Civic District - This is where the daily laws are handled on the island. While the academy has their own rules and laws, the island needed a set of their own that the people are required to follow. This district is very small, housing only five buildings in total on one block. Each building has it’s own purpose and each see out their own business in the day to day life of Star Lake Island.

Civil Service - This building is where the cities workers are stationed. This houses all the workers that upkeep the city and keep it clean and working. If the drainage in a certain district is not working, a service crew will be sent to fix the problem. Keeping the cobble stone roads in repair as well as the park and the zoo maintained also fall under the responsibility of the Civil services.

Court House - This handles the day to day struggle of law breakers. Very few of the residents on the island ever have a need to come here, however, visitors have a knack of making a bad first impression and ending up sitting in front of the court to explain their actions. It is run by a council of six. These six are hired in for three years and then help recruit for their replacement.

Jail - The jail is a small squat building attached to the Militia’s Office. It is not apparently from the outside of it’s intended use, however inside is dreary and plain. The holding cells are located in a sub basement with no windows and only one door. It is not often that people are placed in the cells as most are common mistakes and misunderstandings. But if a serious crime is committed and they need to be seen by the council, they will stay a few days in the cells.

Law Office - There are three different law offices on the island that do little work other than ownership rights cases. Most of the work they do deals with the legal aspect of shipping goods to and from the island or storing them inside the warehouses.

Mayor’s House - The cities mayor lives here in a nice three story house faced in pink granite and walled off from the average populace.

Militia Office - This single story building is where the local militia and guards are stationed from. Their duties include the patrol of the streets in the city as well as keeping order of all visitors who get rowdy, and the patrol of the outside of the academy grounds. There are a number of guards that are allowed to work the gates, but most are only allowed outside the wall.

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