Dig deep: take a bauble from my hoard, fool.

*The sins of thy father: 'I met your father's gaze, and I learnt of his dark doings... I am not the evil you should be fighting.'

14 - Brass the Body-Painter

Covered head to toe in disturbing imagery, the apocalyptic designs upon this tiefling's body seem to move as he does - and sometimes on their own. Heavily pierced and bound to the walls of his atelier by a dozen long chains, Brass is a tattoo artist unlike any other, for there is an inner magic to his art. Being able to see into the layers of the abyss, All the time, whether he wants it or not, he is highly unstable and disturbed, and rarely ever coherent, but rarely lacking for inspiration. When the stars are right, from his hands flow works of wonder.


*Something to remember me by: like requested, the tattoo will protect you from poison. Also, it will serve as a second mouth, and should the end times come, demon lord Ach'Sharath will use it as the preferred gate to enter this world. Isn't it splendid?

*A... rug? : Upon a rather large piece of thin vellum, the map to your destination is presented in vivid color and detail. 'I drew it upon Sheran Blackoak's skin, but he wasn't worthy of it, so I took it back.'

15 - Kestrel the Keeper

Few dare to tread in the Mage-Waste, where sorcerers of old bent and twisted the landscape with the eldritch might unleashed in their wars. Kestrel though has found it soothes the tumult in her soul, and grown to love the waste and its misshapen denizens. Having understood the energies of the blighted land, she lets them into herself slowly to shape her into a form that came to her in the first dream she had in this strange land - so far, it is evident in her hair having become translucent sensory tendrils, the eyes in her forehead, chest and backs of her hands and glowing spots in her hands, through which she can meld her mind with any beast of the wastes.

To the denizens of her domain, she seems a guide, even savior, one with the spirit of the Bleak, a warden of this twisted piece of nature, wreaking terrible vengeance upon any who dare to come there to plunder, hunt or for sport.


*Seeds of the Dark Mother: these twisted black seed things carry the concentrated essence of the Mage-Waste and will sprout a mighty tree where planted; around its location, the land will be changed akin to the Waste.

*One with the Bleak: Kestrel will draw a weird writhing thing from her body, and offer it to you - once it and you grow together, you will be protected in the waste, and begin changing to fit in better.

16 - Isambard Ironfist

A stern rule is a necessity in the wind-swept reaches of Balenor - a nation exposed to myriad dangers within and without. The fortress-cities are kept safe by the Last Guard, elite soldiers one and all. It is in their ranks that Isambard has risen to prominence for steadfast determination, skill and valor in combat.

The tiefling keeps an iron daily regimen and leads a mostly Spartan life to keep his heritage in check and never fail his duties; keen in mind and body, he is iconic of his order. Truth be said, his subordinates as much admire him as they fear his stern judgment.


*A convict: you are given a slave, shy and obedient. Indeed, after Isambard worked him/her for some time, there is no fight left in this one.

*A fitting armor: having just slain a dreaded Ether-Beast, the captain orders a suit made of its hide; it still lives and thus repairs itself, and can whisper to you of dangers yet unseen.

17 - Pellenia the Penitent

Well aware of the call of her blood, Pellenia decided to ignore it merrily, and lead a humble and honest life. Still, it shows in the sharpness of her tongue when she chastises those who fail to be right and proper, in her ferocity when she joins the local militia, the spiciness of her cuisine and, if you ask her husband, also in the sheets.

Feeling guilt for the shortcomings of her kin, she regularly sacrifices at the local temples, and prays excessively; also, vicariously, she will try to turn perceived evildoers back to the path of goodness and happy puppies.


*A meat pie: perfect balance of spices and meats makes this a reward worthy of kings.

*Warm clothes: made from the finest wool in pastel colors, this is some comfy winter garb!

18 - Simon Swift

Brigand-turned-sheriff, Simon keeps a semblance of order in a wild growing mining town - though the recent discovery of gold means he's up to his neck in work. Luckily for him, his blood gave him at least a functional pair of bat wings.

With unconventional methods that would get a lawman in more civilized lands arrested and no little ingenuity, the wenching drinking cigar-smoking scoundrel always manages to strike enough fear or steel into the worst criminals to keep the town going for one more day.


*Confiscated: as you seem a decent fellow, Simon will let you have some dangerous or highly illegal substance he ripped from the cooling fingers of some outlaw - Greek fire, dangerous drugs, left testicle of an arch-fiend, you get the point.

*A tarnished star: you want a town to call your own? How convenient, for Simon just got fed up with his job - and you get to do it.

*A man with six fingers, you say? : calling upon his contacts and allies, Simon will get you some highly unusual help against your arch-rival - jovial dark elves, a half-fire elemental half-fairie sorceress, or a senmurv ninja.

