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The Luminary are a form of lonely light-emitting ghosts. They have a vaguely humanoid shape and are about four feet tall. They have no faces and dont seem to be able to see anything other than intelligent life, when first meeting a person they usually fly at them, through them, then circle around and do this a few times. It is ofen mistaken as an attack, but they mean no harm. They simply want a taste of life again

These beings are created when a particularly noble creature or beast suffers a tragic death. Its spirit shatters and several of these Luminaries could be born. They exist to remind us that even that even animals can imapact the world in a big way. Most Luminaries are born from Unicorns or similar beings of magic and goodness. But it is not unknown for a simple rabbit to shatter like this.

The Luminary do not speak, but they often will lead adventurers to the spot of their previous form's death or its killer.

Additional Information

The Luminary can detect the moral alignment of people they pass through, they often pass through those of questionable goodness a few times searching their souls for scraps of good they may have missed on the first pass.

Luminaries do not hurt anything, but when attacked they have the ability to render creatures and humanoids unconsious for long enough for The Luminary to flee. Most animals and beasts of limited intelligence will follow and protect these spirits, knowing that they are pure good.

It would be expectionally rare for a Luminary to enter a town or city because they much prefer the woods and hills that they once belonged to.

- The PCs encounter several of these Luminaries in a forest, if followed they lead to a mass grave of some good beast. It's up to the PCs to find out who/what, and why

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