Full Item Description
Goblin Snuff is a russet colored powder with a coarse and semi-fibrous consistancy. It has a mildly unpleasant odor reminiscent of old ground up leather and mold. It is most commonly carried in a leather pouch, though some orcs and goblins have adopted other containers to keeping their snuff clean and dry.

The goblins are credited with first discovering the medicinal properties of the T'gakk'o plant, also known as tobacco. The earliest forms were bundles of leaves that were twisted together and allowed to cure in the air and dry. These twists would then be chewed vigorously, the properties of the T'gakk'o keeping the chewers alert and calm when other goblins would go *Felsk.

Later on, the herb spread in popularity, and rather than slobber on ropes of dried leaves, humans would instead burn the dried and crumbled leaves in wood, stone, and bone pipes. Goblins never quite acclamated to using pipes, tending to bite and chew anything in their mouth, rather than just hold it. The zettelette pioneered in Vandergraff received even less enthusiasm than the pipe, because unlike a pipe, the zettelette was not even crunchy or good to chew on.

Eventually, a goblin apothecarist stumbled upon a novel solution, grinding the powder to a very fine consistancy and then snorting it. This caused rapid infusion into the bloodstream, had a mild side effect of limiting hayfever and other seasonal allergies, as well as keeping the mouth free of debris, and fire out of goblin hands.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Goblin Snuff causes a mild 'buzz' or slight euphoric sensation, and is moderately habit forming. As a negative, it slowly erodes the lining of the nose leavinga good number of goblins with ruined sinuses, bloody nasal discharge and large sores. Humans are not immune to this, but are generally more willing to stop or decrease usage when it starts to hurt.

Felsk - n, adj - n, state of urgent panic characterized by running around in circles and screaming incoherently. adj, to do something in rushed or panicked fashion, exceptionally poor work done very quickly.

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