The New Hanseatic League was born in the wreckage of Germany and Switzerland after the end of the Resource Wars. The region was considered rich as it had a record density of arcologies and arcoplices. The process of arcopolarization was pronounced in the region, and the European arcologies were connected through the HyperNet, and then later the 3rdNet. This made arco cities closer neighbors, even if the cities were on different continents, than towns and farms five miles from the towers. 

The League grew from sharing technology and information, and creating an internal currency to handle this. League bitmarks became the default currency of data exchange, and were built on top of the decayed remnants of Petroleum Era Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This domination of information and computer technology allowed the New Hanseatic League to survive, and then begin to flourish. The trade of data as a commodity, as well as manipulating actual commodities facilitated the rise in the League's power.

The League was formally recognized as a political entity when it successfully leveraged its power to broker peace negotiations between the Commonwealth of New England and the Great Lakes Republic in their disastrous war. The technology produced and traded in this conflict gave the League political clout, as their ability to trade data and currency gave them the power to create data blockades and financial sieges against those who opposed them. 


The New Hanseatic League has a basic agenda, maintain their technological hegemony within the Atlantic Federation and the lynchpin of the Cosmic Era pan-solar economy. 


The New Hanseatic League has the deepest pockets of any of the New Earth Governments, and the economic power to rival any mega or hypercorp in the Solar System. Entities like the Atlantic Federation and ACPS might have more wealth, tonnage of ships, and the like, but they only accomplish this as conglomerate states.

The CogNet was largely pioneered by the New Hanseatic League. 

The Glassenheim Foundation while multi-national in its inception, was quickly absorbed into the data sharing and obfuscation system of the League.

The NHL has a fleet of ships, most named from historical German warships. There was an attempt to use other naming systems, but most of the desired names were already claimed by the Federation, or it's western based nations. Reminiscent of the German fleet of the early Petroleum Era, it is built around a large number of armored cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships, leaving the carrier power to the Federation.


The flag of the NHL is a double headed eagle clutching a Teutonic cross. 


The New Hanseatic League has two purposes: tech leaders, and quiet tyranny.

In the field of tech, the League is almost single-handedly responsible for arcanotechnology. This has made them powerful and wealthy. This also means that the NHL cities and arcos are fortresses of innovation and the cradle of bleeding edge tech. They are leading almost everywhere it matters, and their success is the success of the Atlantic Federation. 

In the realm of quiet tyranny the Hanse are more than willing to bankroll some things that are unimaginable, foster horrible things in distant places, and are agents of chasing a future that resembles the Dune universe, where they will become a nigh immortal autocrats who dominate entire planets worth of slaves and serfs, and forcing them to live in horrid conditions while making the ideal places to live into their idyllic gardens. 

Also: if there is a group in the Cosmic Era supporting the notion of white flight, gentrification, and privilege, its the NHL and its registered citizens and city-states.

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