1. Argaz, Fist of the Demon King

Appearance: A bloated ogre like demon with a massive belly, thickly muscled limbs, and an ugly porcine head hung with great curling horns. Such is Argaz's appearance that many assume he is the Demon King himself. When not leading the Demon King's vanguard, this demon general is content to guzzle beer by the barrel, rape victims until they're just handfuls of wet gore, and them suck their bones clean.

Special: Argaz is a large and powerful demon with no special abilities. Compared to most other demons, he is large, slow, not particularly bright, and in terms of magic, almost non-capable. But that doesn't stop him from he is best at, being a very large, very ugly hammer.

Forces: The vanguard of the Black Host, shock footmen, demonic forces, enslaved meat shields.

Holdings: the most recent castle taken by the Black Host, turned into a smashed abattoir

Loot Drop: nothing epic or of particular note, Argaz has little on him more than whatever oversized weapon he has decided to use in that battle.

2. Xun'qo, the Blazing Herald

Appearance: Xun'qo is a greater form of undead and appears as a skeleton, clad in ancestral armor, wreathed in purple and green hellflame. He is most commonly seen in a chariot made in the same ancestral motif, pulled by skeletal horses with the same purple and green flames animating them. He doesn't speak, but rides as the head of the Demon King's invincible hellished cavalry.

Special: Xun'qo has access to celestial sorcery, and uses inverted constellations in Hell to cast area effect spells, With the most devastating being its Southern Cross Celestial Strike to cause opponents slain in battle to shed their flesh and rise as flame skeletons like himself. When required, Xun'qo and his undead cavalry can fly short distances, easily able to cross tumbled bridges, chasms, and breach low walls. The rest is spears, bows, and blood and death.

Forces: The Immortal Cavalry, a force of undead horsemen and their undead mounts, charioteer archers and spear throwers, and a contingent of footman skeletons that vary in number depending on attrition in battle and how long they've been passive.

Holdings: The Great Tomb, which is an underrealm somewhere between Hell and the Abyss

Loot Drop: Doom type items, weapons made of obsidian, ebony, and human bone that deal regular damage and 1D4+1 Doom counters, and if a foe gets 10 doom counters, they must make a stamina check. If they fail, they immediately die, and 1D10 turns later rise as a flame skeleton. If they pass, they collapse to the ground and enter a coma for 1D10 days.

3. Shandarra Nook, The Two-Faced Woman

Appearance: Shandarra Nook appears nominally as a brunette human woman of ravishing beauty, and in this guise most often infiltrates into human kingdoms bordering the Demon King's lands. In this form she is something of a nethermancer, speaking with ghosts, and generally acting as a socially accepted form of necromancer. In her alternate form, or true form, depending on perspective, is that of a black cloth covered cadaver. This form has much higher combat abilities, and the ability to unleash powerful destructive magics.

When working for the Demon King, Shadarra Nook is a courtesan and courtier, a medium or oracle, and someone who moves easily through the ranks of the nobility and the learned. When knives, poison, and feminine guile fail, she becomes the demon cadaver and destroys fortresses from within with pyrotechnic firestorms and summoning large numbers of screaming ghosts.

She is obsessed with artists and is incredibly vain.

Special: Shape-shift between human and demonic form, general high level necromancer/elemental magic user. 

Forces: The Shadows of Shadarra Nook are a group of spies, concubines, whores, and members of the art community. Shadarra's forces often breach seemingly sealed fortresses with the promise of rescued treasures from fallen lands, presenting themselves as refugees and escapees. 

Holdings: in the field, none. In a major city, Shadarra will have the housing of a person of wealth and importance, with an emphasis on collecting art. Her favorite subject is herself, and her vanity will lead her to commission artists to make more of it for her. 

Loot Drop: a large amount of gold, jewelry, and access to whatever wondrous art she has collected before her demise.

4. The Infernal Oberst

Appearance: A dandy, dressed in finery so fine that one is left to wonder if he is attempted to cross dress as a baroque lady, or a clown, or something of both. He is a musician, a singer, a seducer, a bard, and an absolute bastard servant of Chaos. 

Special: Chaos Bard, he can cast chaos magic spells through song, dance, and regular magic abilities. He hates order more than he hates good, so often times his powers can end up going awry if he is attached to a lawful evil group fighting a chaotic good force, because he loves not evil, just the destruction of order.

Oberst is one of the few who willingly presented himself to the Demon King to beg service, and the Demon King blessed him with chaotic infernal magics, and raised him to the rank of Demon General. The amount of destruction and ruin left in Oberst's wake has more than offset the damage he has done to the Black Host and it's lawful elements.

