If you are into the occult, you should also know the groups that are active in these shadowy parts of magic and reality, whether these are real or only rumors. One somewhat known group is the Cabal. Unlike other cults (if it is a cult), this sect seems to be rather benign, and actually offers useful services, for a price. Some experts mark them as occult freaks that do it only for the show and pretending, nothing more.

Layer one: Occult geeks
The Cabalists, when contacted, arrive in stylish heavy black robes, the capes partially concealing their face with fitting white make-up, and of course only around midnight. They demand respect and good conditions for their work. Their specialty (and reason why they are hired) is ritual magic: tracking people and objects, all sorts of minor divination. And they do it big style - chicken killed, blood spilled, circles inscribed on the floor! The only reason they are so tolerated is their surprising success at detective work. Pity those rituals often include human blood (fresh of course) or other painfully-gained ingredients, and the 'masters' themselves won't supply it... you want to know, you have to pay. In hard cash and often also otherwise.

Layer two: True Darkness (optional)
(See The Dhampiri, a new look on Vampires.)

Some of the Cabalists are actually Dhampiri - vampires, immortal creatures, that feed on the living. The rituals they use are innovative ways to transfer life force. The information and money they gain are an added bonus, as well as the irony of their apparent harmlessness and the safety coming from it. Thus is the Cabal supplied with life force, protection, and potential apprentices.

But they make sure a Cabalist is now and then seen in daylight... less suspicious that way.

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