The whole city is built low, and from high up practically invisible. Many trees, particularly fruit trees, cover the walkways, creating a permanent shadow. Most houses are wide, with thick walls and cellars sized for the whole family, if necessary; grass is grown on the roof. Most walkways are covered with cobbled stone, tree roots deform them in many places.

General mood:
With all the wonderful nature around, the danger is a part of living here. The locals are no-nonsense types, serious and careful. It is remarkably quiet here, unlike in most towns of similar population (on the other hand, it is more spread out). Even the street vendors do not offer their wares with shouting, they address potential customers with a calm voice, and cut back on the praises. Some dwarwes seem to favour this way of selling. No light is allowed outside after dark.

Intense crop farming is limited in size, so fruit trees, and herding are the main sources of food. The sheep have excellent wool, it is processed into fine clothing, in high demand far and wide. Because of the irregular streets, goods are transported in two-wheeled carts, ponies or their owners pulling them. Caravans stay on the towns' border only.

Outside features:
There are still several ruins of former cities, mostly broken down, but left to remind of the lesson. Soon after Death's visit, a new Potemkin village is built, with fake houses of wood, to make them burn better. The young and curageous run amidst the burning houses in panic, to appease the dragon's lust for destruction. Some fools occassionaly still try to kill him, and die in the process. The large herds of sheep also stay visible, to attract the dragon, let him feast and leave soon. So far, the dragon prefers to come back every 6-8 years.

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