Forces: none, Oberst is a host unto himself

Holdings: none

Loot Drop: The Chaos Stone - when slain, Oberst's corpse will bubble and boil away leaving behind charred bones and a rough bezoar like nodule with a grotesque face in the middle, roughly the size of a baseball. The object radiates chaotic magic. It cane be used as a magic aid (turning all spells chaotic) or can be used to disrupt enchantments and wards.

5. Atamu Kaotorog, The Ancient Beast King

Appearance: Atamu Kaotorog stands almost twenty feet tall, all made of craggy muscle and rock like hide. It's head is massive and set with curling rams horns, the image of an infernal beast titan. It's voice is deep and rumbling like a storm, and while slow to act, it's power is tremendous.

The Ancient Beast King was summoned by the Demon King, and the two quarreled. The Demon King outwitted the Ancient Beast King, and now Atamu Kaotorog is bound to serve it.

Special: Immunity to low and mid level magic, immunity to non-magical weapons, damage resistance. Uses elemental ice based attacks, can change the local weather, and it's Beast God Claw attack can shred magical barriers.

Forces: Either none, or it can summon members of the ancient race, and lesser Beast Lords, creatures that superficially resemble it but are smaller and less powerful. When in the field, Atamu Kaotorog is an anti-fortress force of living siege engines.

Holdings: none save for whatever stony throne it has knocked down for itself.

Loot Drop: Celestial Cryst - an incredibly valuable treasure, this item allows for magic users to store vast amounts of magic power, often increasing their spellcasting ability ten times over. 

6. Marquise Fahd, Artificer Lord of The Arq-Khannad

Appearance: Human male of robust health and middle age, an aristocrat with blonde hair and a womanizer's charm. Favors baroque/Victorian sense of style, and the general demeanor of a swashbuckler. Heavily armed with artificer devices such as repeating crossbows, flamethrowers, poison sprayers, and magically driven saws and serrated blades.

Special: Foresight - artificers plan ahead, so the Marquise should have some sort of technological counter for an attacking force, or specific members of attacking forces, to neutralize their advantages. Mages - Silence generator, Thieves - Illuminator device to destroy shadows, heavy armor - giant magnet.

The Marquise is not in agreement with the Demon King, but has aligned his desert nation with the entity because the alternative was the Demon King smashing Arq-Khannad, since Fahd knew that no one would come to their aid, because at that point the Demon King was not seen as such. He joined to preserve his land, his castle, his family, and his people, hoping that one way or they other, they would survive. Lawful Good heroics would have seen them ground into dust and bones.

Forces: A human standing army, specialized in desert warfare. Elite troops have full on artificer weapons, while rank and file have crossbows, and regular melee weapons. Siege engines are strongly represented, and the forces have the ability to rapidly fortify, engage in large scale earthworks, and sink bores into the ground to tap for water.

Holdings: The Marchdom of Arq-Khannad, a desert kingdom located in the desert of the same name. Castle Khannad is located in the middle, ringed by cursed oases and deliberately placed poison mirages. The Kingdom is fantastically wealthy from it's salt boring, supporting trade routes across the desert, and it's precious stone and metal mining under the sands.

Loot Drop: Personal jewelry and possessions worth a LOT of money, artificer weapons that work until their first critical miss and then break (unless a party member is an artificer and can make a skill check to become the new 'owner' of the device and assume it's regular maintenance.

7. Dragon General Ia-Gemeti, The Final Sorrow

Appearance: Ia-Gemeti is a massive ancient dragon, with a burled blue and black hide, that has been massively augmented and altered by the Demon King. It's head has been buried in it's chest, and the jaws have been drastically increased in size. It's wing have also been removed, and it's spinal ridge is now a host of golden towers and structures. Several dozen of the Demon King's concubines live inside Ia-Gemeti, and when the King decides to spend time with it's conquests, it is inside the palace inside Ia-Gemeti. 

Special: a long list of elemental invulnerabilities, a superpowered demonic version of the regular draconic breath attack, high level spell casting ability, including massive area of attack spells capable of decimating armies and leveling small fortresses outright.

The Demon King Slew Ia-Gemeti early on, and resurrected the dragon, but not before making sure it couldn't threaten him again, removing it's long neck, wings, and a large amount of her self-will.

Forces: The heart of the Demon King's Infernal Guard, the Infernal Palace Guard, a host of demonic female assassins and succubi, dragonspawn created from her stolen eggs.

Holdings: Ia-Gemeti is a fortress unto herself.

Loot Drop: Dragon relics galore, the accumulated terrestrial treasures of the Demon King, just a great Monty Haul that would come from slaying an undead demon dragon fortress.

8. Qhaduun, the First and Last Death

Appearance: Qhaduun is a massive centaur like arch-demon, having a dragon like lower body armored with scales and armed with claws, and an upper torso that is typically demonic. He has a large head, elaborate horns, and is clad in full demonic plate armor. In combat, Qhaduun is a master of death magic, not necromancy, but the magical art of just killing things, even things that are technically not capable of being killed.

