An elongated,wriggling leech like thing,it is approximately a foot or so in length. A most ugly thing to behold,it is a sickly mottled pink in hue and bulges at the end where one would assume its head to be,while the other end tapers to a narrow point. Thrashing wildy when exposed to the open,it will only cease it's wild movements when it once again finds itself sheltered within the warm,moist confines of a creature's body..

Such is the nauseating appearance of the sentient heart that drives the actions and the devious schemes of the vile monstrosity that develops when a human of considerable intelligence is infested by a worm of the Black Tide. This squirming peice of meat is,in the truest sense of the word,the 'core' of the hedious beast. The seat of its powers and avaricious cravings. And as impossible as it sounds,it is also the thing that some men would brave the impossible in order to attain.

Most wise lore masters of the Golden Isles say that no man of flesh and blood can slay or lure to its doom,a creature capable of divining his very intentions,but the uncanny one that does achieve the goal of this foolhardy enterprise will become a bane to the human race to be reckoned with indeed.

Magical Properties:

When the monster is slain,this wormlike heart that it posseses must be ripped out of the still beating chest and then subsequently be ingested. Slowly,so as not to choke on it,the user must grab hold of the slimy thing and ease it gently down his throat. Fortunately,once the thing makes contact with his insides,it will cease its wild struggles to escape the grasp of its captor and will immediately hasten to the comfort of either his stomach or the surface of his own heart with great relief and alacrity. There,over the period of the next month or so,it will gradually begin to merge with the organ that plays host to it,genuinely becoming an integral part of the user's body in the process,as opposed to merely remaining as an invasive parasite.

When that finally comes to be,the user slowly begins to discover that he now has the ability to delve deep into the minds of others. At first,only surface thoughts can be picked up by him from the people around him,but with time,he begins to master the art of probing every dark depth and cranny of their minds. There will be no thought or motive that escape his keen senses of the mind.

But with the sinister abilities brought about by the ingestion of the heart of the fiend,so too comes the compulsive greed that urges the one who uses the heart to bully and intimidate others into handing over possesions of value to him.

As the power of percieving the thoughts of others swells,so too does the powerful greed that intrudes along with it,until there is no one left whom the afflicted will not squeeze for riches.. Including those dangerous individuals whom it dosen't pay to blackmail and the ones previously dear to the person's heart..

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