Brigands are rough and tumble men who often live off of the land, make themselves nuisances to trade routes, farmlands, and other settled, civilized folk. Most come from military backgrounds, failed mercenaries, discharged soldiers, and disgruntled city guardsmen. They have decent weapon skills, don’t make glaring tactical errors, but are entirely bound together by a single charismatic brigand leader. Without this leader or a few of his elite inner circle, the brigands are likely to quickly disperse to avoid death or capture.

Basic Equipment
Brigands will have at least two weapons, their prime weapon being treasured, and likely metal, such as a sword, flail, or some other melee weapon. Their secondary weapon is one easily made, or useful in larger numbers, such as plain shortbows, spears or pikes. They are also generally on foot, with only their leader likely having a mount to ride.

Roleplaying Notes
Brigand bands have clearly defined packing orders, with those being more dangerous or skilled gravitating to leadership positions. The leaders will parlay before engaging in battle as the brigands are more interested in getting loot and goods than killing, and possibly being killed.

And with no further ado…the 30 brigands.

1. Lind the Baron
While having neither claim to nobility, or even leadership within the brigand band, Lind dresses in stolen finery and decorates himself with jewelry as he thinks a proper lord would. This means he is decked out ina good deal of cheap or costume jewelry and a good number of women’s pieces. While pretending to be a dandy, still a filthy brigand.

2. Afrahm Softhands
Surely one of the most brutal of the brigands with his two handed battleax, Afrahm is known for his fondness of female captives, treating them better than any of the other brigands. He will also capture women, rather than harm or kill them if possible.

3. Pressler Pine
This brigand, fond of using throwing axes, claims to be from a distant land that while far away, is not horribly exotic. He is a competent woodsman and hunter in addition to being a bead eye with the bearded ax and hatchet.

4. Elvgrin Elfson
Claiming to be half-elven, this brigand is a good shot with his bow and is able to cast a single very low power magic spell once a day. Most often he is able to conjure faerie fire to illuminate or frighten locals

5. Tib the Terrible
Known for his appalling lack of manners, or hygiene, this brigand is known for spouting off some of the foulest limericks and dirty jokes known to man. no one is sure if the Terrible part of his name comes from his smell, his taste in humor, or his fondness for using a pair of horseman’s flails on foot.

6. Moon-Eyes Vors
A tough brigand with his long spear and leather buckler, Moon-Eyes is known among the others in the camp for his token of the feminine moon goddess and unusual piety.

7. Masrimi the Unseen
This brigand has a useful skill of hiding in shadows, and being overlooked. This could be a major advantage for the brigand as his attacks with the iron mace he carries would be almost always fatal. This isnt the case as most often Masrimi uses his skill to hide and then sleep when he is supposed to be on guard detail.

8. Two Swords Shaw
Shaw is capable of weilding two swords in combat, usually a pair of matched short swords, but among the brigands he is better known for the tattoos that cover his chest, arms and back. Shaw has an entire brothel of naked women inked into his skin.

9. Claudio Clear-Shot
So called for his good eye with the bow, Claudio is really a Claudia, this female brigand keeping her gender secret from most of the band, and those that know find her more useful for an archer than pillow fodder. In combat she often uses aimed shots for the groin.

10. Cole Quickfoot
A deft runner and scout, Cole is one of the brigand band’s best skirmishers, using a bracer full of fire hardened javelins and a wooden buckler. If pressed, this agile bandit uses a short sword and natural dexterity to avoid being killed.

11. Delamare the Cat-Killer
Delamare is a large heavily scarred man who wears a hood and cape made of the hide of a mountain lion (or other suitable large feline) that he killed himself with a wooden spear. Bare chested with a necklace of lion claws, Delamare is a dangerous stalker and ambush artist.

12. Deacon Rogue
No one knows this former Holy Man’s name as he forsook the church and the cloth for some reason. Most suspect heresy, and the Deacon’s combat skills with the warhammer and glaive persuade them not to ask to closely. A guarded and quiet man filled with unholy rage.

13. Farmer Emoran
Once an owner and tiller of the land, Emoran was evicted and quickly took up the life of banditry. He tends a garden for the band, and is capable of fighting with the bow, flail, and anything long and spear like. He is a favorite of the band and unlikely to be in first combats.