It is speculated that Qhaduun could slay the Demon King, if their goals didn't align.

Special: Qhaduun has the supernatural power to end things, and something that this arch-demon ends ceases to be. Qhaduun could decide to slay a river, and then the river would quickly dry up. It could slay a forest, a kingdom, a constellation, the only difficulty is just scope. 

Forces: Qhaduun is served by a group of undead massive creatures, ranging from dragons to unique members of the ancient races. 

Holdings: A humble warrior's tomb at the bottom of the Abyss. When the Sun is slain and all gods are deceased, Qhaduun will retire to this tomb, and lay itself to rest.

Loot Drop: If someone were cunning enough to slay Qhaduun they would gain exactly two things: the ability to End things, as Qhaduun had, and immortality. 

9. Materius Malov, the Master of Mages

Appearance: a towering humanoid male with half angelic, half elfin features, and radiant blue skin. The androgynously attractive being wears the garb of an arch mage, if the arch mage had a night job as a exotic dancer. Haughty, arrogant, mischievous, brazen, and superior, Materius Malov is a cult leader who is on the way into turning their cult of personality into a religion.

Malov sided with the Demon King since their religion will be entirely about magic, hedonism, and sadism against the foes of Malov and the Demon King, which pleases both entities.

Special: I have a spell for that - being a master magician and several centuries old, Materius Malov has a decent chance of being able to randomly draw a spell to counter something the Players have concocted, and these are encouraged to be weird, such as Protection from Siege Engines, or Ray of Potion Reversal. 

Forces: The Malov Cult, a few hundred devoted cultists and acolytes who are all about exploiting magic recklessly and having obscene amounts of gold and slaves to do things at their whim. Many of these members are magic users of some capability.

The Black Hands - a cadre of magi Materius Malov has trained to be magic using special forces to support the Black Host. Their spell inventory is limited, and maximized for their role as quickly trained war mages.

Holdings: The Tower of Malov, a serpent stone and silver tower with attached manse that serves as the central place of worship for the Cult of Malov, and Malov's personal residence. The area is heavily magicked, and Malov can invoke the Demon King's power to relocate his home tower to anywhere inside the Demon King's domain. The top of the Tower of Malov is host to a massive crystal weapon that uses the accumulated magic power of the cultists praying and fornicating inside to power it's Burning Ray. 

Loot Drop: crystal orbs that increase magic power, demonic crysts that allow demon summon spells, magic items that boost charisma

10. The Demon Lovers: Husant and Siness Imolar 

Appearance: Actual demons, Husant and Siness Imolar have infested a pair of mortal hosts so that they can stay constantly in the mortal realm. Husant is a large and muscular man, with red hair, glowing eyes, and all the rest of the appearance that indicates he is a demon of flame contained in flesh. Siness Imolar is similar, but possesses an elfin host, with refined and hauty features, but every inch of her is the aspect of ice. While their demonic forms are unable to touch one another, the husks they possess can, and they frequently do. They appear nude, most of the time. When called into action, they summon their demonic aspect armor, and Husant becomes a glowing red iron tank, the armor stylized with an oni style demon face in the chest. Siness Imolar gains the power of flight and wings made of ice that flow into organic ice armor that wraps her like a sheath. 

Special: Broad spectrum of infernal tainted ranged elemental magic attacks. Ice grenades, ice beams, cones of cold, blizzard and ice attacks from Siness, fireballs, wall of flame, infernos, from Husant. If drawn into melee, Husant uses a two handed great sword, and Siness uses twin dueling swords. Husant will seek out female foes first, and Siness, men first.

Forces: As per demonic gating ability. Husant tends to favor gating up the equivalent of hellhounds, or a hellmount horse for dealing with mounted foes. Siness gates tainted air elementals, or will call for a frozen dire bird like a stamagast

Holdings: An occupied castle, with a garrison force. 

Loot Drop: Husant's Cryst - a large orange jewel that functions as a magic empowering tool, and allows a caster to add flame type to any magic they cast, and the ability to learn specialized flame magic. They will be possessive of the person who hold's Siness's Cryst.

Siness's Cryst - a dagger like translucent jewel that functions as a magic empowering tool, and allows a caster to add ice time to any magic they cast, and the ability to learn specialized ice magic. They will be possessive of the peron who holds Husant's Cryst.

The same person cannot hold both crysts, and if they touch, they will cancel out each other in a massive non-elemental explosion. They closer they get, the more they will pull towards each other.

11. Ytellos, the First and Forsaken

Appearance: Superficially Ytellos looks like a human woman of exotic origin, except for being close to fifteen feet tall. She is nude, except for the gold markings that trace her entire body, and a large golden wheel that floats behind her, rotating slowly. Her magical power is immense, and only once the Demon King has conquered the entire world will she accept it's offer and become the Demon Queen.

