Full Item Description
A simple, curved piece of exceptional hardwood, with the rough shape of a sword, the mokgum is a well-worn, though obviously cared for, training tool. All that differentiates it from ten thousand other training swords of its ilk are seven bronze studs, set in the shape of bukduchilseong along the blade.

Originally, the mokgum was a gift from the students of the Kwan to their master, Shin Sang Min. Accepted and used, his hand bore it during literally hundreds of thousands of training sessions, and over time, the very memory of that technique slowly seeped into the well-cared for weapon. Though it never saw battle, it was always recognized within the Kwan as the head teacher's weapon, and as such, it was passed down from kwan jang nim to kwan jang nim even as the generations passed down, each taking the proper care for the preservation of such an old wooden weapon.

Magic/Cursed Properties
When the mokgum is wielded, the weapon will impart an instinctive understanding of the swordsmanship of the Chil Sung Min, at an unparalleled level. Moreover, it will impart the knowledge of how to train in such a way that the understanding will become permanent, in the most efficient way possible.

However, if one does not put in the effort of learning, then over a slow time, the mokgum will withdraw more and more of its secrets from him, until such a time as he begins training once more. Also, the mokgum will not permit itself to be wielded in open battle, as it is a training weapon only, tumbling from the wielder's hand as he attempts to bring it to bear.

In all likelihood, it will not be removed from the Kwan's training hall without theft or disaster - But there are always those who hunt for the secrets of others.

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