Mr Big looks like a nine foot tall man wearing an oversized greatcoat and sporting a civilian grade fascia. He moves in a deliberate and intimidating manner, and his voice is likewise deep and booming. Mr Big carries himself with the cultivated demeanor of a classic cinema mobster, well spoken and polite, but also just as willing to watch someone die horribly. Or to kill them with his own hands.


Mr Big is an amalgam of power armor and cybernetics. Lester Smalls lives inside the cybernetic core of the suit, which was built off of a standard issue power armor suit. Most of the armor plates were removed, and the interior and limbs have cybernetic filling. Smalls lives in a fetal position inside the torso. This makes Mr Big hard to damage, almost completely immune to pain and fear, and with the cybernetic enhancement, dangerously and deviously intelligent.

The Backstory

Lester Smalls was formerly the leader of a criminal syndicate in a major city. A previous manifestation of Spider City saw his criminal empire literally eaten by spiders, and he himself barely survived, but not without being bitten and carrying scars and trauma. Since the previous manifestation, Smalls turned his former Mr Big persona into an actual physical thing and has sworn to find the source of the manifestation and crush it to death. Then, probably return to a life of crime and fortune.

Mr Big and the Enforcer Squad

Mr Big has never been a freelancer, or a lone gun. He creates his own team of hunters, investigators, assassins, and murderers to hunt down the source of Spider City. The squad typically consists of stock/generic former power armor troopers, former military men, mercenaries, and the colorful characters often found in the underworld. Most notably, the Enforcers have money, power, and influence, and will hire other freelancers to work as consultants. Mr Big is rarely one to get his own enormous cybernetic hands dirty, but there is almost no limit to the number of men he is willing to send to their deaths.

RPing Mr Big

Mr Big is the ultimate man behind the scenes. Despite being a massive 9 foot tall near impervious tank of a man, he isn't one to actually do things UNLESS they have gone horribly wrong. Most of the time he is content to be a sensualist, a man of art and culture, enjoying the finer things in life. He also doesn't have a temper, or hubris. If things do go exceptionally bad, he is not adverse to picking up his weapons (the sort of arcanotech horror that can only come from intimate connections with the Silk Road) and dispassionately unleashing hell on Earth. Then, carnage complete, he will dust off the remains of his clothing, crush the skull of his foe, and then go home for a suitable wine.

Mr Big and Spider City

As mentioned, Big has history with the antagonist of Spider City. While remaining a neutral evil/lawful evil character Big is opposed to chaos and destruction, as these are bad for business. Big is not likely to join a group of PCs, and he can either recruit players to join the Enforcers, or the Enforcers can be a rival faction in the Spider City campaign, going after the same goal, but not working with the PCs and their faction.

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