Vital Statistics

Name: Damien Marcus Snow
Age: 29
Height: 6'4'
Weight: 240 Ibs
Hair: Blonde
Style: Crew cut
Facial Hair: Clean shaven


Parents: Mother; Anna Hawkins. Father; Gerald Snow.
Siblings: None, Raised as only child.
Work: Mother; Waitress. Father; Royal Navy (Air Defence Gunner)
Class: Middle, respected.
Relationship: Casual, Spends a lot of time with father. Would do anything for mother.


Employer: British Army
Rank: Specialist
Joined At: Age 18, straight after College. The armed forces were a clear choice.
Left At: Age 26.
Reason for leaving: Father's murder, deeply shattered Damien inside. Now doing everything he can to find out who killed him and why. Whether or not he will exact revenge is yet unclear.


Primary Motivators: Liberation, Discovery. (Father's death)

Emotional Disposition: Curious, Melancholy.

Mood: Even-tempered.

Outlook: Pessimistic.

Integrity: Conscientious.

Impulsiveness: Controlled.

Boldness: Intrepid.

Affinity: Mostly warm, may vary depending on hostility.

Interactivity: Engaging.

Disclosure: Disclosing. Will only keep the most personal things to himself, i.e. Father's murder.

Conformity: Normal, adheres to most cultural and societel norms.

Secondary Traits

Sense of Humour: Cynical, Enjoys Pranks.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Religeon: Atheist

Habits: Eavesdropping, Foot-tapping, Knuckle-cracking, Cleaning sidearm.

Hobbies: Working out at the gym, Metalsmithing, Krav Maga, Shooting at the range, Camping, Hiking.

Topics of Conversation: Politics, Profession, Entertainment, Current Events.

Mental Disorder(s): None.

Extra Information

Education: College, A-levels in History, Politics, Sport.

Car: Mercades G-Class.

Home: Bungalow in the countryside. South-west England.

Clothing: Dark Levi's, T-Shirt with Che Guevara logo, Sand-coloured hoody with army unit logo, Converse trainers.

Weapons: Colt 1911. (Belonged to father, no unique markings)
Bound duties
Only the one; to find out who murdered his father. Why they committed this atrocious act. So that his father may rest in peace, knowing that those who sought to end his life have been erased.

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