1. The Ring of the Sea Witch

The Ring of the Sea Witch confers the power to breath underwater, the ability to Control Water as per the spell, and most importantly, confers the ability to create a magical geas or magically enforced contract between the wearer and another sentient being. The ring is a black steel band set with infernal aquamarine, known as veliru stone.

2. The Ring of the Black Dragon

An ornate and large gold ring resembling a sleeping dragon wrapped around the finger, the Ring of the Black Dragon has the ability to allow a Queen of Praxingdrell to assume the shape of a powerful black dragon. Queens in the past have used this power to swing the tide of battles, dominate feral dragons, and terrorize strongholds or guilds into submission. The ring allows the wearer the ability to speak with dragons, and if used as a magic booster, can maximize a polymorph self spell so long as the creature morphed into is draconic in nature.

3. Ring of the Dark Queen

Possibly one of the most important but least flashy of the royal rings, the Ring of the Dark Queen grants the wearer exceptionally long life, good health, and retains them as a vision of beauty. Removing the ring will cause the wearer to quickly age to show how they would actually look per their age. This is not immortality, and eventually the Queens become too old, and their power diminishes to where they can no longer command the volcanic Jokulsmorder, and even the dragons are less willing to serve. Some Queens abdicate, others arrange games where the winning witch has the opportunity to take the crown, if they are ruthless and worthy enough.

4. The Ring of Fealty

Similar to the Ring of the Sea Witch, the Ring of Fealty allows the wearer to make a binding spell between themselves and another party. This is specifically designed and enchanted to render household staff and servants completely and unquestioningly loyal to the Queen. To power the ring, the person who is to be made servile must kneel and kiss the ring. If the person kneeling and kissing the ring loses a contested charisma vs wisdom check they become magically bound to serve. Those who critically fail become zealots. It is possible to deliberately fail the check, and likewise, it can be resisted. After using the ring for years, most Queens will know when the charm hasnt worked.

5. The Ring of the Gypsies

Possibly one of the oldest and perhaps an original ring, the Ring of the Gypsies is a humble band of iron lacking ornamentation. The wearer is granted basic magic protection as per the spell Mage Armor, they also gain the ability to sense impending danger, and can add their charisma modifier to evasion and dodging in combat.

6. The Ring of the Mountain

The Ring of the Mountain is a magical wedding band that a Queen is only allowed to wear once she has tamed the Jokulsmorder volcano and has taken it as her husband, making her officially the Queen. This allows the Queen to draw on the ancient power of the volcano, and the be generally aware of its condition and when it needs to be vented, or banked down to keep the balance between fire and ice in Saerith, and keep the rivers from flooding and other volcanoes and fumaroles under control.

7. The Ring of the Giants

This ring doesnt transform the wearer into giant, rather it grants them the power to speak in the language of giants, and the ability to command them. While the least glamorous, the giants of Saerith are a commonly used and powerful tool in the arsenal of the Queens, and they are much more controllable than dragons, or the great volcano. If the wearer does use a polymorph self spell, the Ring of Giants will maximize the spell.

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