Created by the Magi of Ta'urell, the Wayfarer's Lantern was a legendary tool designed to help them detect and seal away dark spirits. The lantern sat on a pedestal at the dark gate in their sanctum. When the lantern was stolen, the Magi sought after it, and decades later they still seek the lost lantern.


The lantern, casts light ten feet from the user, radiating an aura of truesight, disrupting but not dispelling illusions for any who carry it.

Optional/Unknown Properties

The lantern may also have an unknown effect, if used near the incorporeal, shades, wraiths, ghosts, etc.., will weaken them, making them vulnerable to physical attacks.

Optional/Unknown Drawbacks

Misfortune befalls those who carry the Solfire Lantern. The darkness follows them, seeking to destroy it. The only thing they have managed thus far, is to cause it to be lost.

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The Lanterns original placement in the sanctum was created specifically to hold the lantern and hold off the misfortune it caused with its the creation. In the sanctum the power was maximized protecting the dark gate from the incorporeal spirits that sought to use the dark gate (which needs some coolness) for their own.

Now that the lamp is missing the dark gate's protection is gone and the Magi's battle with (insert coolness here) has intensified. It is imperative that the Magi find the lantern to restore the balance and protection of the gate.

While in the Sanctum, the lantern's effect on the incorporeal is maximized while not attracting them. Outside the Sanctum the revealing of spirits is reduced and sometimes not fully active while it also sends out a beacon attracting the spirits. The misfortune that befalls those around it is from the nefarious spirits with the power to harm which sometimes avoid the revealing and weakening of the lamp light. Many accidents or deaths occur while the owners think that all spirits would be revealed and able to be defeated but in actuality, many remain invisible and dangerous.