The Peresallapides Stones are an enigma to every single wizard, priest, scholar, and adventurer who has ever had the pleasure and/or displeasure of discovering one of them. It is unknown truly how many of these ancient stones there are in existence, but a few things are certain. For one, they are small, easily fitting within a human's palm. Second, they are covered almost entirely with eldritch and alien runes that no known entity has ever been able to decipher. Lastly, upon simply holding one, the user and the stone vanish entirely from their reality, reappearing in another one, and likely an utterly alien one. The stone is also, while not destroyed, rendered useless upon jumping to this random reality, and more than likely trapping the user there unless it so happens that these stones exist in other realities. Even then, one would still have to locate them all over again. The information known about these stones was provided by someone from another reality who discovered one of them and was transported into our reality as we know it. How the stones were created, or who created them is utterly unknown to us, but some speculate that they may be connected in some way to the Elder Gods that exist between the fabrics of all realities, but there is little evidence to back this claim. While the exact number of realities is unknown, scholars can speculate what some may consist of. Some say that there is a reality where the sentient races are in fact large insects, specifically types like praying mantises, stag beetles, and wasps. There are others who say that one reality is a dark, barren, and ravaged wasteland where the air is always foul, the water is fresh blood, and the dim red moon shines down upon the shadowy spirit-like humanoids dragging their chains as marks of their enslavement upon the crying earth. Others still debate over the possibility of a 'Meta-Reality', where every other reality is created. Those who support this concept hypothesize that if one were to access this 'Meta-Reality', they could effectively become the creation god of a new reality entirely of their own creation. They say that a few minutes in the 'Meta-Reality' could be hundreds or even thousands of years in the new reality.

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