From 30 Hammers No. 28:

Full Item Description

This set of lightweight hammers are fashioned to be used by female warriors in battle, with a spell of quick movement ensorceled into the weapon. As the name suggests, each of the two hammer heads are fashioned into the shape of a lotus flower, hinting distinctly of Eastern carftsmanship. It is perfectly balanced and is evidently crafted by a master of the trade.

To some, it might appear that the hammer is surrounded by a certain distinct aura. To the vast majority, it is only a well crafted hammer with a mild enchantment.


Rumored to be crafted by a female smith, name unknown. Current whereabouts unknown.

The real history of this weapon will be forever a lost tale. However, one can at least trace its origin back to the Dragon Empire, even though the different obscure scrolls that mention this weapon in passing provide widely conflicting information on its history.

An excerpt from a scroll on the origin of Soul Craft:

In the Lu dynasty, there was a house of master smiths which is rumored to be descended from Liang Chu, the man who forged the great sword that the First Emperor, Hwang Ti, used to slay the great water serpent that was responsible for the Great Flood. As with any household that has a long history with a particular trade, every member of this household worked together at the forge, with the men being master smiths and the womenfolk helping out with some of the more menial but physically non-exerting tasks. It is in such an environment that a remarkable woman grew up, the rumored founder of what come to be known as Soul Craft.

Like other womenfolk in her household, this woman routinely helps out at the forge except where the others do so out of family duty, she is drawn heart and soul to the craft. Yet, like the women of her era, she is resigned with the expected role of females in society and does not dare speak of her dream of taking up the family craft rather than waiting to be married off to a family of similar caste to her own. Secretly, however, she observes her father and brothers at work and practices her smithing skills at the forge in the dead of night when her families are asleep, all the while waiting for and dreading the day when she will be married off.

Fate, however, intervened on her behalf. Through an undetailed event which left her household bereft of all the menfolk, she found the opportunity to take up the family craft. With the full support of the rest of her family, she masqueraded herself as a nephew of his father- the alternative to this would be for the whole family to starve or selling some of the daughters into a brothel so the rest can survive. Thus she became the master of the forge and in time expanded the fame and prosperity of her household to even greater heights than the days of her father. Her forge becomes the largest in the Dragon Empire and is renowned throughout, with youths from everywhere coming in the hopes of gaining an apprenticeship with her. So her story might have ended with her real identify never known to any one but her own family. However, as a master craftsman, her desire to reach the 'perfect state' in her craft is so insatiable that soon she feels herself increasingly frustrated with her own inability to progress her craft further.

In the later years of her life, she often worked in the forge for an extended period of time without food and sleep, attempting to create the weapon of perfection. This continued for quite a number of years. One day, it was recorded, her apprentices suddenly heard such a loud exclamation of joy that they all stopped in the track of the normal bustle of activity to see her standing triumphantly, holding in her hands a pair of hammers. Then, to the shock of all of them, this remarkable woman collapsed. Her spirit, in departure, showed her true feminine form and with the most serene satisfying smile on her face, fled to the afterlife. The apprentices gazed upon the hammers in awe and all, with certainty, felt the essence of their mistress within them. This pair of remarkable hammers was put in a place of honor in the forge and remained so for many generations. Unfortunately, the Lu Dynasty soon ended, followed by a period of civil war, during which the forge was demolished and the pair of hammers disappeared.

It is believed that this pair of remarkable hammers is the first of the Soul Constructs created by a master craftswoman. Nowadays, there is no written record of what the pair of hammers really look like. However, given that the craftswoman is a devout follower of Buhhdaism and many of her work in later years also revolve Buhhdaism themes, it was speculated that these remarkable hammers might have a religious touch to them.

Note: Lotus is the holy flower in Buhhdaism

There are many other rumors concerning the weapon's origin. However, the sources are not as well documented as the excerpt above. For example, one source links the weapon to the era of the Empress, during which the Empress commissioned the creation of a series of weapons designed purely for female warriors, in preparation for the creation of a secret army from females loyal to herself. It quotes a diary of an enunch of the Imperial Palace of that era titled the Whisperings in the Imperial Palace but the original manuscript can never be traced. Then, there are various folklores contending that this pair of hammers are purely mythical constructs, representing symbols of various deities such as the female aspect of Yang Hu (the smithing God), Nan Fung (the God of Justice) and many others.

Magical Properties

Grants the user quick movement during battles. However, because it is crafted for females, the balance of the weapon will not suit average male warriors, resulting in a dexterity penalty in combat for any male characters wielding it. Technically, this means if a male mage character similar in physique to a female warrior is to wield this weapon, he can do so without the dexterity penalty.

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