Cheka and I were talking the other night and got onto the topic of demons, due to a plot twist my players will soon discover in the game I run. We started imagining new and different types of infernal fiends. He suggested seeing if anyone had a thread for this type of thing and, since I didn't notice one, I decided to create it. Give all the demons, devils and other evil creatures you can imagine.

To start everything off, here's one I created for my campaign:

Anoitos Daimonas

This manipulative creature is usually underestimated. When in it's natural form, it has huge feet, big ears and almond shaped purple eyes. It's skin is a sickly grey color and not a single hair is to be found on its entire body. All, in all, the 'silly demon' is a rather gooy looking individual. This is, however extremely misleading. They have shapeshifting ability, though only to humanoid forms and the palms of their hands contain glands which secrete a minor sedative poison, designed to pacify their opponent for later use.

This creature is clever, to the point where it is said by scholars that they could talk a god into mortality. Their intelligence is all but unsurpassed. Their most common trick is for one to travel to a mortal plane, then shift into a common form, integrating itself into a dominant society. It will then do what it can to ingraciate itself with a leader of some sort, a greedy and corruptable individual with which it will sign a pact. It will agree to work with the corrupt individual, giving it power, granting demonic grafts and abilities. In exchange it will live as it chooses, dining on expensive and rare foods, relishing in the uses of drugs and alcohol, all fully paid by the individual it makes its pact with.

In reality this monstrous being has a much more sinister goal in mind. It will slowly turn the government of it's official xenophobic, instilling within them an irrational hatred of all races their own. It will wait, letting the race destroy all enemies, then it will bring a small army of it's own through, lesser demons filled with a bloodlust. The remaining race will be annihilated and the demons will have control of this world. The anoitos is very good at what it does, rarely failing in it's goals. It is intelligent, clever and all but unstoppable, despite its ridiculous appearance.

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Chitterlings Lesser These are little flying balls of teeth. They have no apparent sensory organs, but can sense life and sentience unerringly. They are unhindered by gravity or fluid. That is, they can strike no matter how high you climb or how deep you swim. Chitterlings have a limited duration in the material world. Generally, they only attack once or twice before destroyed. A chitterling's goal is to attack the first thing it senses, without regard to its safety or other consequences. They are essentially mindless, knowing only an all-consuming rage.

Gremlins Minor: These Demons love technomancy the way a fat kid loves a Twinkie. Gremlins can travel about in spiritual form, but are limited to only sensing life and technomancy, and must Manifest before they can jinx equipment. Their special joy is causing the greatest possible malfunction. This is something that they are more than willing to put themselves in harm's way to accomplish. They are small, bald, and bluish-green.

The Librarian Major: This Demon is the chief librarian of Citadel. He is fully proficient with any spell involving glyphs, circles, symbols, or words of power. He is also a studious reader, having read many of the tomes in that vast library of arcane lore. The Librarian appears as a large (9' tall), blue, muscular, steer-horned man, with cloven hoves and reading glasses. Volgor makes him wear clothes.

Xull Greater: Forget stats, this Demon doesn't register on the same scale. Once one of Azat's minions, he is now rumoured to be working for Stryfe, or perhaps is simple a sort of mercenary for other Greater Demons. Xull is noted as being a master tempter, and an unparelleled administrator. Xull is depicted typically as a large mass of giant earthworms (several inches in diameter each), but like all Demons of this calibre, he can assume any form he wants.

Reposted from the Midian forums & stripped of game mechanics

Ortsov demons do not seem much of a threat, being three feet tall..They have greenish goblinoid skin and funny looking snowshoe sized webbed feet. Their favourite habitat is boggy ground next to rivers. Whilst their normal food is fruit, raw fish and plants, they are happy to eat humans. Their normal tactic in a battle situation is to lure their attacker into a marsh or anywhere where they can bog them down,and then up to twenty of them will attack with retractable claws and fangs,that leave infected wounds that,if not properly treated, can sometimes go gangrenous.They then eat the person they have killed, taking anything worth stealing,and making things out of the bones, like cups, pipes, and weapons.

They were driven from their own realm a long time ago by Greater Demons, and miss it greatly.We may think of demonic beings as living in Hell, but of course it is not hellish to them any more then our world is hellish to us. They have a hatred and fear of Greater Demons because of this.

