The scroll is written as a continuous string of characters without separation, indentation or punctuation. All the letters are written in beautiful, flowing calligraphy. When a reader sits down to read the letters will seem to swirl before the readers eyes, switching places and changing form.

Successfully reading the scroll requires a successful test against intelligence. For purposes of succeeding the test the intelligence score should be penalized somewhat to reflect how hard it is to read. 

An alternative method for reading the scroll is to use a suitable spell.

The First Prophecy is the tale of Amaroth the Unclean and how he was able to foresee the reactions in those he communicated with. "Amaroth's Silver Tongue". +2 communication, persuasion checks gets 2 dice rolls, choose the one you like. Cost: 3 Mana.

This spell is not cast, but rather magical words area woven into the communication. It goes something like this:
"I believe 4 gold is far too much for this item! Shishnack! I'd like to pay Azmurck 1 gold instead!"

The Second Prophecy is the tale of Hildring and his struggles against the Illusionist Fedron Amazar. The Vision of Hildring gives you the ability to see through all illusions. Cost: 3 Mana.

This spell is cast like a normal spell.

The Third Prophecy is the tale of Morte and how he talked with his dead mother to guide him through life. The Speech of Morte gives you the ability to speak with the dead. Cost: 3 Mana.

This spell is cast as a ritual, wherein the caster mourns the passing of the dead and meets the deceased in a spiritual session. Using an Ouija board will boost the effectiveness of the spell.

The Fourth Prophecy is the story of Yandalaymon, the Unbeaten lord of Satheros. The Strategy of Yandalaymon gives you the ability to influence the god of luck for 10 rounds. By paying 5 gold coin and 5 mana, the God of Luck can be persuaded to grant another chance (a new dice roll). The spell cost 1 Mana to activate, plus 5 mana (and gold) per new chance.  

This spell is cast as a quick prayer to the God of Luck. He will expect you to be dropping 5 gold coins to the floor afterward. (the coins disappear as they hit the ground).

If the player does not pay, there will be repercussions.

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