Until then, she is a fallen goddess of mystery and magic, content with leaving a path of silence and tranquility in her wake. Rather than burning ruins and screaming victims, Ytellos forces advance and leave behind gardens of crystal, exotic flowers, and skeletons hidden in the roots, or dangling from the branches of alien trees.

Special: Ytellos was once a nature goddess who's domain was taken over and corrupted, but embraced the darkness and grew into it, trading sunlight for evil as her catalyst.

Forces: Ytellos has a faith that follows her, the Keepers of the Black Roses, and they are gardeners and landscapers for the Black Host. Where they sack, the Keepers of the Black Rose destroy 95% of ruins, but the last 5% they repair and return to a dark gothic splendor.

Holdings: The Black Spiral Keep, what was once an elfin fortress and is now a dark gothic wonderland of macabre wonders and black flowers

Loot Drop: Whomever slays Ytellos themselves will also instantly die. Those who are present will be able to recover a cryst shaped like a black lotus flower, and functions as a magic boosting item, and has the ability to add or alter any spell to have the evil or nature types.

12. Lochlaimon, the Maker of Slag

Appearance: A dwarf, clad head to toe in sarcophagus like heavy armor.

Lachlaimon and his hold fell to the Demon King, but not before a bloody and costly siege. The Demon King was so impressed that he resurrected the dwarf, and then trapped him inside infernal armor and made him his master of sieges. 

Special: Mastery of defensive warfare, tunneling, sapping, and engineering

Forces: The Underhost, a force of duergar dwarves, tunnel folk, and resurrected and enslaved undead dwarves, like Lachlaimon himself. 

Holdings: The Dweomerlaike, a fallen dwarven hall that has become a crypt for the undead.

Loot Drop: Lachlaimon;s hammer, a hammer that causes earthquakes, and the cryst of a subterreanean earth dragon, granting elemental earth magic powers. 

13. Atargatis, the Drowned Lover

Appearance: Like many of the Demon King's Generals, Atargatis has more than one form. Her less commonly used form is that of a human woman of questionable heritage, as her features have a certain fish like quality to them, she doesn't blink, her teeth are wrong, and her skin is slimy and almost scaly to the touch. In this form she is clad in the garb of a sea captain or admiral, though poorly worn and maintained.

The true form of Atargatis is a massive marine mimic, resembling the skeletal rib cage of a whale embracing a mass of writhing organs, tentacles, and marine debris. She opposed the Demon King, and for this was shattered into her current form where she had formerly been a merfolk queen. Her husband was slaughtered, their kingsom shattered, and she was drowned in her own blood before the Demon King revived her, mutated her into a sea mimic, and forced her to become his admiral, under magical bondage and the promise that in ultimate victory, it would raise her husband and return them to be its vassals over their ruin of their undersea realm.

Special: Polymorph self, at will, amphibious, engulf - allows Atargatis to consumer a foe completely. This allows for greater mimicry abilities, and can be used to smuggle people in and out of places, so long as they can hold their breath long enough to not suffocate inside her.

Forces: The Black Fleet, a collection of pirates, privateers, corsairs, ships of the dead, ghost ships and more that serve to destroy in the name of the Demon King

Holdings: The hulk of a merfolk undersea current chasing ship, made from the shell of a massive deceased nautilus. 

Loot Drop: Shell armor, water-breathing stone

14. Zinne Twinblade

Appearance: A hulking humanoid creature, with thick muscles, and a bulging neck, topped with a tiny head. The arms below the elbow have been cut away and replaced with bundles of swords. Zinne was a duelist who challenged the Demon King to a one on one duel. It was a bluff and an effort to gain time for her people to escape, and she fully expected to die.

She did, but not before actually scratching the Demon King, and drawing it's blood. So impressed was the Demon King that it resurrected her as a brutal, sword handed berzerker. She now exists to hunt down lawful good knights, heroes, paladins and the like and dispatch them in a flurry of gleaming steel and blood.

Special: Zinne Twinblade can cast sword magic, summoning walls of swords, rains of daggers, and even creating sword magic projectile attacks. 

Forces: The Black Sword Dancers, a cadre of sword duelists likewise captured and twisted into demonic servitors

Holdings: The Blackened City of Uqis-Ehalez. After the Demon King conquered the city, the only thing that impressed him was Zinne, so he made the city her prison, when she isn't on a mission.

Loot Drop: The Sword of the Winds, other sundry magical swords.

15. Sardaan, the Demon Fist

Appearance: A large and muscular man, too large to be human, but too small to be a giant. He wears a stone mask, flowing pants, and is covered in mystic tattoos. 

