The Prankster Plant looks like a small leafy fern. The only unusual aspect is that at the end of it's stems there are leaves shaped like hands.


No one really knows where the Prankster Plant came from but all indications point to a magical experiment gone wrong.

Roleplaying Notes:

The plant is imbued with a high intelligence and wicked sense of humor. It's able to uproot itself and move about on it's strong stems like a spider. Usually waiting for travelers to bed down for the night, the plant will then spend the next few hours stealing items (everything from gold to shoestrings) and framing other party members for it, getting into map cases and adding a few wrong turns, lossing straps on saddles and pouches, and just generally causing all sorts of mischief. It's incredibly hard to detect the Prankster Plant as it can move silently through the camp and let's face it, no one on watch is gonna suspect that small fern near the wagon of any wrong doing.

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