The Ezuhr - Psionic Clockwork

The Ezuhr are psionic constructs, created for the right reasons but by the wrong means. Created to combat the Necromancer; Hazavant, these clockwork soldiers will explode in a fiery shrapnel if their rune stone hearts are destroyed.

The Ezuhr are controlled by means of a scepter known as the scepter of command.


In the sixth year of peace between the great city nations of Kirsch and Greil, an advisor to the king of Kirsch had received news of a great darkness, a tireless horde of undead that was to lay waste to all it could reach. The advisor, hearing also of a pestilence in the far reaches of this land, attempted the persuade the king to prepare for the darkness. The king scoffed at him. Proclaiming that he would not, any action to create weapons or ready themselves would be seen as untrusting of Greil, and sent the advisor away at once.

The advisor set to create weapons in the interest of protecting his people. Working in secret, he sought out and gained allies in smugglers and thieves to supply him with what he required. Drawing up plans he hired dwarven smiths to create clockwork soldiers, tireless as the unbreathing horde, and incapable of rising against his own people.

Many of the clockwork soldiers were created, the advisor was still not satisfied, as they were, they could only operate for a few days without needing more energy. It wasn't enough to just have the runestones powering them, they would need something more potent.

The sick began to disappear, the criminals, the wounded, the dying seemed to vanish without a trace. But the machines were now perhaps had the power necessary to fight when the time would come. Souls captured in gemstones, resting in the chests of the constructs, waiting, until the time is right.

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