Full Item Description
The insides of the net's mesh are smeared with the paste by Powi warriors wearing crude gloves of dried lizard hide. Absorbed by the texture of the jude fibre,it turns the fibre the color of its murky brown.

When the net is hurled at a foe,the paste present in its mesh reacts with the sweat of the foe's skin and immediately turns into a sticky, cloying substance as thick as concrete. Within moments, the netted foe is bound by thick coils of solidified Ahal paste.

The Powi usually use the fighting net to trap and ensnare ferocious Black Cats, fearsome large felines that are often hunted for their prized ebony coats. Using the net to ensnare them allows the hunters to remain out of range of it's rending claws. Neverthless, the net has also proven to be a potent weapon against soldiers armed with steel weapons who underestimate the threat posed to them by this humble net,only to find themselves unable to slash their way out moments after it falls over them.

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