They love singers with good voices and will sometimes not kill a good singer. They both admire and fear magic.Amongst their own kind they can and do fall in love,and although evil towards other creatures, evil towards their own kind is not common.

Minor-Spammlins Spammlins are rather like gremlins.They are invisible, but if one was to reveal itself, it would be a short squat little red skinned humanoid,two feet tall, with long claws and fangs. They live in worlds with computers, and delight in stuffing inboxs with porn spam, mortgage spam, 419 letters and other rubbish.They feed on unprotected e-mail addresses that they find on the Internet. They make deals with people for their souls, promising huge amounts of money-such affected people are known as Spammers.They normally let the Spammers down, but claim their souls anyway.

Major Zinoviev Demons These are many legged Ice Demons, that look like gigantic centipedes made of ice. They can breath freezing breath.

They delight in making ice palaces over many decades.Like most demons they dislike humans but tend to live far away from them in the polar regions.What they eat is unknown.They are very clannish and dislike most other types of demons. The firey type of demon horrify them.Fully grown Zinoviev Demons can be six feet high and up to fifty feet long.

Melonite demons are small demonic animals the size and shape of a watermelon, who have short legs that they can withdraw into their green bodies when not in use.They have small eyes and large fang filled jaws.They prefer to eat prey smaller then themselves but will eat any human that bothers them or mistakes them for a watermelon and tries to eat them.

Gnafer demons are horse sized demonic dogs with glowing red eyes and massive teeth that delight in eating sheep. Unlike many demonic animals, if humans are kind to them, they will befriend them in return.Most humans fear and hate them but a few have become close friends with them and feed them in return for protection and the occasional ride atop them.

Narma demons are the size of a small child with reddish skin, long legs which it can bounce with up to seven feet in the air,human like hands, and green eyes that have a high chance of putting someone who stares into them in a trance for a few seconds.Which is all the time that the demon needs to bite the person with it's fangs. The bite of this demon brings a feeling of pure happyness.Some who are bitten get addicted to the bite and will befriend the demon and carry out small evil tasks for it.The demon feeds on human evil and grows stronger and larger and far more dangerous,whilst the person becomes far more twisted and evil.A few of these demons have several human minons ready to do their being.

Amezce demons come from one of the upper reaches of Hell and some think they are in some way related to the Cavasinthas, although both types of demon deny it and it is unlikely to be true.Amezces are about the size of a human, with fangs and long claws.A rip from one of their claws will cause an infected wound. Their skin colour is gray but for some unknown reason they are normally intensely itchy, so they rip and tear their skin until green blood oozes out of it. The region of Hell they come from is full of sharp lumpy rocks which they often use to scratch against.

Such demons are very grumpy, but there are a few powerful spells that can end the itch and heal their skin.A healed Amezce will be very pleased with the healer and, within reason, will be happy to carry out tasks in return, although they will be hesitant to get into a major battle or do something else that might damage their skin.When healed they do not want to be sent back as their own kind will attack them out of spite.A mage who gives a healed Amezce demon a spell to make him or her look human, will have a demonic friend.

Minor demon, Shadow Biter

A rare creature rarely encountered or summoned, it faintly reminds of a cross between a canine and humanoid made mostly of shadow, little surprise it can hide in shadows perfectly. It delights in the flesh of mortals, but curiously enough, it takes only a bite or few, and leaves the unfortunate alive (as the victim always survives the wound, it cannot be mere accident). They do not consume other flesh than the one they bite off of a living victim. Some sages speculate they are the embodiment or a cursed form of former cannibals.

A shadow biter can be summoned by the offering of the flesh of a humanoid, while it is still a part of the living specimen. It is not sure what intelligence they possess, they seem to understand what is said to them, and can show that they accept a deal. Most often, they are sent to mutilate an enemy, or to 'steal' a ring on a hand... hand included. No matter what the deal, they will always take a bite of the person they dealt with. Thus a smart sorcerer lets someone else to make the deal.

Shadow biters are either very intelligent, or have excellent instincts that keep them from harm. They can wait in shadows for decades on a weak moment of their target, or until it dies. Besides other protections from demons, they are held at bay by small puppies, and can't attack a person near them.



The Infestarii are a class of demons within the realm of the Fear Eaters. Their appearance tends to vary but what is common is their overall vile nature. Regardless of their form, their skin appears to show things crawling underneath, distorting it's surface. Occasionally breaks will occur in the skin and one or more worms will burst forth. The nature of the infestation also tends to vary, and some suspect that these demons use clues from their victims to select the form most repulsive to the viewer. Some have hideous, human/worm crosses, other have spiders, scorpions, rats or various other small but nasty vermin.