Special: Sardaan is a paragon of hand to hand fighting, and can deal lethal armor penetrating damage with his bare hands and feet. This includes penetrating magic armor. His tattoos protect him from ranged weapons, metal melee weapons, and magic. The best way to deal damage against Sardaan is bare fisted brawling. This is how the Demon King bested him in one on one combat, and swore him to it's service. 

Forces: The Demon Fist School - Sardaan has a dojo on the mountain he spent years killing anyone who approached it. Now at the command of the Demon King he is teaching hopeful aspirants his Demon Fist fighting style, creating a small army or murder monks for the Demon King.

Holdings: The Mountain Dojo, a dark/evil aligned spiritual location

Loot Drop: nothing but XP

16. Agurrax, The Avatar of Agony

Appearance: Agurrax appears as a twisting column of bones, flesh, and a randomly changing pieces of different animals. The upper part of this flesh and gore maelstrom retains a general demonic appearance, but the features of the face are constantly changing, and something that isn't obvious is that this constant biological flux is incredibly painful for Agurrax, and drives it will to punish and dominate.

The Avatar of Agony was easily defeated by the Demon King, as it used it's powers to remove Agurrax's pain and flux, all but rendering it powerless.

Special: Meat Flux - Agurrax is constantly changing, so it can regenerate from wounds almost instantly. It can also randomly create animalistic organic weapons such as claws, spines, razors, and anything else it can think of. Inflict Agony -Agurrax can spread it's meat flux ability to others, warping and mutilating their bodies, and inflicting them with massive amounts of pain they are not capable of handling, driving them insane. 

Forces: They Who Suffer - a legion of crippled things, afflicted with Agurrax's power and now enslaved to it. They are a pathetic force ever hopeful their agony will be ended with sorcery and steel.

Holdings: The Flesh Pit, a hellish abattoir where Agurrax soaks itself in the blood of others, and creating more of it's twisted They Who Suffer. 

Loot Drop: Whomever slays Agurrax gains the ability to shapeshift at will, but they will start losing their original self image, and in enough time, they will become the next avatar of agony and their power consumes them from within.

17. Duke Madred Andelgeth, Sword of the Evening

Appearance: Human male of advancing years, but still vital. Hair is long and black, face is hard and drawn. He wears the general heavy armor of the Demon King, and is suitably armed with demonic influenced or made weapons. He strongly favors the sword. He is seen as a honorable man, one seemingly out of sorts with the Demon King, but one to be feared.

Special: Sword Art - Andelgeth is a sword mage, and channels all of his magic through his blade, allowing him to deflect spells, cut through barriers, slash protective magic items, and otherwise run amok through any sort of magic based defense.

Andelgeth's kingdom was the first that fell to the Demon King, and Andelgeth was sworn to the Demon King's service, by his own honor. While he carried out the King's orders, he does not follow the spirit, cities are allowed to evacuate their citizenry before being sacked, heroes are allowed to retreat, defeated hosts are allowed to gather their dead and return home rather than being slaughtered even after yielding. The Demon King would have been irked by this, but Andelgeth has a string of military victories, and some are easier since the people have learned that they can flee rather than have to stand and fight to the death.

Forces: A massive piece of the Demon King's terrestrial army. When the great host marches against a White Keep, or a Silver Bridge, or an Elven Fastness, Andelgeth leads the black host, numbering in its tens of thousands. When assembled, he is often the least in physical stature among the Demon King's gathered Generals, but is one in the highest positions among them. 

Holdings: A Kingdom in the lands of the Demon King, or a captured castle turned into a military headquarters for the Black Host. 

Loot Drop: Demonic Armor, Demonic Sword, the Sword of the Evening

18. Snathgrealynn, the Crusher of Moon and Sun

Appearance: A bear standing on two legs, clad in black infernal armor, and bearing the weapons of the Abyss.

Snathgrealynn was once a druidic high priestess, and lead a green nation against the Demon King, and her forces inflicted serious damage, but were destroyed. The Demon King raised Snathgraelynn and many of her other priestesses as bear hybrids, giving them the one thing they lacked when fighting him, physical strength. They are now the hunters and stalkers of the woods and wildlands of the world as the Demon King extends his dominion. 

Special: Druidic spells and abilities, but limited to a ursine form, and infernally tainted

Forces: The Black Rangers serve as the druidic/natural arm of the Black Host as is the vanguard of hunting elven strongholds, sacking druidic fastnesses, and hunting things lost in the wilds. The non-bear members are black clad rangers, and specialize in hunting humans, most are orc or goblin in race.

Holdings: The Black Grove is the original home of the druids, but everything has been shocked into black glass and poisoned water.

Loot Drop: The Bear Heart Cryst, a jewel that grants druidic abilities to the bearer, as well as the ability to enter a berzerker war state. 

