Martin Kendall is an older man in his mid 70's. He is of average height although somewhat stooped, relying on a staff for balance. He has long silvery grey hair and beard. He wears a non-descript robe that has seen better days.

Martin Kendall was at one time a mage of extraordinary power. He was the Court Mage for a now vanquished ruler. Martin was on a diplomatic mission for the ruler when an unforeseen military coup brought the rulers reign to an abrupt end. Martin returned and was captured. Since he had a hand in the abuses of power that brought about the uprising, he was ordered to be executed for his crimes against the people. Before he could be executed, he escaped by means of his magic.

Martin fled into the countryside and by means of his magic disguised himself. He traveled from village to village, keeping one step ahead of the authorities that sought him out. It wasn't long before he ran out of money and valuables to trade for food and shelter. Seeing the conditions that most of the peasant lived in, he didn't relish the idea of thievery. Many of the needy villagers, not recognizing him for who he really was, gave him food and shelter when he asked for it (usually some stew and bread for the meal and a barn to sleep in) and asked for nothing in return. They would usually find an item or two that was in need of repair fixed after he was gone. His compassion for the peasants grew until he realized his previous life at court had a hand in causing some of the misery these people suffered.

Martin has spent the last 20 years traveling from village to village performing little tasks that help the villagers as needed; doing minor repairs of tools and buildings, blessings, healing injuries or illnesses, making a little rain to help crops. He will sometimes stay for a few days or as long as a couple months. Martin accepts an occasional coin but usually takes payment in food and lodging. He is still capable of performing great feats of power but prefers to remain obscure and insignificant. He had his time in the power center of the realm and wants nothing to do with it. He is only interested in using his magic to help the forgotten peasants that the rulers seem to dismiss unless extra taxes or conscripts are needed.

Special Equipment
Martin carries only a few components hidden in the multitude of pockets inside his robe. His magic is extremely powerful and he will use it to protect himself if needed but he prefers to use his power to help the peasants instead.

Roleplaying Notes
Martin could be found almost anywhere where peasants need a little help. The PCs could need some help or advice and the villagers point them to Martin for his well known and helpful sage advice.

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