The Bosques (boss-keys) have been living their quiet lives well south of the excitement of Ozea and Sangreal, even beyond the long arm of Dreifach, the provincial capital of the Satrap of Falhath. Named after the lazy and meandering Bosque River, they are a quiet agrarian folk. Most Imperial records list the Bosques as having settled the southern peninsula nearly 1400 years ago. For the most part the records indicate that they were political and religious dissidents who were upset by the excesses of the Old World.

They gained several charters and settled along the southern part of the region and settled into a number of loosely joined communes. When the Nightmare War washed across the country, almost none of it was felt in the Bosque region. There were no supplemental sorceries to fail, and no magical items to detonate from geomantic feedback. Life continued as it had for them, with hard work and the harvest.

The Bosques are firm believers in the evil of magic, and the corruption that it engenders in those who use and benefit from it. To that end, it is considered taboo to even talk about magic or say the word magic in polite company. Some more pious women might even swoon at the mention of the word, while the menfolk might become a little hostile. It was this lack of magic that engendered Baron Holmestead of Buzzard\'s Bay to invade the region. The Militias of the Bay were unprepared for the stoic discipline of the Bosques, and after six months, Holmestead was forced to retreat with heavy losses.

The average Bosque is human with no outside, non-human heritage. They tend towards medium to olive skin tones, dakr hair, and tend to have rather hairy arms and legs. Bosque women are vivacious and friendly, though as they age, they have problems with unpleasant facial hair. The term Old Goat applies to both men and women with this affliction.

Special Equipment
The Bosque are known for their abhorrence of magic, and when they find magic items they tend to find ways to eliminate them, or destroy them. Some adventurers have come to raid the secret loot of the Bosque Valley, but are sorely dissappointed when they find there is none. Most Bosque wares are of good quality, and Bosque steel is of excellent quality as the smiths refuse to cut corners or shave supplies to save on cost.

Roleplaying Notes
The Bosque temperament is generally a positive one. They spend their leisure time fishing the Bosque River, hunting for red deer, and drinking healthy amounts of wine. There is very little ale, or beer in the region.

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