Full Item Description
The weapon, guard, and pommel guard, are fairly standard in nature for the region. (In most cases it weighs 3 lbs (1.5 kgs) and is 35' long (30' blade, 75 cms) and has mildly decorate guards with appropriate beasts for the region).

The weapon has the family name engraved on the blade in a beautiful calligraphy. The family name is inscribed four places on the blade (right and left side on both sides of the blade). If there is a family motto, it is inscribed along the center of the blade on both sides. The engravings are often inlayed with brass, but gold, silver, pewter, and other metals can be used.

In martial households, this weapon is used to teach family sword techniques, those special tricks and bits that have been passed down from successful warrior ancestors to the current generation. The Head of the household wears the sword as a 'daily sword' for around house and town/ country, when they are not expecting trouble. They use more 'serious weapons' when they are expecting to actually use a weapon.

When not in use or with non martial households, it is hung in the family room to protect the family from Evil. Those of the family within the 'reflection' of the blade are safe from spiritual evil and supposedly the Evil that men do.

Magic/Cursed Properties
None, but might give pluses to 'speaking with the ancestors'

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