19 - Eluna the Eternal

Having been at the mercy of an insane fundamentalist sect for years, Eluna's incredible regenerative powers were as much of a curse as they were a blessing when her captors experimented with new torture techniques to see in how many ways they could hurt her.

Jumpy, neurotic and on the verge of insanity, she still will be unerringly loyal to anyone freeing her from that living hell, moreso if he shows any kindness towards her. While Eluna was but a student prior to her capture, she's literally willing to take bullets for her friends; her affection and loyalty can easily grow into obsession and jealousy, though.


*Breakfast, master: in a fit of mad love, Eluna serves you half her liver and her kidney.

*A locket: the sole possession from her childhood she managed to conceal from the cultists, a golden-and-ivory locket that has the picture of her and a girl of similar looks, and also a free space - perchance for your likeness? Eluna sure hopes so.

20 - Galford the Glutton

The horns, the goatee and the cigars are the only slim things about this fiendling. Having been a successful mobster for two dozen years has left Galford chubby from all the delicacies that wealth can buy.

He certainly spares no expense to look good, from expensive jewelry to stylish clothes and expensive women; still, he is resentful of the young dashing rogues, ones like he was, back then.


*A neat dagger: once this enchanted dagger served Galford well, now he has much less use for it. It can easily pierce armor and returns to you when thrown; that the hidden button in the hilt is a self-destruct spell he forgot to mention. Think of it as a test.

*A rare wine: a connoisseur, Galford offers you an expensive bottle - he even has some quite rare brands, as Gehenna blood-wine, the fey dream-wine or that one with unicorn horn powder in it.

21 - Essentia the Exhibitionist

Actually, this voluptuous scantily clad tiefling enchantress was once a very human mage named Eric, quite competent yet runty and hopelessly homely. At last succeeding at permanently and irrevocably transforming himself into his fantasy, Essentia is a strict lesbian who loves to tease men nonetheless; her problem is that she's still the same overcompensating socially inept Eric inside. Thus, she may come over as a living cliche, shallow and somehow fake.


*Panties: worn by Essentia previously. She thinks this is the most awesome gift ever.

*Comfy robes: useful and even enchanted wizard robes with a million pockets and built-in deodorant and air conditioning, perfect for a rotund mage about 5'4' in height. Essentia can't wear them anyway.

22 - Parmenides the Puissant

Auspicious of birth, and mighty in arm and spirit, Parmenides is a blessed warrior without peer - honorable, courageous and just. Having earned every promotion and distinction despite mounting adversity has opened a door in his heart, and pride sneaked in. While soaring towards the very peak of accomplishment, it is well possible that he may stumble along the way, or even fall.


*A distinction: the PCs receive medals of ruddy gold, telling of their deed.

*An honor: you may become a squire to the order, or even a knight in your own right.

23 - Sibylla the Socialite

A guest to every major celebration and ball in the city, Sibylla is an accomplished gossip, dancer and musician, though not much more. Adopted by a wealthy merchant, she was schooled in a lady's arts, though spoilt by the wealth surrounding her. Enjoying trite intrigue, gambling, social dynamics and simply sleeping around, she can be seen hanging from the arm of whoever is considered 'hip' in the city. Also, with her poison tolerance, she is known for drinking to excess, and trying whatever strange drugs find their way to her. All in all, she is profoundly bad influence.

*An extreme makeover: are you a stern paladin? A barbarian from the end of the world? A gruff dwarf from the core of the world? Sibylla will make you chic in no time!

*On the river, baby! : a deck of cards suitable for use in some of the more popular gambling games, it collected some of Sybilla's essence over time, and is subtly lucky - as long as you are in a blissful carefree mood much like that of its previous owner.

24 - Waldron the Wild

The tribesmen of the Wildermark often have a little fiend blood in their lineage; then, there are those like Waldron, in whom the heritage blossoms in full. Gifted with a bull's horns, savage claws and ruddy skin bearing fell runes that can shatter an impacting blade, the berserker-king of the Rock Raven clan turns into a creature of pure destruction when bloodlust overcomes him - fourteen feet tall, with six rending arms and wreathed in fire.

Under his rule, the Rock Ravens have subjugated the surrounding tribes, and even imperial officers in the lands south of the Wildermark tremble at the thought of Waldron uniting the tribes and ravaging their lands.

So far though, he seems content with spreading his rule in the north, improving the lot of his people and adding further wives to his sizeable harem.


*Blood brothers: you may marry into his family, and join the Horde! Waaagh!

*A scarlet rune: upon your chest, he draws a wicked rune with his claws, granting you the gift of fury! Waaagh!

25 - Astarte the Alchemist

A fiendling's resistance to fire is always useful in the alchemist's trade, especially if you are as experimental as Astarte. To her though, any number of explosions is worth the understanding of the universe. Nerdy, too smart for her own good and clueless in many things mundane, she is a constant source of weird, wondrous and plain dangerous, but ultimately useful concoctions. In her quest, she merrily ignores the large array of infernal powers at her disposal, deeming the hexes and death spells quite useless.

