Dark, empty, silence and void. That's what the world is before creation. But The Creator, He already does exist. Unknown, mysterious and wrathful, and from His own essence, He created The Three Orbs. Darkness (Farbadridfiv), Light (Diro) and World (Lialo). It was the perfect balance. From these orbs He created his creations. From the Darkness Orb, He created Felenthur the First Dark and then He created Impthus the First Spark. Finally, He crafted Noremdar from the pieces, Orb Lial. The world where the rest of His creations will dwell. Trees grow, stretching upwards reaching out for the sky. The ground shattered and stand to form the mountains and rivers flow far beyond reaching out for the seas. Lands divided, stretched widely from east to west, from north to south, until the lands divided into continents, and lastly, He filled the sky with air.

Again, from the pieces of the Orb Lialo, The Creator created the mortals. As soon as they're completed, The Creator laid the mortals down across The Great Hall. Felenthur and Impthus were fascinated. Intrigued by the new creation of their almighty master, the two brothers rushed to meet the sleeping mortals. 'Why are they not moving, dear father?' patiently, Impthus asked. 'I have not given them life' said their almighty master. 'When the time comes, they shall awake in their own land' He adds. And then, out of nowhere, The Creator asked the two brothers 'Amongst these mortals, which one the both of you favored?' Felenthur stepped forward and points towards the Oro (Orcs), Drelnov (Goblin) and Orndo (Ogre) 'I sense that they are stronger, father' he stated. 'Which one do you favor the best, Impthus?' Felenthur asked and stares at Impthus. With open hearted, Impthus humbly replied 'I favor all of your creation, dear father. I favored them all' then he pointed at the Aen (Elf) and the Dwarna (Dwarf) and continued 'But I favored these two the most. The elves will be decorated and the dwarves will be the brave and a hard-working creation'

Driven by doubts, the two brothers asked their almighty master 'Dear father, which one of your creation you favored the most?'. 'I love all of my creation equally and I do not favor any of you' firmly The Creator stated. And then, He pointed towards one of the mortals 'But this one, shows promise, and therefore I shall favor this one'. Confused, Felenthur arrogantly asked The Creator 'Why do you favor this creature?'. 'Because they are Cianniv. A human. And I know, apart from you two, they will stand on top of the rest' The Creator clarify. Does not satisfied with The Creator's clarification, Felenthur rebelliously questioning The Creator 'Why must you favor a mortal, that obviously cannot withstand the rest of these mortals? They live short, and therefore they cannot rule kingdoms!'. 'Then it will be far more better' The Creator said. Demanded to know, Impthus politely asked The Creator 'Dear father, why is it better for a mortal that live a shorter life?'. 'When they know they'll live a shorter life compare to the rest. They will worship and ask for my guidance and protection. When they know they cannot rule kingdoms, they will stay humble and will never be as greed as the rest of the mortals. Yes, they are weak. But they have a strong will' The Creator explains. Feeling awry, Impthus bow as low as he could possibly be and ask for The Creator's forgiveness. However, Felenthur holds his ground and refuses to apologize. 'I shall not favor the humans! They are not powerful as the Orcs. They are not creative as the Goblins. They are not mighty as the Ogres! I shall not favor such weakness!' Felenthur arrogantly stating his mind. Furious by his own creation, The Creator cursed the three mortals, turning the galant, masculine, battle ready Orcs into hideous beast-like creature. The once creative goblin turns stupid, shorter and skinny while the gigantic hard-working Ogres turns dumb, slower and lazy. 'You refuse to be equal with all of my creation, therefore I shall took all the ability of your favored mortals!'.

Felenthur felt, he was betrayed by his own creator. Blinded with anger and fury, Felenthur unsheathe his flaming blade and charges towards The Creator in an attempt to slay Him. But Impthus quickly stands against him, blocking his sword with his illuminated halberd. 'This is wrong, brother, you should ask for His forgiveness!' said Impthus. Ignoring Impthus' advice, Felenthur pushes Impthus and blasted him with his blazing ball of fire. Weakened, Impthus lose balance and fell to the ground. Felenthur charges forward to strike down The Creator, but to his dismay, he is nothing compared to The Creator. With just a word, from Him, Felenthur's massive blazing wing failed him. He fell hard to the ground. 'I gave you wings greater than your brother's, blade sharper than your brother's, chances to speak, a freedom to roam in my palace. And yet, here you are, betraying me! I shall never tolerate to those who defy me! I shall banish you, alongside your favored mortals! You are forbidden to come back!'. Knowing that he cannot win the battle against, The Creator, Felenthur snatched the Darkness Orbs and ran away with it, alongside the lifeless Orcs, Goblins and Ogres.

