In Noremdar, Arachnartids is a creature with the upper body of a human and the lower buddy of a spider or scorpion. Depends on their gender. According to some, the Arachnartids is a religious cult, that worshipped Bsuma, the Demon Princess of Seduction and her twin Rs'Frael, the Demon Prince of Seduction. Before being transformed or 'blessed' to be Bsuma's faithful creature, an Arachnartids member was just a mere mortal, which consists of humans and dark elves. In order for them to be transformed into an arachnid-like creature, the individual must be the chosen one and will have to sell their soul to their 'goddess and god' Bsuma and Rs'Frael by carving the word Splitam (spider) for female and Scorzem (scorpion) for male.

After the carving process took place, the Splitams will be directed to the chamber of Rs'Frael, where the Demon Prince of Seduction himself will impregnate and kills (right after the delivery of the hybrid) the 'chosen woman'. It will only take four months for the newborn hybrid to be brought to the world. In the eyes, of the Arachnartids, this newborn hybrid, is considered as a 'reborn' of the 'chosen woman or man'. As for the Scorzems, the 'chosen man' will be directed to the chamber of Bsuma, where in contrary, the 'chosen man' will have to impregnate Bsuma and to be killed right after, by Bsuma herself. Just like any'chosen woman' Bsuma needed four months in order for her to successfully deliver the hybrid, and finally, the 'chosen man' is reborn through Bsuma. It is amazing how the gender is certain, for the Arachnartids, which means, for short, any 'chosen woman' that Rs'Frael impregnated, will come out as Splitams and Bsuma will give birth to Scorzems.

The ones that is not 'chosen' or known as the commoner, will be called Acari. They are the workers/labors, worshipper, and priests. Keep in mind, that Acari also consists of women and children. However, Arachnartids soldier is well known as Hed'elem (hatchling). They will be the backbone of this cursed race and the machinery of their swarming armies.


Just like any mere mortals, the men of the Arachnartids will have to do labor and getting involve in the Aracnartids Empire. They eat, they sleep, they live and eventually they die. Afterall, the Arachnartids are consists of the astray. Men of Arachnartids were given the right to speak of their mind, but they are not allowed to question their so called goddess and god, Bsuma and Rs'Freal. Doing so will result to their death.

Since men of the Arachnartids is the opposite gender of Bsuma, she will pick any men she like, to be 'the chosen man'. They will either be 'reborn' or be Bsuma's pleasure slaves. In additiion, Bsuma is interested to any man that just reached adulthood.

'Living as her slave, is a great honor' - Arachnartids men.


Women of Arachnartids, is the wife, entertainer and the empire's idol. Arachnartids sees their women as the third entity that had to be worshipped, that comes right after Bsuma and Rs'Frael. Arachnartids men, will have to pay marriage fees to Arachnartids women in order for the men to marry them. Arachnartids women were given rights to choose, their husband, and they do not have to pay marriage fees. Rejecting a woman's proposal will result in death.

Every single women in Arachnartids is a trained sorcerer and a master alchemists. Some cast a spell to themselves, as a result, they could gave birth in eggs, just like any arachnids creature.

Unlike, Bsuma, Rs'Frael doesn't choose any woman in order to please his satisfaction. In order to gain this satisfaction, Rs'Frael morph himself into a very good looking man, and the rest, Rs'Frael will let his ability to seduct any women he likes.


Splitams and Scorzems develops a high mental capacity. They learn quicker and a lot faster than any other mortals would do. The Arachnartids makes the Splitams and Scorzems as their strategists, that is responsible to bring their swarm to victory, and it's proven well. Splitams and Scorzems lead their armies across the southern part of Noremdar, leaving waste from Huma Desert to Cyon Desert.

