The Miracle forest, like the Barrenfield Oaks, is the result of the tamperings of the Alchemist, whose name has long since been forgotten. It is, in fact, the only thing that can convert a barren wasteland, as caused by the Barrenfield Oaks, into an arable region again.

The Alchemist created these once he realised that his Oaks were being used as massively destructive weapons on a grand scale. His workshop itself was ruined by the spread of the horrible things. He set up shop again, elsewhere, far from any place that could be a target. As the world turned into a hell, he worked. Eventually, he came up with a way to combat the effects.

The process, however, is not quite as fast or as easy as it is for the Barrenfields.

A Miracle forest does not grow so quickly, but it doesn't have a limited range, and nor does it replace current flora in a very immediate way. Since the Miracle forest replenishes the soil, it has become a common member of standard forests, where often the greatest Miracle trees are accompanied by the most flourishing normal plants.

Because of the still astounding rate of growth, care must be taken not to allow the wild Miracle forests not to encroach where they are not wanted. The Miracle forest has no range, and so can spread rather voraciously.

The seeds in this pouch must be taken into an area such as this. Some arable soil must also be taken, in order to plant the initial seeds. They must be properly tended for three full days before they begin to grow. Once growth starts, however, the first phase begins.

Tendrils will make their way from the places the seeds were planted. These tendrils will work their way outward, and into the earth nearby, be it normal soil, or barren land. They will then begin to flower within hours.

Thus begins the second phases. Over the next few days, the barren land around these tendrils will have improved substantially. The small plants then begin to grow into small trees. They grow acorns like the Barrenfield Oaks, but the trees they grow are not themselves, Oaks. The acorns are the same that were previously planted. These nuts come to fruition within hours of the trees becoming the greatest size they're going to get. The nuts fall to the ground, and the original tree withers and dies within the hour. If untended, these nuts will take roughly a week to begin growth. If tended, however, they can be planted immediately. Common practice is to plant them in the newly restored soil around the original plant.

Then the process begins again. In more arable soil, the trees are bigger. Eventually, after several months, the best part of a region is arable again. It should be noted that the Miracle forest does not restore any resource to the land except those required by other plants to grow there. A Miracle tree can grow to approximately three hundred feet high, in excellent soil - Trees this large, however, are by their nature dangerous in any case, as they come crashing down in their decaying phase.

This problem has led to measures being taken to surround farmland with stone paths wide enough to prevent any acorn from making it across into the farmed soil, as the wild Miracle trees can take over an untended farm within a few weeks.

In the most flourishing forests, it is common for large amounts of it to have been crushed by falling trees. In these cases, the Miracle forests have spawned the saying that 'it's a bloody miracle to get out of it.'

Magical Properties:

When planted in arable soil, the seeds will, after three days, begin to grow. They grow tendrils first, planting these in less arable soil. The lengths of tendril then sprout flowers. These are, in fact, a method for the plant to convert sunlight highly efficiently into nutrient to place into the ground. The next step, which is taken either two days later, or at a time that the soil can be grown in better, is for the source of the tendrils to sprout a tree, and the tendrils wither as this occurs. This tree's size is dependant on how good the soil is, so the first ones are generally about five feet high. They drop acorns identical to those planted, and will then die off.

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