Alpha Level: Minions in the Alpha level echelon are the best of the best in their respective fields, likely have a public or vital role in the machinations of the illuminatus they serve and can reasonably expect the aid of their hidden master. Alphas may suspect that there is someone pulling their strings but the smart ones know to keep their mouths shut, while the dumb ones invariably end up on the news cycle, while everyone is shocked by their sudden suicide or unforgivable criminal act.

1. Major Company Owner

2. Professional Athlete

3. Leading Actor/Director

4. Major Politician

5. Major Financier/Banker

CFO Jamie Cherry-Rogers is the sort of business professional that alpha feminist women aspire to be. She's broken through the glass ceiling to sit at the top of one of the biggest banks in the Northern Hemisphere and on Wall Street and the NYSE she is a general among generals. Smart, impeccably dressed, and cutting edge fashion tied to a samurai work ethic, Cherry-Rogers has it all. She even has a handsome stay at home husband who takes care of their two children and uncommon breed dogs. Her husband, John Cherry Sr. is her handler, and he keeps her facing the direction the Hidden Masters desire. If they need a convenient scapegoat for a market disaster, Jamie is their sacrificial goat, and if they need someone to seize the helm and save the day, the dynamic and assertive Jamie is again their go-to. So far, Cherry-Rogers has brought her bank record profits and helped hold the rudder as it has made it's way through the current economic turmoil. But she has also been involved in several highly profitable and highly illegal insider trades and market manipulations.

6. Military Dictator

Major General President Tahir al'Bek of Waziristan is the sort of person who comes to mind when you say military dictator. al'Bek came to power through an illuminati backed military coup that toppled the secular centrist government of Waziristan in the mid 90s. al'Bek knows that someone shadowy has his back as his forces won a battle that by every right they should have lost (two black drones, a pair of smart bombs and a cruise missile later) and he knows that as long as he does certain things to keep this shadowy group happy he will be free to do all the things he wants to do, like have a Lamborghini wrapped in gold chrome, keep a harem of nubile women, and occasionally torture or decapitate a few people who really piss him off. He is getting cocky, and is starting to remember that battle on the side of the river a little differently, forgetting how the enemy wasn't smote by his awesome might, but was rather delayed reinforcements for three days due to a damaged bridge, a sunken ferry, and a communication center going down.

Beta Level: Minions of the Beta echelon are the proverbial cogs in the machine. They do their work, usually deeply in ignorance. Betas are complicit in the day to day operations of the Illuminatus and their plans. Betas are purposely kept ignorant of the operation, and those that become aware of it can be promoted to another tier, or could possibly be eliminated as a potential threat to the organization.

7. Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner Veronica White has a place in the books as being the first black woman to be the commissioner of police in Cityville. White has done a good job of reducing crime statistics in CityVille and has a good approval rating from the city. Unfortunately she has only reduced the statistics, not the actual crime. She is an effective pencil whipping engineer and can make problems vanish through paperwork and diligence. She found that moving prostitution from column A to column C reduced the city overall crime rate by 11%, and that reporting more assault and battery cases as domestic dispute and so on reduced statistical crime. Beat officers consider management a joke as they are increasingly taken away from dealing with things like drug dealers and gang members (White has quietly instated an unspoken contain and control policy towards criminally oriented areas of CityVille) and more public service. Every cop parked in front of a school is one less cop working the drug addled petty crime ridden parts of the city. In such a city, with large unpoliced areas, the Hidden Masters are free to do as they please.

8. Regional Shipping and Distribution Manager

Max Roach is the unfortunately named porn mogul of California. He has a large shipping and distribution company that does the legwork of moving hardcopy (magazines, DVDs, counterfeit novelty items) and running online servers and services. Roach is rather fittingly a deplorable human being, not for being a smut peddler but for being a closet racist and homophobe. His organization is able to supply clear channels for disseminating information to the masses (subliminal messages in porn and print) or moving goods all over the world that are easily and distastefully ignored. Roach has an excellent PR department that is able to hide his indiscretions as protected by the 1st Amendment as well as pushing the envelope for what is acceptable and what is not.

9. Goverment Agent Officer

Lieutenant Director Michael Flay is the sort of man that paranoid conspiracy theorists see in their sweaty nightmares. He is tall and imposing, with a face that makes granite seen animated and expressive. He has no patience to entertain 'fantasies' of Illuminati, secret councils, Freemasons and the rest of that progressive liberal anti-government fear mongering conspiracy theory BULLSHIT. Flay has spent years working his way up the ladder, going from a field agent to an office job, and now sits a few years from a major position, directorship of a major government agency. He is popular inside the agency for his no nonsense approach to problem solving that is mirrored with his soft touch technique. Despite his fearsome appearance he is a man with a heart and knows his men by name, and they would do anything for him. He is a voice of reason and calm, a projection of honor and strength.