Special Abilities/traits

The contained vermin pose a threat to any in combat with the demon. The demon is able to expel these things with great range and accuracy, and the vermin invariably have a venomous or diseased bite. The vermin are also expelled if the demon should sustain injury from an edged or pointed weapon. Additionaly the demon has an affinity towards naturally occuring vermin and will be able to command any such creatures present.

The Infestarii are capable of all four forms of Possession. 4th degree possession involves the victim disappearing under a horde of vermin with the Demon's normal form emerging from the swarm shortly afterwards..

4 Degrees of Possession:

1st Degree - Mindshadow Demon in question only appears as an evil thought in the subject's mind. Only those on the edge are likely to be affected. Simple interventions can clear this, if the subject is aware of it.

2nd Degree - Power Struggle Demon in question is a major force in the target's mind. Although the subject still has control, this is fragile and could be comprimised by pre-existing mental instability. It may take some effort, but moderate rituals can clear this.

3rd Degree - Possessed Classical possession - Demon is in full control of the victim. Usually requires full exorcism to clear.

4th Degree - Consumed The victims physical form is used to build a physical body for the subject demon. This transformation is usually very horrifying depending on the nature of the demon. It may appear as a simple morphing, like lycanthropes, or more spectacular, including the demon form bursting out of the victims body.

This form of possession should be dealt mechanic-wise as a powerful death spell.

Value to Summoners

The Infestarii as a whole are not known as a great source of knowledge, being better suited for direct missions, generally assassinations. They do have great insight into the human mind in areas of fear and may be of some value to those investigating magics in those areas.


The Infestarii are impressed only by live sacrifices and care nothing for material goods.

Collosum Ignium

The Collosum Ignium are powerful, elementally aligned demons who straddle the realms of Earth and Fire.


Most commonly Minotaur-like in appearence, all of it,save its eyes, are deep black, the color of iron before it begins to glow red. Only it's eyes, the color of red-hot iron stand out.

Special Abilities/Traits

Tied to Elemental Fire, the beasts exude tremendous heat and anything combustable touched by them will burst into flame. The heat put out by the demon's footsteps is sufficent to partially melt earth and stone, leaving glassy footprints behind. Exalting in battle, these demons are quite useful to attack enemies, but that is not the limit of their skills. Their touch alone is sufficent to heat iron bright red and they are valuable in assisting with the creation of metal items. Their breath is hotter then any forge and can allow for manipulation of enchanted metals (Similar to the The Forge of Woe). This breath requires a fair bit of concentration to use so it is rarely used in combat.

These demons can possess victems, but can only consume their physical form. Victims are enveloped by tainted green flame which immolates them. The Demon's normal form then steps out from the green flames and charred husk.

Value to Summoner

In addition to the aforementioned use of their superheated breath, the depths of their knowlege in the domains of the elements of earth and fire will be found to be quite impressive and could assist in those areas of research.


Although live sacrifices are acceptable to virtually all of demon-kind, this type has an appreciation for precious metals. With their intense heat, gold and silver run like water in their hands and then hardens when it hits the floor. They find this greatly entertaining and so have a great love for these materials. Copper and lead are also interesting, but being duller then gold and silver, are less desirable. Materials which flare up or catch fire are also of interest to these demons.

Mahaeli, Children of Ma-O

Ma-O shifts in his sleep, and the Oceans rise against the land. Dreams flicker through a mind old before antiquity and become figments of reality, and men call these fiendish things the Mahaeli, the Children of Ma-O.

The Mahaeli are humanoid in shape, but are composed entirely of sea water and debris from the bottom of the ocean. Many are ambulating heaps of splintered ships, sail cloth and the bones of the unburied dead claimed by the sea. As Ma-O dreams of drowning creation, and breaking the heavens, the Mahaeli take this as a literal impulse, using their powers to control waves to capsize ships, charm crewmen with their voices, and rip open ships against their rough and tumble bodies.

Most ships carry wards and charms against the demons of the sea, and much like vampires of lore, a holy symbol will drive a Mahael away, as will reciting verses from holy books or blessed fire. Holy water will cause a Mahael to enter a berzerk trance and often summon more of the creatures to the source of the liquid.