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Khartand is the oldest and most characteristic of the Taklamar knife weapons. The perculiarity lies in the handle which is made up of two parallel bars connected by two, or more, cross pieces, one of which is at the end of the side bars and is fastened to the blade.The remainder forms the hadle which is at right angle to the blade. The blades are always double-edged and are generally straight and with lenghts from a few inches to about 3 feet. The blades of southern Taklamar are often made broad at the hilt and taper in straight lines to the point, and elaborately ribbed by grooves parallel to the edges.

Khartand's are often thickened at the point to strenghten them for use against mail and are often forged in one piece with the hilt. The blades are sometimes forked at the point, and Khartand's with two, and even three blades occor. The Taklamar armorers occasionally made katartand that were hollow and served as a sheaths for smaller ones: or with three blades that folded together, appearing to be one, until the handle bars were pressed together, when they opened out.

The Khartand is a purely religous weapon. It is used by the Holy warriors of the Taklamar God of War. In fact the word Khartand, Khart-And means Fist of God. The weapon was thought of by the founding priests of the religion which saw it as a neccecity for their warriors to have unique weapons. And so they hired the finest smiths in the Kingdom.
After years of trying and failing they came up with the Khartnand.

The holy warriors developed a new style of fighting using this weapons advantages. It became legendary in the Religious wars to come and remains so to this day since no one else seems to master this strange weapon but the diciples of the God of War.

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