10. Large Business Owner/Operator

George Butler is the third generation owner of Butler Firearms, a large company that manufactures pistols, rifles, and shotguns for civilian and police use. Butler has an established reputation for reliable and mid-range priced weapons, the epitome of generic. The packaging the shipping facilities are in the United States, while the production factories are located in various second and third world countries, pistols are made in Nigeria, Shotguns in Pakistan, and rifles in Guatemala. While superficially on the up and up, Butler is one of the leading producers of unmarked guns in the world. These blank guns are shipped to the US and other first world countries through legit and legal means and when one it found, it is chalked up to manufacturing irregularities in the less developed but cost saving country it was made in. George is a dyed in the wool Pro-America gun toting patriot and would be horrified to find out that his company made guns for the Hidden Masters.

11. News Outlet Owner

Emily Hanaset is the COO of Smith and Siegel Publishers. The company is a large media company that owns several radio stations, newspapers and maintains a presence in the new electronic realm. S&S is now a major backer for news bloggers, and runs a large number of servers and computer farms that support news sites. Hanaset is a student of the Newspeak and understands that the future will not be about oil, but will be about the currency of information, and electronic currency will replace money. The hidden masters have found a receptive mind in Hanaset, and her willingness to alter information, or have timely power interruptions to server outlets, or running secret censorship programs to keep certain keywords out of the media stream.

12. Military Base Commander

General Ronald Granger, one star, sits at the big desk at Fort Hammersmith. That one star haunts him, always one star general, never just general. Hammersmith is a smaller base, and as budget concerns mount, the chances that the base will close grow ever larger. Granger does what he can to keep the base important, and knows that there are a number of black ops and secret projects on his base. Rather than investigate them, he makes an obvious effort to turn a blind eye to those operations, even to the point of court martialing would be whistle blowers or investigators who want to know whats in quonset hut 19. His aspirations include getting more stars, keeping the base open, and eventually turning his military career into a path to major political office.

Gamma Level: This echelon of the organization is composed of action oriented operatives, with the largest number being police officials and members of government agencies. These agents exercise the most power within the framework of what they do, as when an agent of another echelon steps out of bound, it is typically the Gamma Ops that remove them. Enemies of the illuminatus are also going to spend most of their time facing Gamma echelon agents.

13. Police Officer

Most people don't know the difference between a police officer and a Police Officer, but the police do. Detective William H. Harrimond is a man with a badge who likes to throw his juris'dict'ion around. No one gives a shit about GTA, no one but wrinkle ass seniors care about vandalism or JD. Homicide, stone cold killers, a fedora, and a big revolver. Junior cops masturbate pretending to be Det. Harrimond. He gets a file on his desk, he pursues it with a laser like intensity. In another century he might have been an inquisitor or a crusader, but now, in this century, he is a hard boiled cop who likes to shoot punks who spout about lunatic conspiracies, or politicians who peddle kiddie porn or rape. He is a man tired of crime.

14. Government Agent

I want to believe. DEA, ATF, DHS, HHS, and a dozen other acronyms, Conner Smith is just another man in a black suit as far as most people are concerned. He works for one of the afore mentioned agencies, the DEA. He works as a liaison between Federal and state agencies, and from this position he is able to influence and control the flow of information between the two groups. Unbeknownst to him, his superiors and informants have him playing an unwitting double agent. The enemies he thinks he is going after are actually working against the Illuminati. He is a firm believer in the importance of law and order.

15. Military Officer

Col. James Pike is a nobody sitting a desk in Nowheresville USA, he's seen his tours of active duty and spends as much time carrying a briefcase as a rifle. Pike is rising in the ranks, and the only question at this point is elite military command, or military intelligence. He knows that he has benefactors who want to see him succeed, so long as he produces results on the things that they pass across his desk, ranging from moving personnel, 'losing' certain pieces of paperwork or equipment, or anything else that they ask. It's those politicians, meddling in places where pansy democracy and expediency try and usurp the purpose and destiny of the military. He is a patriot.

16. Local Politician

Thomas Jefferson Hooker, comically T.J. Hooker, is a city council member who also sits on the local zoning and permits board. Now in his late 50s, he is looking more towards retirement and a fishing boat than really paying close attention to the permits and requests that cross his desk. If the paperwork comes through a certain special channel it is rubber stamped through without even being opened. He is paid well for his discretion. Hooker has friends in the police department as well as with many locally and regionally influential people that he either plays golf with or takes fishing in his 28 foot bass boat. He is a loved and respected member of the local community.

