The Minotaurs... Maze-Lords... Adventurers of Mythic Proportions...

The Minotaurs are an elite group of maze-mastering adventurers. They see each dungeon, ruin, or catacomb as a new test. They specialize in navigating mazes with uncanny speed and precision.

Joining: To join The Minotaurs you must be an adventurer of note and survive the Maze of Trials. Depending on how fast your party completes the Maze of Trials you will be awarded a title. The titles can be anything related to Bulls or Minotaurs. Typically to be a simple Bull is an insult. But combined with interesting adjectives it can mean more. Someone who fails the test frequently may be known as the Man who wants to be Bull, or worse... B.S. But the higher titles include the word Minotaur or True Minotaur or Minotaur of Legend.

Benefits: Services available include guides, item repair, advice from senior members, and loans. All for a guild fee. But The Minotaurs are known for treating their members well.

History: Founded years ago by Reddy "The Bull" and his adventuring group "The Golden Minotaurs" back when the new world was young and Minotaurs were myths from the old world. Reddy is still recognized today as a grand adventurer and mighty warrior. To be called The Reddy Bull is the highest title the guild offers. Currently the Reddy Bull is Opilus Gack, a strong old man with a habit of 'speaking in mazes' or riddles.

Additional Information: The Minotaurs work closely with masons guilds, offering advice on hiding secret doors and planning solid structures in exchange for blue prints of the complex being built, just to file for later use.
The Minotaurs also maintain many mazes across the land to frequently test their members, it could be an entire campaign in itself just being a Minotaur.

The Minotaurs want to recruit the PCs after they successfully navigate a great maze.

The Minotaurs blue prints have been stolen and a heist is in the works, it's up to the PCs to get back the stolen blue prints and prevent any valuables from being stolen.

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