Full Item Description

An arrow bag crafted of doeskin of excellent quality, bearing the coat of arms of the King of Mulavia. It is large enough to contain a sheaf of twenty four longbow arrows.


The Mulavian Arrow Bags were commissioned for the Kings archer regiment and are given to officers and to rank and file archers who have distinguished themselves in some manner. Perhaps 200 were created over the lifetime of the regiment. Being a prized trophy, many of these have been lost in battle or stolen.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Arrows contained within are completely protected against the elements and breakage. The bag can be folded or bent without affecting the contents. The leather is of amazing toughness, more comparable to fine chainmail in durability. In addition, minor charms make drawing arrows by the archer near-effortless, with no chance of tangling or dropping.

Campaign Use

These are fairly utilitarian, but would serve well as a treasure item desired by archers. The effects are subtle, but the first time they save the archer's arrows from destruction, they will earn their keep.

These could easily be an heirloom or prized possession that has been stolen or otherwise lost - providing a simple quest for PCs.

Historical Note:

During the Middle Ages, English archers used what is referred to as an Arrow Bag as opposed to what is generally referred to as a quiver. It is a leather bag equipped with a drawstring at both ends (to facilitate both loading and drawing arrows) to retain the arrows and protect them from the elements, important since wet arrows do not fly as true.

Suggested reading:

Bernard Cornwall
Historical Fiction
ISBN: 0066210844

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