Wounded badly in an attempt to protect his creator, Impthus plead to The Creator 'Please forgive me. I am weak compared to my own brother, I should've stopped him from taking the Darkness Orbs'. With the mercy of his almighty master, Impthus was healed. His wound quickly heals, his crippled arms now forge with light. 'You have shown your loyalty. You fought and stands your ground for me'. Fully healed, Impthus got back on his feet. Now with wings made out of light. 'War will be waged. You shall be the protector of the remaining mortals. Be equal to them, help them when they're in need. From now on, I shall rest, and I shall be guiding them, through you. You will hold the remaining orbs'. In a blink of an eye, The Creator fades and the door of His palace slowly closed behind Impthus. As commanded, Impthus decent to Noremdar alongside with the lifeless Elves, Dwarves and Humans. With the speed of light, Impthus travels to the middleland of Noremdar. There, he puts the lifeless Elves, and with the willing of The Creator, the Elves were given life. The Elves then spread from the the east and west of the middleland. Stretching from Valniya (located nearly on the eastern barrier of the middleland) to Alsantiya (located on the west barrier of the middleland). And far to the northern part of Noremdar, is where the Dwarves were given life, and lastly, Impthus puts down the lifeless humans. 'My creator have spoken about you humans. You shall stand above all. You shall spread across Noremdar'. With The Creator's willing, The Humans were given life. Where they roam Noremdar and spread their kingdoms.


Orcs is one of the first mortal created by The Creator. Made from the very essence of fire, darkness and dust, the Orcs are big and a powerful individuals. The Creator created the Orcs to be a battle-hardened warriors where the rest of the mortals could learn from them. However, because of Felenthur's treachery, The Creator had cursed the Orcs to be a heartless killing machine-beast. The Orcs are known for their heavy armor and heavy blunt weapons.

Felenthur's version of Orcs were known as Giren. A hybrid of demon and orcish blood. With the power of the Darkness Orb, Felenthur managed to create the finest armies of brutal warriors.

First wave of the Orcish horde that invaded Noremdar through the gates of hell were located to the western part of the middleland. Where they forge and build their first demonic citadel, The Heart of the Demons, Mriulnarth.

'You can take out any of your enemies with one to two swings. But not an Orc' - Paxus


In order to have a balance in Noremdar, The Creator created, the creative Goblins and the hard-working Dwarves together. The Goblins will work to invent new things, and the Dwarves shall use their expertise in digging minerals. These two mortals were created to work together as a team. Through the vision of The Creator, Noremdar will be decorated with inventions of the Goblins. However, Felenthur's betrayal has led the Goblins turned stupid and skinny.

Goblins plays a major part in Felenthur's army. They act as a scout, due to their light weight and fast movement speed. However they don't do well when it comes to fighting. But, a swarm of these little troublemakers, would be a big problem for an individual.

'The Goblins shall invent machine and brew medicines for their fellow kinsmen and their ally' - Book of Pen, Words of The Creator, pg 671


Right after the creation of the Orcs, The Creator created the Ogres. Gigantic, strong and a hard-working laborer. The Creator visioned them to build massive monuments for Him. The monuments will then be the place, for the rest of the mortals to worship Him. But this vision were ruined and destroyed by the treacherous Felenthur.

Felenthur took the Ogres to be his wall destroyers and a wrecker to break his enemy's formation. Apart from that, Felenthur uses the Ogres as a laborer to build his demonic citadels and fortification across Noremdar.

Felenthur uses the power of the Darkness Orb to create an even better Ogres. Due to his endless effort, Felenthur managed to create Orugbarg a four-armed ogre hybrid and Zargh smart and a fully armored ogre hybrid.

'They shall be my mobile wall. They shall be my moving hammer. And they shall destroy for me' - Felenthur


Created to be the prettiest amongst the mortals, the Elves possess the ability to heal and to treat their ally with the finest hospitality they could offer. They're also skilled in making weapons, such as bows, swords and polearms and they are very good at it. Each elven trained to be a swift fighter. A soldier or not, military training is a must for every elven.

Apart from their decent weapons and battle skills, the elves are also highly intelligent. Their military are well organized and well strategized. Elves consists of more than one faction, but all of them work together as one, except for the dark elves.

