If one is able to percieve Spark at all, he will appear as a sphere of translucent, ever-changuing colors, surrounded by a sound that resembles the chatter of a hundred people, played fast forward.


After stopping to wonder at their existence, the gods went to creating the world, first but a rock ball, then adding the detail, and spark watched. He lacked the force to create, but not the drive, and so settled to observing, but became bored after a very brief while. Thus, he approached the Lord of Earth, and had to smirk, for HE surely could make better he politely approached Goom-Duhur, and spoke 'o great and all-powerful, let me aid you and learn from your wisdom while I do' and Goom-Duhur was flattered, and lent Spark a little piece of power, and Spark started playing. Why make mountains look like pyramids when they can be loops, needles, broken by gorges or have multiple summits? Why keep the lava in the core of the world when it can come up bubbling? Why keep the rocks down below when they can drop from the skies?
Goom-Duhur was too conservative, and chased Spark away, but left his creations in place.
So, Spark went to Ahrr-Shizza, the Lady of Flames, and said: 'your beauty is unmatched, and so is the beauty of your creations. Let me learn of beauty, I beg thee!' and she was flattered and gave him a tiny bit of creation, and Spark played. Since then, flames crackle and cackle, and one can hear their songs if one listens carefully. Since there is fire in the ezes of cats, and people's hearts, and the moon is ablaye in the midst of night. Spark made thosands of dances for the flames to dance, and the flames were overjoyed. But Ahrr-Shizza was jealous and banished Spark.
So, Spark went to Lyamee, the Lady of Seas, and said: 'I was sorely hurt, so, let me rest in safety by your side, and help you in turn' and Lyamee showed mercy, and let Spark help. And he glady did - the dolphins are his children, the gurgle of a mountain stream and the leap of a salmon. In the hum of the sea one can hear his little voice, while the sun's reflection upon the surface of water is just his radiant smile.
But Lyamee came to the conclusion that Spark had brought too much chaos into her works, and sent him away.
While low in spirit, Spark was approached by Shamree, the Trickster, Lord of the Winds, who said: 'Hey fellow, why the sad face? Come, let us mess with creation!' And Spark agreed, overjoyed. He helped to make the lightning's leap, the swallow's flight, the whistle of winds, gossamer bright. He filed at Goom-Duhur's mountains, whipped up Ahrr-Shizza's flames and tickled the seas until they had to laugh, and the ripples became waves.
Then Shamree came, and Spark thought that again, he would be sent away, but that was not the case. The Trickster said: 'Look below you, the latest works, the Man and Beasts, and Elves and Orks. Teach them to do what you do best!' And Spark merrily danced down into the realm of mortals, where he did what he liked best - helping create.

Entering a mortal's mind, he would help ideas surface, help them mature, and strengthen the drive to make them real. Whether windmill, blade or song, he was there, he helped along. While not responsible for all, even not for the most creations, he was present at the birth of many a wondrous thing, like the Floating tower of Mguru, which is built ten feet above ground, because it is painted in a color Goom-Duhur cannot see and thus he cannot drag the fort down back to earth; the religion of Mikani, which states that to achieve perfection, one must have been everything is his lifes, and so the true mystics try to be stones or birds, knowing that over the incarnations, they will have been everything one day... or the 'Captain Bitch' song, which seems to be the loudest and most rowdy tune around.

And Spark enjoys it immensely...he will seek a promising soul and aid him - in the company of Spark, though the little fellow goes unnoticed most of the time, one does not need sleep, nor food nor drink, one has just to give birth to the latest child of mind. Quite a few artists have died of exhaustion due to a looooong visit.

It is possible to call Spark, but very few know of this. Most of the time, he will come and go as he pleases.

Plot hooks?
- A girl to be married, but of no little artistic talent, is possessed by Spark, and cares little about her love, the upcoming marriage or just about anything else except her painting. The PCs must find and bring a better artist as to lure Spark away.
- A PCs is host to Spark, on his way towards a great task, like felling the evil overlord. Is the PC willing to risk dying for the boons Spark grants?
- Spark approaches the PCs to make them apprentices
- Spark asks the PCs to help a promising youth who has so little self-esteem that not even Spark can help to raise his spirits so that Spark can take over.

Roleplaying Notes:

Spark is enthusiastic, but chaotic. He does not exactly want to hurt anybody, but if than new weapon's design is just too cool, he will see it complete. For a while, he might aid a girl who fled from home in finding a place in life, them he might accompany a young dragon learning to breathe fire... there is no place Spark cannot go.

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