What she could really use, though, is a level-headed assistant to steer her towards the more realistic projects she comes up with, help her keep at least a semblance of a schedule, and eat on a semi-regular basis.

*A wondrous vial: for assistance, you can expect to be gifted with anything from a Potion of Endless Flatulence, Change Gender or Partial Invisibility to Draught of Hercules or Essence of Luck.

*It lives! : you died, that you remember. So why are you suddenly part of this stitched-together monstrosity, and why does that horned girl yell: 'Arise, my child!' ?

26 - Galkar the Guardian

In the city of Erandell some tasks are deemed unclean, fit to be done only by second-grade citizens. So it is with handling the deceased and tending their place of rest. Galkar is basically an undertaker by day, preparing bodies for burial and keeping the grounds; by night, he stands guard over the graves, singing lullabies to the dead so that they rest in peace despite the moon's siren call, and wresting those that rise back into the earth.


*Some ivory: a pair of vapire fangs; Galkar knocked them out himself before he staked the thing.

*A strange flower: thriving on the stuff of shadow, the Umbral Lily opens its ebon blossom only where death is strong. If you happen to be undead, it blooms to full glory in your presence, and should you plant it in your head, it might grow into a tree one day!

27 - Serena the Slave

A beau dancing girl and mistress to a rather benevolent master, Serena's lot is actually decent as far as medieval fantasy goes. Thus all, even the demure, simple and pleasant slave-girl herself, are unaware of the dark legacy within her. For within, the essence of a long-dead demon queen awaits her rebirth, just waiting for sufficient evil to awaken her. In that gilded cage, it may not come to pass - but who knows?


*A music box: this strange music box appear to be mechanically normal, but it plays disharmonic dirges with a screaming choir instead of merry tinkling melodies, and the dancing mannequin sometimes, from the corner of your vision, appears covered in unholy script and bleeding.

*A beautiful mirror: enchanted to apply make-up where you wish and do your hair telekinetically, this body-length mirror still scares Serena, for when she gazes inside, sometimes a different self appears.

28 - This One and That One, the Twins

It is terrifying for a human mother when demon taint ten generations back manifests as a tiefling child, moreso if it is twins. Given away at a young age, the duo grew up with foster parents, then in an orphanage, then on the street. In all that time, there was but one person they could trust - their twin. Soon they became a dynamic duo of thieves and con artists, making their way with spell and skill, moving on when the ground gets too hot.

Curiously, the moon as a strange effect on the pair: when the moon is waxing, This One is male and That One a girl, when it is waning it is the other way around. During the full moon they both are female, and the new moon sees them as men. Due to their androgynous appearance, a casual observer could not tell the difference, though.

The pair share their successes and defeats, their food, their clothes, their loves. Rarely do they stray more than a few feet from each other.


*A kindred soul: well aware of the value of their gift, they help you find your soul-mate, one akin to you in spirit. For a funny twist, they actually animate your shadow to be your twin.

*Karmic ties: two people drinking a concoction of This and That One's blood will forever more share one soul, not to be divided by any agency, not even death itself.

29 - Aldamnir the Arbiter

Deep in the bowels of the lost city of Tolhar Tahuni, a sole soul lives. if it might be called so - wired into a strange magical apparatus, the emaciated body of Aldamnir rests in a secret chamber, kept alive by the city's enchantment.

Once an overseer tied to the city's maintenance for but a year, he remained bound when the city fell, none to relieve him left.

He dos not know how long has he directed the city's lava fountains, sent out the golems to capture sacrifices for the dark altars, or ordered invisible servants to polish the onyx statues of its demonic founder. On occasion, a band of foolhardy looters finds its way inside the city - that is when Aldamnir plays.


*At last: relieved from his millennia old duty, the wizened half-dead tiefling opens the way to the city's treasures - such as the colossal store of trapped souls.

*A home: not wishing to rest before the city is restored, Aldamnir ordains you mayor, high priest or general, and requests that you help rebuild the dark jewel that is Tolhar Talumi to its former glory.

30 - Setmenia, the Shadow Seamstress

Her eyes are inky pools, her hair but a dark absence of light, her skin truly white, the horns polished ebony. An unusual artist, Sethmenia travels the gloomy places of the world to gather the stuff of shadow for her creations; she prefers places of great ruin and tragedy, for there, the shadows have character.

With her slender hands, she then weaves them into garments for the refined, into armor strong and light, and into displays of subtle umbral beauty which she leaves in dark corners of the world to be found by the worthy few.


*A scant few shadows: subtle lingerie that appears to be but a temptingly obscuring shade from the right angle.

*The most beautiful place on Earth: Sethmenia takes you where she made one shade eternal, that of a tormented god facing a dying sun.

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