In a modest home on Rose Street, there lives an elderly man with his children, Sir Thuros and Lotta. A grandfather clock dominates the ground floor, its constant tick-tocking filling the room. Often you can find three portions of porridge on the table there; a large portion for Filiwithan, a medium-sized portion for Sir Thuros and a small one for Lotta. Upstairs you'll find two bedrooms. In the master bedroom, Filiwithan conducts his studies, his tentacled visage bent over books, wax-candles flickering in the night. Soul magic is his domain, and it is little he does not know, at least on that particular subject. In the small bedroom, the cradle rocks ever so slightly. In it lies Lotta, the youngest child of Filiwithan. She is tucked under a thick comforter, and only her black hair can be seen. Beside her is a small cabinet and on that sits a brown, stuffed teddy bear with a wooden sword on his lap. From outside the door whispering voices, like that of children, can be heard. Should anyone enter the comforter in the cradle will roll up, as if by itself, and stiff, doll-like movements will reveal Lotta, the porcelain doll. Meanwhile, Sir Thuros, the knightly teddy bear, will pick up his wooden sword and challenge intruders into his realm.
The cabinet is filled with wooden toy cars, pee blankets, and a children's drawing book with magic spells written within through the use of crayons and children's scramblings.

Concerning Filiwithan, Sir Thuros and Lotta
Sir Thuros and Lotta are soul containers for children rescued from near-death within the orphanage. Within their frail frame; small, beating hearts. Both children love Filiwithan dearly, yet Sir Thuros would love to go adventuring. If the players were to somehow convince him to come along, he will quickly find a favorite among them, and will provide a source of mana (or spells, should the system not support mana).

Filiwithan lives in hiding, disguising his appearance with illusions, but not while he is inside his home. He is an old man, entranced by his research and only interrupts it to eat and play with the young ones. Sir Thuros is excitable and energetic, while Lotta is young, innocent and has not yet mastered how to speak.

The Orphanage
The old mage rescued the kids over 15 years ago when he walked in on the abusive caretaker of the orphanage across the street, who killed kids in his care and stole their property. The orphanage is still haunted by his ghost, who is trapped in a silver mirror in the downstairs dining room. However, he will not make his presence known, except if Sir Thuros or Lotta is present, or if someone tries to exit the orphanage.
The Caretaker can be killed but will return to the silver mirror and re-appear 10 minutes later. Trying to exit the orphanage will be hard, as the building itself is haunted.

Hidden among the old furniture in the Caretaker's bedroom they can find his whip. That very whip will make the ghost double in strength until the whip is destroyed, upon which the silver mirror downstairs will break and the ghost can finally be killed.

Hidden in the attic upstairs are the 14 skeletal remains of the victims of the Caretaker, including the remains of Sir Thuros and Lotta. By their side is the rusted remains of the knife Filiwithan used to cut open their chests to retrieve their juvenile hearts from their dying bodies.

In the window frame of the single window in the attic is a wax-candle that never goes out. Only the presence of the whip can extinguish it, but the light will reappear once the whip is removed. Much like Sir Thuros, this candle is a source of magical energies.
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