Splitams are consists of sorceress and a black magic master. During childhood, Splitams were trained by Rs'Frael himself. Splitams also uses their magic to charm others, to claim victory and casts wrathful spell upon their foes. Every single grown Splitams will have to serve Rs'Frael, as a wife for the next two years of their life, before being assigned as a general or a leader of an army. Most of the Splitams will bare Rs'Frael's child, that once born, will be known as 'Rs'Frael ulduk' ukkan'. The Ulduk' Ukkan will ride behind their mother as a spiderling, once they feel their mother is threatened, the Ulduk' Ukkan will jumps off their mother's back and attack her enemy. Ulduk' Ukkan's life ended, right after they bite their foes.

Scorzems are mostly a highly trained warriors. They we're trained to be the blacksmith themselves and a killing machine that will cause massive destruction to those who tries to oppose them. During teenager, Scorzems is tasked to impregnate two women, that if succeed will be blissfully rewarded by Bsuma herself. Scorzems can either choose to be Bsuma's husband for two years or be directly rewarded with weapons and armors. Scorzems hind tail, is one of their dangerous weapon. This tail is heavily flown with neurotoxin venom. Some will instantly decay, if one got struck by it.

In general, Splitams and Scorzems are the ones that lead the army of the Arachnartids. They could be the squad captain, a warlord or the general of an entire army. Due to the mix blood of a mere mortal and demons, Splitams and Scorzems possess a powerful ability to take out their opponents easily. Either by casting spell, or splitting their enemies into half.

Many claims, that killing a single Splitams or Scorzems is as hard as killing a hundred well trained soldier. However, an Asgan Arachnartids specialist, Grand Commander Conrad III, claims that by cutting of their legs is the best solution to cripple Splitams or Scorzems, but still, this won't kill them completely, as some part of their body, like the hind tail of Scorzems are still alive and are still lethal. According to Paxus, to completely kill Splitams and Scorzems, are by stabbing them on the heart or cutting of their head. But this solution is proven to be difficult, as Splitams and Scorzems stands taller and are bigger than any mere mortals. But in the other hand, Avnon claims that, all is needed to slay Splitams and Scorzems, is a will that made out of steel.


Every single newborn baby of the Arachnartids civilization, will be implanted with Loa a type of non-dangerous parasite at the back of their head, and as a result, this parasites will grow a tail that grew out from the back of their head. By the time, the children reached adolescence, the parasite are already dead, but the tail stays. This symbolize, every single children of the Arachnartids, are pledged to be loyal to their goddess and god and their cursed empire at such a young age.

However, every children of the Arachnartids were given more than enough rights than any other children across Noremdar. This include marry as soon as they reach adolescence, choose to be either a labor, priests, Hed'elem (for boys) and a seducer (for girls).

But ironically, most of these children refuse to continue as an Arachnartids, and as a result, they will be raped and turned into a sex slaves. Beside, no children likes being treated like a monster. Yet, those who endure until they reached eighteen, will be considered one of the strongest.

'I have to show in front of older women every single day. They say it's a game, that any boy that comes to age, should have participate on' - Hurgo, an ex-Arachnartids


The Arachnartids Empire, begin to grow at Nakhazak (desert) continent, which are located to the southern most of Noremdar. Bsuma and Rs'Frael, sees the land to be seperated from any other continent, which is a perfect oppurtunity to astray mortals. At the beginning of their campaign, the Arachnartids managed to strecth their empire to the north, claiming Huma Desert and Cyon Desert as their realm of domain.

After a hundred years of campaign on Nakhazak continent, the Arachnartids Empire stretched from Huma Desert to Cyon Desert, from Bzeer plains to Feiz plains and finally to the northern most of Nakhazak continent, the southern barrier, which are defended by the Griffinian by an on and off war between the two forces.

'Once the southern barrier is fallen, then so do the Great Alliance' - General Jericho IV of Aznia
'I do not worry the Demonfrost from the north. They are fragile as icicle. The orcish horde from the western continent hardly worries me. But the creature from Nakhazak continent, is something else' - Fendrel I
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