19. Agexith, the Fluid Princess and Devourer of Man 

Appearance: Agexith's natural form is a mass of translucent rose colored goo, roughly the same mass as a horse. She is technically a slime or ooze, and has gained demonic sentience and will, and spellcasting power. In her forced form Agexith can appear as almost anything she wants, but typically affects either a humanoid woman, or a demonic woman. She has no true gender, but identifies as female.

Special: Shapeshift, consume mass, divide. 

Forces: Agexith has created a host of replicas of herself, new slimes split off from the the mother as she consumes enough mass. Most of these have a degree of intelligence and will, but most are basal slimes. She can improve their chances by feeding them sentient beings, magic users, and the like. 

Holdings: The Slime Swamps of Otranec

Loot Drop: a fair amount of half digested bone and corroded jewelry. 

20. Hjarta, the Screaming Lover

Appearance: A human woman of young age, with long blonde hair, gold and white enameled armor, and the Sword of Dusk, a blade that drinks in magic and light. She is a figure of both immense power, and immense sorrow.

Hjarta was the first woman who knew the origin of the Demon King, when he was still a mortal. She attempted to betray him, but he struck her through the throat, stealing her voice, and then binding her to his will. She loved him once, but now knows that when the time was right, she hesitated the world must burn because of her weakness.

Special: Her runic sword, the Sword of Dusk, can absorb magic and magic spells, and can create darkness at will. 

Forces: The Demon King's Honor Guard, a ceremonial force of immaculate demon knights, banner lords of the Hells and warlords from the Abyss who have sworn themselves to the Demon King's banner.

Holdings: The First Palace, the Biggest, Blackest, Tower.

Loot Drop: The Sword of Dusk, the Armor of the Goddess (corrupted)

21. Arret, the Iron Mistress

Appearance: Arret is a typical human female, average height and build, with a large mop of unruly hair, typically an unnatural and artificial color. She wears a suit of enhanced Giant's Armor (superficially a suit of plate male scaled for a giant to wear, approx 12 feet tall) and an Iron Crown that has significant protection spells placed on it. She rarely speaks, and then it is to give orders, and that is only if she decides to speak rather than use telepathy. She serves the Evil Leader not out of fervent belief in it or it's ideals, but out of loyalty to the place when the Evil Leader came from, or from her nation, now conquered, and her service protects it. 

Special: Rod Mastery, the Iron Mistress has a number of magic rods she uses like most would use a wand, the most common being Flame, Ice, Thunder, Healing, Confusion, Banishment, and Poison Cloud. 

Forces: A cadre of likewise equipped Giant's Armor knights, also from the same country as herself. They are armed with a single rod, and melee weapons, most notably, Riot Blades. Supporting forces include a suitable number of beast riders, animal handlers, and footmen. Horse cavalry and siege weapons are noticeably absent

Holdings: none - The Iron Mistress is deployed to the field, and has neither fortress nor dungeon to call home. 

Loot Drop: Iron Crown - Crown of Loyalty, protection from outside mind control, protection from emotion control, emotional dampening, armor +5, Magic Rod - various types, +3 to +5 potency, Riot Blade - Sword of Confusion and Chaos +2 (chaotic alignment weapon)

Crystalline Heart - Arret's corpse will dis-incorporate and leave behind a gleaming crystal box shaped like a heart, the person who attunes themselves to this box will have their spell power increased, or will gain the ability to use magic. They will also gain the flaw: Melancholy. Arret was a manipulated, abused, and coerced woman, and rarely had anything but sadness, and those who carry her heart will carry that as well.

22. Zogrom of the Eight Blades

Appearance: Zogrom is a large male orc, with weathered gray skin, eight arms, and a suit of tribal armor made of gold trimmed exotic leather. He is armed with eight different blades, and is a highly proficient swordsman and duelist. 

Special: Godlike mastery of the sword, multi-attack

Forces: Zogrom has a entourage of gladiators, exotic duelists, and similar minded weapon specialists. While not a force for capturing castles or facing armies, Zogrom and his blade dancers are a counter for heroes, specialists, and headhunters inside of large battles hunting down enemy leaders and heroes.

Holdings: The Red Sand Colosseum, a massive fortification in the Demon King's realm where gladiatorial games are carried out, ranging from demon versus demon blood sport, to the mass slaughter of victims for comedic value, to animal baiting and the theatrical murder of high profile prisoners.

Loot Drop: Zogrom carries eight magical blades, and a suit of magical armor

23. The Child Generals: Gris, Runus, and Sezzan

Appearance: The Child Generals appear as three very thin children, typically dressed in the manner of extreme poverty, with their emaciated bodies showing the same. They are so thin and drawn that even determining gender is nearly impossible.

The Child Generals are infiltrators and saboteurs who travel ahead of the Demon King's host, often under the guise of being refugees. They work their way into the care institutions of the area they are targeting and start to work, devouring as much food as possible, spreading disease and discontent, stealing everything that isn't nailed down, and infesting the other war orphaned with demonic essence, so that over time, they all start to look like the original trio.

