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The gem is a rectangular pyramid. The base is 2 inches in length and width. The point of the perimid is centered over the base, and rises 1 inch from the base. The base is smooth, clear and free of defects, while the pyramid is cloudy, as if sandblasted. Along the sides of the pyramid, dwarvish runes are inlaid with an optoelectric conductor (Gallium nitride). At the very top of the pyramid is a small rod of silver.

The runes spell out three different spells. There are no marks deliniating where one spell ends and the next begins. The spells progress from the top running left to right, spiraling to the base. The effects of the three spells, starting from the top are: Attract Lightning (wielder), Electrical immunity (wielder), and vertical force (wielder).

The gem is transparent, and has a light grey-blue hue. The flat base vaguely shows seens of storms. However, if the the gem is cupped by a persons hands, such that the base is exposed to light, while the pyramid is cupped in darkness. The images become much more vivid, and the holder can clearly make out the scene depicted in the image.


For a long time the Storm Gem (as the gem was once called) was just a curious dwarven oddity. It passed as a trinket through the hands of numerous Dwarven lords. But the forecasting of storms is of little practical use when you're a dwarven lord surrounded by the great stone walls of a mountain; so it was of no large importance when the gem was pilfered at night by a scheming dwarven rune master named Tolrus son of Glodo.

Tolrus had in mind a devilishly practical use for storm prediction. He wrote upon the gem three runes with Gallium Nitride mix. This mixture would allow power to flow in the runes only in certain conditions; Tolrus worked the mix to maximumize the effects for electrical storms, intense light and energy all at once - the kind that only a lightning bolt could provide. The semiconductor nature of the metal inlay permitted no effect otherwise; Tolrus' runes would only invoke with the application of a lightning bolt.

Using the gem's base, Tolrus could intercept storms. Whenever lightning struck the silver rod, it activated each of the runes. Granting Tolrus immunity to electricity, and launching him (slowly at first) into the air. With each successive lightning bolt, Tolrus rose higher and higher, attracting more and more lightning. By means of his hand covering the silver rod, Tolrus could control the rate of bolts, and ascend or descend in a haphazard manner. By angling his body, Tolrus had some control over his orientation.

It is unknown what happened to Tolrus, but the most popular legend is that he flew to high one day, and his frozen hands were unable to mainting grip in the cold wet storm. The stone and Tolrus fell to the earth. The stone was then recovered by parties unknown.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The base of the gem is clear, and always shows clearly the nearest storm.

The pyramid is inlaid with runes that can allow a person to attain flight. This is mixture of alchemy and magic. When lightning hits the silver lightning rod, the holder of them gem is granted immunity to lightning and pulled upwards into the air. Meanwhile the gem attracts even more lightning. By covering the rod and letting less power in, a person can safely descend.

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