A leather harness wraps completely around the chest and back. It has four axes strapped on. Two axes are strapped on the shoulders and two axes strapped on the belt (it looks much like a belt with suspenders, but thicker and with little pouches on).

Magical Properties:

Said item has 'no weight', only the weight of the axes.

The axes that adorn this harness are random in apearance and are definately created by different smiths. If one of the axes are taken off another one instantly apears after a period of 2-3 seconds. Normally no one would know how this happens, but how it happens is that it summons another axe other then the one just detatched in the general vicinety. This can only summon non magical axes or axes of very little magical power. One draw back of this harness, however, is that if you remove an axe from the harness and the axe that apears in it's place turns out to belong to someone else, and they see it... well... let's just say you wouldn't really make a good impression with them (That can be a good thing too, however, as in that it would summon an axe from the hands of an enemy into your harness).

Another drawback is that it summons axes of different sizes and shapes (Not too big though) and if one goes into heated combat and doesn't pay too much attention, they'll cut their hands while trying to grab an axe from their harness (8% chance in a heated situation).

This harness can summon up to 20 axes within a 1 hour period.

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