Special: The Child Generals have passable combat stats, but avoid actual fighting and will flee. Their main mode of attack is dream eating and sowing nightmares. 

Forces: The Gaunt will begin to form around the Child Generals wherever they go, children who become as skeletal as they are, but filled with a burning need to cause mischief and a bottomless hunger that cannot be sated. 

Holdings: somewhere in a major city, likely very close to the main place of worship, or the central point of defense, where they are sending information back to allies in the Demon King's forces.

Loot Drop: none. Unless all of the Gaunt are also slain, three of the survivors will re-manifest as Gris, Runus, and Sezzan. If all of the Gaunt are slain along with the Child Generals (not an epic difficult challenge, just getting over slaughtering starving kids) the Demon King is likely to resurrect them anyway. They provide good intel, they help topple cities, and their mischief feeds its evil nature.

24. Kavrala of Osarith, Daughter of Slaughter and the Jest of Death

Appearance: A young woman dressed in the manner of a court jester, mocking the finery of the highest ladies, a bizarre amalgamation of baroque grotesqueness insulting all of the haute couture of the nobility and a brazen crudity. She might appear in a wig many times taller than the current fashion, and a bustier that draws her midsection down to waspish size, but her breasts completely exposed. She might also dress like a gossamer and glitter, almost completely nude, but act in a manner of exceeding prudishness. There have also been incidents where she dressed as a great and serious dowager, but had the manners of a tavern whore.

Kavrala is an elf who attempted to seduce the Demon King and end him with dark elf poison. It survived, broke Kavrala, and turned her into its master of assassins.

Special: Dark Elf stealth, mastery of poisons, chaos magic

Forces: The Black Daggers, a small group of all female assassins who serve the Demon King

Holdings: the Court of the Demon King, when she is not it's assassin, Kavrala is one of the Demon King's concubines.

Loot Drop: nothing

25. Soz'Garath the Shadow of Doom

Appearance: Soz'Garath is a winged demon, and has a body shaped for near perpetual flight, something common to its home in the realm of Pandemonium. It's body is skeletal, but has dragon like leathery wings instead of arms, and the rear limbs are vestigial, trailing off to dangling useless digits and a whip like tail. The head is large, antlered, and skull like, with large ripping teeth.

The demon general is mute, and serves the Demon King out of simple hierarchy.

Special: Soz'Garath has relatively low physical stats, compared to other demons, and because of this has emphasis on having high levels of defensive magics. It also has the ability to employ a high energy draconic breath weapon attack, and likes to employ strafing runs against ground targets. 

Forces: The Black Wings are a combination of flying nightgaunts, winged lesser demons, and a handful of riders mounted on fell beasts. The Black Wings don't engage in much combat, they are more used for recon, or dropping unpleasant things into targets, such as diseased corpses, flammable devices, and cursed items, just for fun.

Holdings: the highest tower, abandoned mountain keep, or if possible, any floating islands are ideal for the Black Wings.

Loot Drop: A draconic heart cryst that gives the bearer draconic powers, such a breath weapon, or draconic armor. Manifestations vary from bearer to bearer.

26. Krugorix, the Joy of Slaughter and High Confessor of Lament

Appearance: A misshapen orcish male, the right arm being much larger than the left, and having two vestigial faces in his torso. Each of the three represents a sort of triptych of war. His main head is the commander, who leads warriors into battle, roaring praise and orders. The face buried in his right shoulder is the Joy of Slaughter and exists only for the feeling of hot blood splattered against it. The face lower down on the abdomen is the High Confessor of Lament, and seeks to be lower on the body so that it can hear the last breaths of the dying and the weeping of those broken and defeated, taking their words as a last confession.

In the ranks of the Demon King's generals, it is reluctant to turn Krugorix loose, because the demon orc god of war is a force of pure carnage and death, destroying everything in front of him, and even just in close proximity.

Special: Krugorix exists for war and death. Death and slaughter increases his base stats. 

Forces: Black Host shock troops, beast riders

Holdings: The Tomb of Gods, a mausoleum 

Loot Drop: Legendary weapons, bloody cryst that allows the bearer to absorb suffering and pain to boost their own strength. 

27. The Broken General, Claldege aep Rhant

Appearance: A humanoid man, of greater than average size and stature, seemingly made from the parts of different races and species, not in a Frankenstein manner, but that of being an almost superhuman version of a mongrelman. His manner of speech is chaotic and broken, and often nonsensical, even inverting things, much like Bizarro from the Superman comics.

Special: Claldege was once a demon hunter, and has in his possession a half dozen crysts from demons he slain. He has actually implanted these into his body so he can rotate through various elemental immunities, apply elemental powers to his unarmed strikes, and if using his Falchion of Human Slaying, can project elemental affinities through it.