14. Iron-Plate Janko
This brigand has cobbled together a suit of full platemail, carries an iron rimmed shield and a brace of swords. while not the fastest or most skilled of the brigands, few are able to stand toe to toe with the brigands victims in close in, hot and heavy combat. A brigand ‘tank’

15. Munson Deerkiller
One of the best hunters among the brigands, Munson is armed with the bow and a long knife that most of the time he uses on deer. He is decked out in cured deerhide and considered a ‘skulker’ who will shadow slow moving prey to feel them out before the band attacks.

16. Falter the Ex-Guard
Falter once served in a crack city guard company and was dishonorably discharged from said company and exiled from the city foe being involved in a thieves guild plot to assassinate several council members. Falter is a hard man with an equaly hard face a drill sargent’s voice.

17. Wistful Candelar
Woe and ill-tidings upon Candelar who once has a lovely and sensuous foreign wife, a large home, and many fine horses. Always full of complaints of his now lost life, many of which are inconsistant, Candelar is the Brigand’s Brigand, willing to hunt other bands for their loot and supplies.

18. Battering Beltrim
This large and burly brigand enjoys nothing more than pounding someone senseless with his bare fists. Intimidating and suitably armored, he wades into foes with his shield to engage in bashing attacks, punches and grapplings.

19. Lucky Reeds
This thin brigand is known for his exceptional good luck, being the one who got away, or the one who saw the law coming just in time. Most consider him a lucky charm and will always shout for him to join their group. Reeds has a minor token of luck that he was given some years ago by a gypsy lover.

20. Dead Nagel
This brigand paints his face with white paint and wears armor with ‘death wounds’ in it, often going into a raid with fresh blood. Many see this obvious zombie attacking with the brigands and surrender so as to not be contaminated by its evil bite. Nagel is a practical joker, and the clown of the band.

21. Roper Armstrong
This brigand has a loop of rope that he is able to spin atop his head that he uses to throw and dismount horsemen, remove coachmen from coaches, or snare unsuspecting men-at-arms to demand their surrender. Once worked with cattle.

22. Pretty Gallman
Much like Lind the Baron, Pretty Gallman is decked out in jewelry. The difference is that Gallman’s is pierced through his body. His ears, nose, bottom lip, and both nipples are pierced and he is connected by small lengths of thin chain. This is in addition addition to a variety of tattoos of demons, skulls, serpents and the like. Screams like a berzerker as he lunges into battle with a wickedly curved and serrated sword.

23. Wilhem Withers
This lean wolfish man is cold and fueled by bitterness and hate. The other men give him a hard time and a wide berth due to his impotence, though the brigand leader is more likely to leave charge of female prisoners to Withers than to any other member of the band, especially if he wants the women…unspoiled.

24. Flyming the Furious
This brigand, armed to the teeth with spears, throwing knives, and hand axes has a unique companion in the form of a small and nearly powerless sprite/pixie. the small squeaky puff of light and fluttering wings will fly into the faces of opponents to distract them so that Flyming can cut them down with ease.

25. Wotto Silkstealer
This brigand is a merchant at heart, always looking for the best and most choice items from a merchants goods to steal. Also has an eye to pick out females that might be ‘broken’ to the brigands use, both as a menial servant and pillow fodder.

26. Zeemoz the Squirrel
This brigand, armed with a crossbow and throwing daggers is known for scurrying up trees and hiding amongst the branches. He will stay silent, often waiting until the second or third round of combat before firing his crossbow at stubborn defenders who refuse to surrender to the band.

27. Red Catterfeld
Known for his shocking red hair and painted armor, Catterfeld is a tough warrior with a bad attitude. This brigand carries a mace and a round shield and has leather armor he has dyed red with local pigments. Can out-drink even a dwarf.

28. Jensen Green-Boots
While not dressed in lace of silk, Jensen is a dandy at heart, and takes great care of his most valued possession, a pair of handsome green riding boots. He uses a thin bladed thrusting sword and a buckler, and can disarm common foes on a regular basis.

29. Buelle the Painter
This brigand, armed with daggers and a bow claims to have been an aspiring artist once, and his skill with the pen and brush support this claim. If asked why he became a brigand it is due to having been ousted by a rival and framed for a crime he didnt commit.

30. Asudwor Tree-Talker
This brigand has the unique ability to speak with plants which he doesnt seldomly since most plants tend to be very boring conversationalists. Asudwor fights with a spear and daggers.

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