17. Small Company Owner

Frank Howell owns a small chemical processing and shipping company, dealing in maybe half a dozen chemicals, mostly bulk chemicals used in textiles and manufacturing. He is overweight, wears a stained and strained white shirt and is always ready to call the cops on a trespasser or someone asking too many questions. Sometimes the chemicals that his business handles require special handling, and in a few instances, the substances are traveling with escorts, for safety purposes. He is a man just trying to provide for his family and two ex wives.

18. Outside Specialist

Sergei Klobb is half German, half Russian, despised in both countries. He served in the Germans Volksbund but left in disgust after hidden discrimination wouldn't let a half Slav rise in the ranks. He was a special forces operative, and while he didn't master any one skill, he is proficient with a variety of weapons, hand to hand, knife work, setting demolition charges, and the other skills that show up in the special forces. He has a bad attitude, but he is cold and competent in the field. Out of the field, he is a womanizer, but abstains from drinking almost religiously. He is just a man tired of being screwed.

Zeta Level: This echelon is composed of criminals, radicals, and other fringe elements of society, and as such are almost completely expendable. Zetas are tapped to do unsavory jobs, or messy jobs, such as assassination where the assassin has to be caught, terrorist activities and other such messy jobs. Zetas are considered throw away minions and like Betas, remain ignorant of the powers that be.

19. The Dealer:

DJ BluRay runs a small criminal enterprise, dealing drugs while promoting clubs, small venue concerts, and other street level promotions. Just as an antibody has no concept of itself inside the immune system, DJ BluRay has no idea that his success has been fostered by his suppliers and agents inside the police department to extend the influence of the Hidden Master. Higher ranking members can splice subliminal messages into his music, or special chemical compounds into his drug supply. He is also a 'cultural leader' with his dispensing of music and drugs, able to end or start gang wars, turf disputes and the like.

20. The Booster

Driver, wheelman, carjacker, Conrad is your man if you need a car. Conrad is also your man if you need someone else's car. He is a professional, able to steal high end BMWs and luxury sedans without even scuffing the paint or tires, but looks the part of a street thug. Conrad is also a courier, moving highly valuable goods from one place to another, ranging from a trunk full of black tar heroin, a duffel bag full of heads, or the kidnapped daughter of the state governor. He doesn't ask to many questions and is much more about action than thinking things through. Conrad has a small crew that he runs with, a few car fixers, street racers, and others of an automotive mindset.

21. The Gang Boss

Some people don't choose the thug life, the thug life choose them. Howard 'Hellboi' Washington never intended to be a gangbanger let alone a gang leader. He dropped out of high school, ended up with a gun and some rock cocaine and never looked back. He has a large group of young black men of a militant anarchist mindset who hate the man, hate white people, hate cops, and anyone who has more than they do. He has everything a rapper would want, hos, 20 inch spinners on his Impala, a gold plated .45 pistol. He also has a contact that helps him and his crew stick it to the man. When gang violence flares, there is only a minimal amount of investigation, the general populace only gets upset when the gang members start killing people who are not other gang members.

22. The Lunatic

It puts the lotion on it's skin,or it gets the hose again. Finding a lunatic isn't hard, there are asylums and mental hospitals full of people like 'Clarice'. She was once a normal girl, but years of horrific abuse and drug abuse have broken her mind. She has a hidden handler who makes sure she stays mostly out of trouble. Sometimes something horrible needs to happen, and there are few tools more useful and disposable than an honest to God lunatic. Clarice is calm and rational most of the time until her handler, a psychiatrist changes her meds and plants the suggestion in one of their therapy sessions. When the time is right, Clarice will go meet the person she is supposed to meet, and then she will kill that person and end up on tv after the police find her eating their corpse cooked with fava beans.

23. The Cleaner

Not all jobs can be handled by thugs, gangbangers, and criminals. Andre is a professional hitman. He kills people for money, and then cleans up the mess left behind. Forensics hates him, CSI hates him, and the police hate him. Or they would if they knew him and what he did. He doesn't assassinate high level targets, he kills underlings and middle men, cleans up messy loose ends, and makes sure that the body isn't found. He is disposable since he isn't a highly trained master of hand to hand combat, nor is he a god with a rifle. In the end, he is potentially just the next body found in the ditch.

24. The Radical

Sometimes you can't take part, you can't even passively take part. John Sheridan-Sinclair was a common enough college student until he was indoctrinated and seduced by the Illuminati. He burns with a political passion, holding his side up as spiritually and intellectually pure and all other views as debase and evil. He winces with each negative poll, while a positive review leaves him physically elated. This sort of energy cannot be maintained forever, and eventually John SS will find that for some reason he just can't take the latest turn of events. All it takes is one zealot with a rifle, or the knowledge to make a pipe bomb, or a truck full of potassium nitrate...

