The elven wizard Aislin was proud of her eagle-vision and ability to strike foes at a distance with her powerful evocations. This pride made her many enemies, and midway through her career, one of them blinded her by slashing her eyes.

She retreated into seclusion and copied her spell book into braille. Not satisfied, she created an enchanted spell storage device that allowed her to operate in secret.

Dolen Luth (The Hidden Spell)

This is a simple, polished blind-man's cane. The handle is textured with a series of stubs that, upon close inspection, are movable. Some of the stubs are controls and some are a display. When held, and a command is entered using the controls, the display stubs will display the spell in braille, silently bouncing in and out to form letters and symbols. The control stubs can be used to adjust speed and rewind.

This allows the wizard to innocuously memorize spells even under close scrutiny. In addition, a mnemonic enchantment allows the mage to memorize spells while walking. With her mastery of concentration, it is rumored that Aislin could memorize spells while having a conversation or even while fleeing pursuit.

Entering spells into the Dolen Luth takes twice as long as normal, but costs only half as much gold in rare oils and polish.

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