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These massive and slow moving creatures are powerful hunters in the Ocadian Desert. They are one with the desert, taking on the same sick ochre hue as the soil. Truly they are massive, between the size of a Great White and Whale Shark. Their nose is pointed and their bodies are tapered and fairly flat. The nose radiates a magic which temporaily breaks up the soil and stone. This magic allows the beasts to slowly lumber through the ground (its top speed is equal to a brisk walking pace). It attacks from suprise, breaching out of the soil to snatch prey. Some claim that you can feel a rumble or feel the flow of magic before it strikes. Neither claim can be verified.

OchreMaws hunt by hearing and touch. They can hear and feel the dropping of a pebble hundreds of yards away. The vibration of walking can bring an OchreMaw from miles away... slowly sliding forward to eventually capture its prey.

Their bite is fearsome. It can cut a yak in half. No beast known has been known to stand up to its three foot wide bite. (Though no dragon has ever been in the Ochre Desert.) Their jaws have eight rows of jagged teeth. The Teeth are used by The Ocadians as knives.

Additional Information
If you need to know how they act, think SHARK. What you don't know them? Well watch more Animal Planet/ cable nature television! If not, google the words Shark Behavior. That is how they behave. These things eat food on the surface, so they might breach or jump to get their food. Other than that, think aquatic shark.

When in doubt about somethings behavior, always think about how the analagous "real world animal" lives and works. That is the animal that the fantasy one is patterened after. So everything not contrary to the real animal's behavior or does not need special note, will default to the real world creatures. It is a Shark, except it lives in the Ocadian Desert. These sharks tend to eat things on the surface.

OchreMaws will rest or sleep at the surface, their fins all that will be showing. It is good for everyone and thing that they rest most of the time.

If you are being trailed slowly by a OchreMaw and it turns away, there is a Ocadian PitFiend nearby.

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