Author's Notes: I don't care if you want to adapt this for your games but don't use the same character names in this sub. I'm working towards indie publishing this current novel series that I'm working on and I don't want to run into plagiarism accusations. 


Sin is 16 and very ordinary looking- medium height and weight, neither beautiful nor ugly. She appears rather subdued but at the same time holds herself with grace. She seldom smiles but when she does, her smile imparts warmth.

In the eyes of a random woman within Sin’s clan:

The general consensus among these clan women is that Sin has little to commend herself in terms of being a wife other than the fact that she is daughter to the clan leader. They think that Sin sets her sights rather above her calling in life and even though she is still competent in many of the tasks central to running a family, this tendency prevents her from excelling at them. Not to mention that they doubt Sin would take second position to her future husband-to-be or mother-in-law.

In the eyes of members of her forage party:

Sin is a capable leader and if truth be told, they were all a little afraid of her. Well, maybe afraid is not quite the right word. But she is odd, not like them at all and not like their mothers either. They had all been warned to stay away from Sin by their mothers and actually they needn’t have been bothered at all. Sin had never wanted to be associated with them at all, not even when they were little.

In the eyes of her father:

Yin doesn’t quite know what to do about her daughter Sin. He knew that she, in her own way, resists him (had been resisting him ever since her mother passed away), even though she is a dutiful daughter and takes care of all the house chores. Then again, he doesn’t have much time to deal with his daughters’ problems, given all the clan businesses that he needs to take care of on a daily basis. If only he has more time…

In the eyes of Dip, her younger sister:

Dip loves her big sister Sin, just as Sin clearly loves her. Sin not only cares for her on a day-to-day basis but actually appeases her little whims, which more than what her other friends get. She is so lucky to have Sin as her big sister.

In the eyes of Lum, her cousin:

When did my feelings towards Sin change? I don’t really know myself. For the longest time, I just thought of her as a younger sister and then… I found myself staying awake at night thinking of her smile. She doesn’t just smile for anyone but she does for me. And whenever she smiles, I feel warm all over… I feel complete like I don’t normally do. But do I deserve her?

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