Claldege has always been a mongrelman but was a gifted and talented hunter. He slew a sea demon (water type) a ghost demon, a poison demon, and then attempted to slay the Demon King. He failed, and the Demon King corrupted him and has sense had him slay a pair of angels, and a unicorn lord, absorbing their powers as well.

Forces: cadre of elevated Mongrelmen, special trained in human hunting, angel hunting, bounty hunting, and generally arriving as a host of terror and carnage outside of the Black Host.

Holdings: A black fortress where prisoners are turned into new mongrelmen, and captured supernatural beings are imprisoned for magical torture, essence extraction, and magical research. A place feared by even the beings that guard it's gates.

Loot Drop: mutliple demon and angel crysts, sword of human slaying

28. Abraxsoul, Salvation through Slavery of the Soul

Appearance: The upper part of Abraxsoul appears like an elderly human man with long hair and a long beard, and the garb of a state official or other figure of authority and importance. From the waist down, it is made of pieces of siege engines, tomb stones, bone fragments, and a whirling cloud of smoke and flame.

Abraxsoul is a greater non-corporeal undead, and is the master of ghosts and spies for the Demon King. It serves as the Demon King could destroy it with a thought, and replace it just as easily. The current Abraxsoul is an amalgamation of tortured souls who were slaughtered in an ancient conflict and have had centuries to writhe and fester in agony, and now their gestalt is all to eager to share their pain and suffering with others.

Special:Possession, Abraxsoul can spirit ride even heroes, allowing it to slip through magical defenses, and evade detection. Those slain by Abraxsoul and it's magic can be captured and turned into Chained Souls, which can then be used to further possess the living to turn them to Abraxsoul's allies, or be used one shot to raise a corpse as a zombie and press a physical attack.

Forces: Chained Souls occupying low to mid level heroes and mid to high level villainous foes

Holdings: The Abyss, in a Citadel of Suffering where it must return if it is not serving the Demon King

Loot Drop: funeral gold and grave silver

29. The Idiot Generals: Beorngyth the Diseased and Weynild the Apostle of Beauty

Appearance: Beorngyth is a Gibbering Mouther that has been raised to sentience and slightly less insanity, and Weynild is a cephalopod for lack of a better term. Both are equipped with magic rings that allow them to appear as humans. Beorngyth is a heavyset woman who seems constantly afflicted by snotty discharges and fits of coughing. This is a side effect of the ring on its gibbering mouther physiology. Weynild is a tall woman of odd profile, and she is constantly seeming in flux, parts of her bulge, and then recede, also an effect of a boneless creature being forced to imitate a mammal.

Special: Beorngyth is the muscle in the team, and can use chaos summoning, wind magic, and then just wild flailing of nearly invulnerable limbs. If released from the ring, it reverts to a gibbering mouther capable of floating and will scream in joy and relief at no longer being forced into a horrible human shape.

Weynild attempts to be coy and charming, and basically is very interested in having as much intercourse as possible, with the ideal being assuming her true squid-kin form before climax. She has a fairly basic set of abilities, decent items, and modest spellcasting ability.

The Demon King considers the Idiot Generals a sort of comic relief, or a way to show disdain for a foe. By sending these two, it is a signal that the opposition is not deserving of respect or true demonic power to be conquered. Plus, the fact that once let loose the mouther will try to eat everyone while the squidkin is busy trying to seduce the them is horrific and amusing.

Forces: whatever ad-hoc unreliable, highly questionable, rabble can be roused. Beastkin, mongrelmen, enslaved peasants, weak summons, whatever trash is available to be thrown at a target.

Holdings: improvised fortification, typically the largest building available in the conquered area. Weynild has fantasies of being a wealthy princess, and will try to dress itself in human finery and the nicest of things, without a real understanding of human value systems. 

Loot Drop: lots and lots of slime, but the Demon King will regenerate his Idiot Generals because it enjoys their incompetence and disasters they cause.

30. Chigghurn the Ravening Maw

Appearance: Chiggurn is a massive worm, hundreds of feet long, as big around as a caste tower, and covered in dense scale laike armor. The mouth opens revealing thousands of shredding needle like teeth, and the most disturbing part, an unearthly glow, a color that defies expectation and even grounding in reality. 

Special: Devour Reality - Chigghurn has the ability to bite chunks out of existence, creating a pocket universe inside itself, a mashed together degenerating expanse of bites and pieces. The Demon King sends Chiggurn to devour places and foes that are too difficult or too costly for the Demon King to overcome itself. 

Forces: None

Holdings: None

Loot Drop: Expanded reality - when Chiggurn is slain, the contents of its dimensional gut are disgorged, creating entire new tracts of land, regurgitated into the site of it's death. Good way to plant missing citadels.

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