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Blibs are nearly spherical creatures, growing up to eight feet in diameter, with a large mouth and protruding, frog-like, eyes at the top portion of its body. Their tough, pinkish skin is remarkably stretchy, allowing the creatures to swallow large quantities of air, inflating themselves like balloons. Though their bloated bodies may be filled with gas, larger blibs can be quite heavy. It is also important to note that a blib’s body is completely devoid of solid structures such as bone, allowing them to heal quickly from even the most grievous of wounds.
Blibs typically live in wide open plains, free from overhead obstructions like trees. There they bounce about, consuming flying insects. Many blibs seem to particularly like bumblebees. With each bounce, the blib will go a little higher until the blib seems to completely disappear into the sky. They have not actually disappeared, of course, and will come plummeting back toward earth soon. They do not continue to bounce indefinitely, every evening they allow themselves to come to rest in a pond of lake where they sleep, floating about like great melons, until morning.
Once every couple of years, all of the blibs congregate together to migrate in a huge bouncing herd, completely flattening any town that is in their way. No one is really sure why they move or how they decide where they move to, as it seems to be a different location every time. It could be that they exhaust their food supply in any one given area, or that it’s part of some mysterious mating ritual.
Additional Information
Lore has it that the blibs were initially created by an ancient wizard with a sense of humor and a need to protect his land from an impending locust swarm. Another tale claims that they were given as gifts and pets from a very wise mage to a very spoiled young king who was ruining the country. While playing with his pets, it is said, the boy-king was squashed flat and the mage took control of the throne.
There are many documented cases of blibs being used as weapons. Often a blib will be hunted down and punctured. Once deflated, the blib is stuffed into a bottle or jar with a sealed lid. Given enough time, the confined blib will heal and fill itself with as much gas as possible. Then the blib in a bottle may be hurled into a closed room, shattering the bottle. Finally free, the blib will bounce about with great abandon, almost assuredly assassinating anyone in the room. While it may not bother the assassin, a blib, faced with evidence that it has caused a death, will almost always fall into a deep depression, loosing all its desire to bounce or eat, and eventually die.

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