  1. High Elves : Considered to be the most advanced of them all. They usually live in their forest city. One of the well known High Elven city was Numeenor. Located to the west of the middleland, deep in the forest of Bulanna. They are fair skinned.
  2. Night Elves : Night Elves spent most of their day, hiding in their forest of domain. Men from these faction mostly become druids of the forest. And their women are a good babysitter and an outstanding archer. Night Elves women are shy and a good caretaker. Their dark bluish skin makes them a good nighthunter.
  3. Blood Elves : Blood Elves are consists of mages. Unlike the rest of their brothers and sisters, the Blood Elves lives together with humans, as they share their knowledge in arcane magic and their service are needed as a battlemage. Blood Elves are fair skinned.
  4. Dark Elves : Dark Elves is not considered part of the elvish faction. Any elves from any faction that doesn't believe in The Creator or pledging their life to the dark side, are considered Dark Elves.
  5. Wood Elves : Wood elves spent most of their time in their forest of domain. They never show themselves directly to any race, except for their own kinsmen, or an elves from another faction. But that doesn't mean they won't treat their guess well. Wood Elves respect their allies.
'I'm not saying that, Ashantar is an ugly city. But Numeenor, is just like a jewel in a forest. Why am I not a High Elven?' - Castor

'Brimus, I think I just fell in love with my house caretaker' - Millian Ironhand III

'Hegfig, you should think twice before you brawl with that Blood Elf' - Paxus

'I'm not really fond of elves. I hardly pays attention to them. But if I found out you're one of the Dark Elves, I won't think twice to slay you' - Avnon

'I know my ears are not pointy enough, but I can be a good husband to a wood elves' - Kaltion the Swift


Dwarves created to be the perfect worker. They are the perfect digger, the perfect blacksmiths, the perfect armorsmiths and the perfect energy harvester. Not to forget, the dwarves also a perfect engineer. Their weapons and armor are made out of Sorom steel, and it can only be found on the northern most of Noremdar.

Apart of being the perfect hard working folks, the dwarves are also a brave hearted warriors. Their small size is something to worry about, and their blades and hammers is something to fear.

Dwarves may be fond of golds, but they never hesitate to share them with their pacts.

'If you made a friend with a dwarves, keep the friendship, and you won't regret it' - Conrad
'Easy dwarf, I'm here for your steel, not your golds' - Pivon talking to Delig II


Created to be the weak amongst the mortals, the Humans are highly adeptable race. They spread across the land of Noremdar to spread and opens up a new kingdom. Their strong will to venture the harsh and dangerous land finally pays off as they are selected to be the leader of the Great Alliance (Elves, Dwarves, Human) due to their massive kingdoms. The humans are quite decent on weapons and armor. Their strategic skills is somewhat effective against the dark forces of the orcs.

Open minded and full of opinion, the humans always talks and plans for the future of their kingdom and the alliance they pact with, which makes them as the 'middle man' for every negotiatons. Apart from the humans are highly resolutive and they respects decisions that people made.


Hermcidonia : Capital city of the Kingdom Hermasha. One of the biggest trading centre. Hermcidonia is located in the middle of a route between the elven domain and the human's domain. Making the city as a place to visit before going on for the journey. Hermcidonian elite soldier is called Hermcar. They're armed with the kingdom's finest steel and iron.

Griffinia : Capital city of the Griffin Kingdom. One of the training centre for those who wants to master the arts of the arcane magic. Most of Griffinian soldiers, are trained to be both Swordsman and Battlemage.

Berzenia : Located exactly at the heart of Berzenium Kingdom on the north, Berzenia is filled with the inventions of the Dwarves. Berzenian elite army is known as Loswald. They're heavily coated to endure the cold weather of the northland and are well armed for thr battle

Ashantar : The beacon of hope for humans and the heart of the Asga Empire. Ashantar stood as the biggest human city. Serves as both forts and human's most advance military academy. Ashantar is nearly indestructible. Hagog, one of the Orcish warchief had launch six siege on the city but to no avail. Asgan elite warriors is called Tas'Mran. Trained to perfection, calm on the battlefield, swift and are brave enough to face their enemies. At the back of their armor is a slot for a banner. Thus, every single individual that serve as Tas'Mran will carry the banner.

'Perhaps I have underestimated the Humans, dear father. Please forgive me' - Impthus after witnessing a battle that's won by a human, led by General Jericho IV of Aznia

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