Virgin's Bane was the runt of a surprisingly large cache of eggs. Hatched of red dragon parents, VB was small and puny, with his right eye much larger than the other. He was quickly thrown out of his birth home and left to fend for himself. He also lacked the fire breath, common to his kind.

Luckily he had one thing going for himself, he was far, far smarter than the average dragon. He also possessed a powerful aptitude for magic use..

Even as a tiny youngling , he was the size of a horse and with his sharp wits was able to carve out a small fiefdom in some badlands. The locals brought him tribute and slowly he formed a plan, he would use his magical talent to 'cure' his physical handicap. Through delving into the black art of necromancy, he was able to create an elixir that would turn him into a being of physical might. Never-mind that he could have made himself more powerful by simply channeling his arcane skills. The brutality of his youth gave him an inferiority complex that set in motion his rise as one of the predominant melee combatants.

The elixir's most powerful component was the blood of human or elven female virgins. Within a decade he was able to perfect the potion, changing into a massive robust dragon, physically more than a match for any of his kind.Virgin's Bane then went on a 200 year rampage of revenge vrs his parents and siblings, increasing his hoard and continuing to purse melee excellence through arcane magic

Eventually the dragon settled into his permanent home. A cave at the base of the near vertical mountian called The Needle at the north pole of the swamp moon of Dire.

His cave contains his hoard , his extensive magical library and his 'guests.' The later are unicorns he has captured, with their legs twisted nearly off, used as virgin 'detectors' .Also found in the cave will be several female virgins. He actually doesn't have any need of the elixir anymore but is physiologically addicted to virgin blood as his main sustenance. In reality, he has fooled himself into thinking he can taste the difference(hence the need for the unicorns).


Virgin's Bane is squandering his magical aptitude. He would be far more powerful if he behaved like the proper archmage that he is. Instead, his memorized spells are grouped under two Contingency spells that launch an amazing array of melee buffing spells. Each casting of the Contingency give him 20 combat rounds of claw and fang death. He also has a small number of utility spells at the ready


After he spends one round casting the Contingency, he will seek out the strongest melee combatant and engage him. Period.


For a dragon of his power, size and age , his hoard is relatively small, He has the gold, valuable and magic items of about 1/2 he should, his wealth is all tied up in the largest selection of magical spellbooks on the entire plane. He also has a magical laboratory that has only few equals.


He takes tribute from the Queen of Mysantia in the form of gold and virgins, in return he shares a little of his vast spell selection.The dragon maintains connections to several slavers to also provide food in exchange for magical scrolls

He is the bitterest of foes with the unicorns and their pegasus allies.He is the frequent recipient of visits from treasure seekers.

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