Appearance: Frederick Herman Welker is obvious Teutonic blood with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and large frame. Having been born and raised among the military minded aristocracy of Prussia, he is lean and athletic, accustomed to waking early for exercise before breakfast or showering. Many remark that he is much like a blank, his face, though lean and handsome is somehow vacant. Many people tend to think that this is because Frederick is lacking in intelligence or wit. The eyes should sparkle, and there should be a devil's smirk. So, most think him a moon calf of the aristocracy, blood lines coming too close together and producing a want-wit. This is a false impression, after many years of military training and religious instruction, Frederick is a paragon of emotion and self control. Real men do not shed tears or show weakness even if a cannon ball has taken off their legs. They do not display base and common emotions in front of commoners, unless that emotion is indignation or rage during battle. A proper Prussian officer and gentleman doesn't wear his heart on display, like some cheap street harlot weeping for her disease infested offspring.

Frederick favors the colors white and pale blue, when he isn't in a field or dress uniform. In casual or formal attire, he is seldom without a dagger, brace or pistols, or his sword. But the respect carried by the Prussian Officer Corps is such that none would even think of questioning the integrity of said officer. He favors long coats, excellently tailored shirts of the best quality, and is never seen without his Jerusalem Medallion, crucifix, and at least one book in his possesion. Frederick's demeanor is stoic, and he by far prefers the company of either professional military, or aristocrats. Both respect order, discipline, and decorum. Commoner rabble are swine wallowing in chaos, reckless self indulgent depravity, and lack grace or manners. It is a great wonder that the church extolls the virtue of the common man.

Background: The Welker family comes from centuries of middling Prussian nobility, being landholders of a moderate amount of value. The family has been a staunch supporter of the Church for generations, providing sons to the Holy Orders, the Monastic orders, and serving out the Justice of the Holy See of Saint Peter. Frederick was the eldest son, and as such was destined to take of the position of patriach of the Welker family. He served as a page for the Court of Frederick II, delivering messages and working as a valet to the Royal family. Once old enough to be trained in martial arts, Frederick was transfered to serve as a squire to a number of Prussian Margraves and Counts who were afield. His time spent at home was brief, as campaigns lasted months, and training and drilling even more. He became the ideal Prussian as a result. Once he was old enough to join the military proper, he became a Captain of the Lance, leading cavalry units in battle.

This was when he drew the attention of the Neo-Templar for his piety. He was approached, and after a period of private tutelage, trials, and initiations, he fully joined the Order of the Restored Temple. The organization, originally started as an old boys secret social club became something much more substancial after discovering true Christian mysteries and thaumaturgical rites. The young man raised to order and discipline had little difficulty with the concentration required of the ancient and holy magics. He acquitted himself as a competent, if not imaginative, worker of miracles. This combined with his prowess in combat and military experience made him a natural leader, and explorer of a mysterious and often dark world.

Special Equipment: Frederick Herman Welker, Knight of the Restored Order of the Temple, is a man who seldom needs more than his hands and his wits to deal with most situations. He affects a Medallion of Jerusalem, a token from his Pilgrimage to the Rebuilt Temple of Solomon, as well as a plain wooden crucifix. Neither of these items are magical, but both are potent tools for focusing divine magic. Frederick also bears a true Templar sword, once having belonged to Ruprecht Dilber. The sword has been on several crusades, and has been used to slay unholy abominations such as vampires and corpses animated by foul magics. Welker also has access to a variety of religious texts, ranging from rare Bibles to more esoteric works dealing with defeating evil, and the forces of darkness. Many of these books are fallacious and skewed by often narrow mindedness. Should Frederick be with the military, he will have more substancial weapons available to him, as well as a proper warhorse.

Roleplaying Notes: As a bearer of Prussian Nobility, the Esprit de Corps of the grand Prussian Army, and a sacred defender of the Restored Temple of Solomon, Frederick is a person of great dignity and importance, despite his youth. Other people are inferior, they are untested, weak willed, easily distracted, and unable to handle themselves in even common situations. The world is full of mysteries to be explosed as frauds, or condomned to Hell with Holy Might and mundane steel if they are true. The Restored Order of the Temple is still searching the world for lost and forgotten relics, manuscripts of importance, and for people blessed by the Holy Spirit. Be worthy.

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