You are presented with three doors. Each door is marked with a polished brass plaque. On each plaque is an engraved script. In the middle of the room is a simple stone plinth about waist height to a human and atop it a similarly carved stone box, about 18 inches to a side and about four inches deep. The box has no lid and inside it is full of pure white beach sand.

  1. Script 1: Riddle 1
  2. Script 2: Riddle 2
  3. Script 3: Riddle 3

There are many riddles to use, and you can make your own. Go HERE or HERE for some great riddlespiration.


If the players draw their answer in the box, they are able to open the door with the corresponding riddle. I have the players draw for real on scrap paper and if I feel it is suitable ( i am very lenient) then the door opens.


  1. Running your finger through the sand leaves a trail of silver light briefly. Hinting at the purpose.
  2. The picture must be drawn while facing the door in question so that it is 'the right way up'.
  3. Drawing the wrong thing summons a monster to fight.
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Bind the penalty to what is drawn. For example, if the players draw a troll because they think that is the answer, it penalizes them by summoning a troll. Or the players need to draw a tool that helps them get past the objective, and maybe draw a piece of rope or something. Like with genies, the illustration could be misinterpreted (intentionally?) by the DM for good effect. 'That's not a rope! That's a snake!'