Omega Level: The smallest echelon and the closest to the Illuminatus him/herself, Omega level is composed of deeply trusted, fanatically loyal people who are in full knowledge of the Illuminati. They have the best equipment, the best support, and operate with control of the other echelons. Omegas usually handle the liaison operations between the illuminatus and the cogs of the machine, and when there is a rogue agent in the system, or a knowledgeable defector, it is omega ops who bring them back or take them out.

25. The Director:

Mr. Michael Sark is an unassuming, manipulative, and disarming man. He chief ability is to lie with absolute sincerity, fooling experts and lie detection machines. He is impeccably dressed in a hand made, hand fitted suit, understated tie, and is always associated with the finer things in life. His Mercedes is top of the line, and the interior is Corinthian leather. He is a leader within the Omega Echelon and has met the Illuminatus and works dilligently in their plan. One day, the director hopes to be become an initiate of the Illumanti himself so remains a fanatically loyal. He speaks with a calm even voice, able to spin the most convincing evidence seem like a fairy tale, or the most preposterous lie an inescapable truth. His main area of work is managing Omega level cells, and the cascading organzation of operatives below it. Many lower ops think that Mr. Sark is in the Hidden Master, a falsehood he is quite content to let them keep.

26. The Enforcer of the Illuminati:

Adelaide Johnson is a vivacious woman closing in on 40 years old. She is tall, beautiful, and radiates an air of sensual danger. Her loyalty to the illuminatus is a love/hate relationship and she walks a line of questionable loyalty, and she knows that when she is no longer trusted it won't be known until a mission goes wrong, and she is left to die, or is sent blindly into an ambush. Adelaide is multilingual, capable of two martial arts styles, and can use a carnival of weapons from medieval to futuristic with confidence. She is a cultural chameleon, and can change nationalities in a matter of moments, becoming British, Australian, American, South African, Canadian, French, German, and a dozen other countries. She has passports and alias's for all of them. Adelaide typically has several paramours at a given time, travels the world, and goes through cars, boyfriends, and backup like they are disposable. Because they are.

27. The Black Hand:

Nikolai Nikolaevich, born to old Russian nobility, plans to one day restore the monarchy, likely with himself becoming Tsar and restoring the motherland to her former glory. Until then, he contents himself with being the Black Hand of the Illuminatus, fully aware of what is going on and making sure that there are no problems that need his special touch. Nikolai is a heartless monster of a man, and his favorite tools include prolonged torture, sadism, and violent reprisals. He is a thin dry seeming man with a smile like a snake and eyes that shine with the promise of pain. Nikolai brings wayward Alphas and Omegas back into the fold, or executes them, and when the enemies of the Illuminati are captured, the important ones can expect to end up in his papery dry hands for interrogation.

28. The Debunker:

Garth Faraday superficially looks like the stereotypical lone gunman paranoia web geek, unkept hair, lack of personal hygiene and a clothing style that is about 16 years out of date. Faraday is a computer whiz, and is intellectually in the thrall of the illuminatus. Using the concept of hiding in plain sight, Faraday is one of the few members of the organization who will openly speak about it, and at great length. He maintains websites, and has programs that continually hunt for information not only about his illuminatus but about the activities of the other hidden masters. He disseminates a concoction of absolute truth, cryptozoological references, absolute lies and a blanket of other information. His work makes sure that anyone who even mumbles the word Illuminati or Illuminatus, or Hidden Master is faced with such ridicule that they desist their actions. His favorite work outed the true Hidden Master at the same time listing them as a victim of alien abduction and mind control.

29. The Man in White:

Paulo Santoro is a dashing figure of a man, charming, sensual, and witty. He likes white suits, white cars, and women of all different colors. He carries on international crime operations, most often dealing with smuggling drugs, weapons, and other high value cargo. He is wealthy and powerful in his own right, but he serves the Illuminatus because he has an insatiable appetite for more. Santoro wants to become the Master of the Hidden Masters, one day. Until he feels he has enough information and power, he will serve faithfully, and exploit the resources available to him to further his own ends.

30. The General:

General David Hammond Somerhold is a senior commander in the US Army, privy to government secrets and equipment. The General is a veteran of several wars and works with the Illuminatus to ensure the dominance of the United States and the crushing of her enemies. The Hidden Master has revealed that the Illuminati have the power to start wars and to end them, to pick the countries that rise and the nations that crumble. The Nazis first supported the Illuminati and then Hitler tried to destroy them, the Soviets embraced Illuminati backing and then tried to expel them from the union. The United States has several times in the past accepted Illuminati aid, and it would be a shame for the Nation of Freedom to suffer the same fate as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. China has been quite willing to work with the Hidden Masters as of late.

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