Appearance and Mannerisms:

As other vultures, its living space are great plains and deserts and its food requirements are basically the same. While about three times the size of an ordinary vulture, its behaviour is not much different, though it has an easier time to scare away other vultures and predators.


Philosophy: being a corpse-eater gives you certain unique views on the world around you. The Great Vulture is a long-living lonely creature, with its keen sight seeing many moments of life and death. This gives it a unique sense of ecology, seeing the place of every creature, of her living and dieing, in the great drama of all living things: the Nature. While being a watcher of this grand drama, it is specially drawn to intelligent creatures, seeing many do not understand this and are afraid of their last moments. Knowing all beings have their Lows and Highs, it is but its fate to meet them in their Low moments, mostly the Last moments...

Roleplaying Notes:

The Great Vulture has but a special liking for intelligent beings. Not necessarily eating them, but talking to them. As it is shy and few people tolerate its presence, the only chance it gets for some good talk is when a person is alone and looks unthreatening.

On the plains and deserts, it happens from time to time that people loose their way, get injured, separated from companions, loose their water or even get tied on the sun in the wild (heavy crimes are punished so). In such moments you may encounter the Great Vulture. Being in such a situation and encountering a friendly vulture of too big proportions, AND a speaking one, can result in certain confusion about your state of mind.

So it has taken on a role of a 'guardian' of dieing ones, soothing their fear of coming death and making them company. It will try to keep of other predators if your fear of death is too big. It may grant you but a wish, killing you fast and painless, if your suffering takes too long... It doesn't kill intelligent beings otherwise.

The tribes living in the plains/deserts have many stories about the Vulture. Some say it is good, some say it is evil, some say it is cursed. Few would seek him(her?) willingly. There are but stories about people looking for their loved ones, helped by the Vulture. Sometimes they are found living, sometimes not. Shamen may know a way to contact it, to find the bodies of lost for proper burial.

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